Outfit: 1960s Lemon and Mint


In January, I went to a thrift store in my neighborhood one morning and I really didn't have any luck finding anything until this stripe top peeked out of a rack. I love stripes and most of mine are black and white or black and pink so it was exciting to find a slash neck stripe top that wasn't black for a change! 

I wish I could find the brand and see if they still sell this top because I'd buy one in every color if they did. Simplicity's 1364 Jiffy blouse is a pretty close match so I guess I'll have to settle for making my own. 

We went on a little walk through the neighborhood one day when it wasn't snowy and bitter cold and I wore my new stripe top and a bright yellow skirt that I thrifted last summer. Pj said I look like a peppermint candy in this outfit and I'll take that as a compliment! 

I love to wear bright colors when its so cold and gray outside, which is why I was so excited to find this lemony 60s coat in cozy wool. I think I bought it when Olivia was tiny and its been in the back of my closet for a long time I pulled it out right before we left. 

Another lucky thrift find is this plastic basket purse. I spotted it at a Goodwill one day by the school supplies. It reminded me so much of those adorable bags from Sun Jellies that I've had my eye on for a long time. This one doesn't have a brand mark so I don't know if its vintage or modern but I love it anyway and I think I'll use it even more in the summer. 

I experimented with blue eyeshadow for the first time since my teen years on this day. I used NYX Ultimate Shadow Palette in Brights that they sent me.  didn't think I'd ever crack it open since I tend to stick with copper, browns and other neutral shadows but its really fun and beautifully pigmented. I think I'll use the palette a lot now that I've been doing more 60s looks. 

Speaking of 60s, I wrote a tutorial for this beehive hairstyle a while back. It requires little to no teasing so if you want to give it a whirl, check it out! 


vintage 60s coat: thrifted
vintage chiffon scarf- thrifted
stripe top- thrifted
yellow skirt-thrifted
basket purse- thrifted
black flats- Target

Outfit: At the frozen pond


Last week I shared a walk to this beautiful little park near home but I wanted to go back and show you the frozen pond and all of the wildflowers and plants.

Usually, wildflowers are only appreciated in the summer when they're in full bloom but I love a field with crunchy plants under foot and little tufts of seeds that haven't been blown away yet. There's even a tiny bit of green with these soft looking ferns that lay close to the ground.

It was a little cold this morning so I wore one of my Pendleton 49er jackets and jeans. This top is one of my absolute favorites that I can't get enough of. I sewed it myself with Simplicity's Jiffy blouse #1364. I want to sew a dozen more in various colors, especially greens.

For several seasons we had a vine by our kitchen porch that grew these seed pods that were full of fluff once they turned brown. The kids loved to play with them. I can't resist pulling the silky puffs out and making a wish while I blow them away.

This park has several picnic tables and I can't believe we've never had a picnic here with how close it is to home. I think we will have to do that as soon as the weather warms up enough.

blouse- made by me with Simplicity 1364
vintage pendleton 49er jacket- thrifted
jeans-thrifted, originally from Target
loafers-also thrifted
bakelite- various antique malls and flea markets

Outfit: Scenic Skirt


Sometimes I go thrift shopping with no real plan of what I'm looking for. I just wander around and see what I find. The day I found this skirt was one of those days. I had already been to a few shops and didn't really  have any luck so I was feeling kind of "meh" about shopping by that point.

While walking down a long, tightly crammed skirt rack I saw the sequins and pink of this skirt pop right out at me. I pulled it out for a closer view and fell in love with it. I thought it might be original vintage at first because of the beautiful scenic print but its a modern skirt. I think it was originally from JC Penny or Kohls or something like that. It is covered in black sequins but the camera sadly couldn't capture the sparkle.

My wrap top is actually one of those modern trendy cardigans that are lightweight tee shirt material and kind of boxy but I think I'm going to sew it into a wrap top permanently. For now its tucked into my skirt to hold it in place.

There's a very pretty little park close to home that we walked to on this morning. It has a small pond surrounded by a little field of wildflowers. There's a gazebo that people rent for weddings and photos in the spring and summer.

 There's a little border where the landscaping ends and the wild native plants take over and the city cuts a small path through it so you can explore closer to the pond's edge. I come here often in the spring and summer on our way to the playground with the kids but we don't often get to explore its beauty in the winter so I'm glad we did on this day.

top- from my sister
skirt- thrifted
flats- Walmart

Free Pattern: 1947 Crochet Muff and Hat


1940s free crochet hand muff and hat pattern from Va-Voom Vintage

Since the winter temperatures don't show any sign of lifting, I thought you may enjoy this free pattern for a 1947 cozy muff and matching hat. Many vintage muffs are made of fur but this is a beautiful fur-free alternative in crochet. The muff is in puff stitch with metallic threads throughout and the hat has a small brim.  This muff pattern calls for a Dritz muff bed, which I assume is a black muff that you can decorate. Since such a thing isn't readily available anymore I've included a few links for a DIY muff. I made two using the Handmade Charlotte tutorial with thrift store sweaters and fiber fill and they turned out beautifully!

upcycled sweater muff from Handmade Charlotte

How to make a hand muff from Craft Gossip

How to make a muff tutorial from Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom

If you enjoyed this pattern, check out my Free Patterns page and follow along on Instagram for updates on new monthly free patterns.

Outfit: Cranberry Dress from Gowntown


Back in November I shared a blue dress I ordered from Gowntown on Amazon. This red dress is the other one that I bought. I've always wanted to try some of the inexpensive retro style dresses on Amazon so I thought I'd start with this brand since they had a good selection and positive reviews. 

The size chart on the listing was accurate and they're pretty well made for what you pay. I do wish the fabric wasn't so wrinkly though! I ironed both dresses before wearing and they wrinkle up as soon as I sit, it seems! Maybe next time I'll try the steamer instead and see if that helps. 

The fabric has a little stretch to it which is nice and they're a good length, which is something that I often struggle with in ready to wear clothes. My only real complaint about this dress are the sparkly plastic buttons. They're pretty but I think I want to change them out for something else. I do love the pleats on the bodice though! I'm excited to try some other Amazon retro dress brands and see how they compare. 

I also wore a stack of bakelite to match the dress. The carved bangle was a lucky antique mall find last year on my birthday! 

Have you tried any Amazon retro dresses? Which brands do you like? Which should I avoid?

bakelite- various
Vintage Whiting and Davis Purse- Etsy

This post contains links to my affiliate Amazon. All opinions are my own and I was not compensated for this review. For more information on how I monetize this blog please see my full disclosure policy. 

Peek inside Senior Prom Magazine 1951


Here's a look inside another vintage magazine from my collection. This one is Senior Prom magazine from 1951. It reminds me a lot of today's Seventeen Magazine with a lot of fashion and beauty and articles about skin care, relationships and being a teen. 

 I especially loved the spread about hairstyles to wear with hats. If you enjoyed this post check out my other old magazine scans

Outfit: Cashmere and Beehive Hair


Pj was off one day while the kids were in school so we did a little grocery shopping and relaxed at home, binge watching Corner Gas on Amazon, which is hilarious. While folding laundry, someone on the show made a joke that had Pj wheeze-laughing for so long I thought he might pass out from lack of oxygen. 

To the store I wore this cozy cashmere sweater that I thirfted a while back and this cheery yellow pencil skirt. I love this skirt but the fabric is one of those that wrinkles the second you sit down! The straight skirt/loose sweater thing has been my at home uniform this winter. I've been collecting a lot of style and sewing inspiration from 60s icons on my Pinterest and it look like a favorite combination from the likes of Anna Karina and Jane Asher. 

Another go-to lately have been knitted headbands. I knit this one while watching Roman Holiday and it was a pretty quick project and good stash buster. I didn't use a pattern for it, just cast on about 15 stitches, knit two rows, purl two rows in a chunky mustard yarn. 

I decreased about two stitches on each side when I got to the back of my head so the band would be thinner back there but that's it! I want to knit more in different colors. 

These bakelite hoop earrings were a mother's day gift from my husband and kids when my little Rhys was just one month old! I keep them with my most treasured things like a bracelet Rhys made for me out of a cheeze-it bag one afternoon. Its too small to wear but I love it anyway. 

If you're interesting in rocking a beehive, check out my tutorial for a lazy girl's beehive for this quick retro updo. It's a breeze and you don't have to tease your hair very much, if any!

cashmere sweater- thrifted
headband- knitted by me
no regrets seam ripper brooch- Colette Patterns
skirt- thrifted
bakelite earrings- gift from my family

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