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 I'm back from blog-cation, thank goodness! Laying in bed is great for a few hours but after about 10am, I want to do something with myself! I've done all of the resting up that I can handle and I'm ready to get out of my pajamas. Luckily, I had this beautiful vintage lounge set to enjoy from a lovely reader and fellow blogger, Sue. She sent me a beautifully packaged assortment of vintage maternity patterns, a few vintage patterns for kids and this vintage lounge set, which I -love-!! Thank you so much, Sue! I can't wait to start sewing!! :)
    After resting up, the baby and I are doing great. Oh, and I cut my hair off again!  Here's a pic of my little bean. That's a top view of the head (to the right) with knees,legs and feet to the left. We're about half way there!

I'm feeling lot of wiggles and kicks and my belly is starting to stick out a bit. 

I've been enjoying reading these 1950's and 60's parenting books and magazines. It's so funny to see what people used to do with their kids back then and what we still do today. For example, evenflo glass bottles haven't changed at all, except for the BPA free nipples, of course! Car seats on the other hand are a whole new can of worms. In my family, we have always called car seats "punkin' seats" because when my mother was a baby, that was what she traveled around in. It was a multi-use plastic seat that hooked over your back seat and had a seat belt for the baby. No crazy tie-downs, no restrictions, that was it! You would pull the punkin' seat out and have baby sit in it in the house, just like some parents do with infant seats today. Some baby brands that I saw in these magazines that are still around today are Carter's baby clothes, Heinz foods, Evenflo, Dreft laundry detergent, Beechnut baby foods and many more. I love this vintage beechnut ad! How cute is that?!

Even though a lot of the information in vintage baby books are WAY out-dated, there are a lot of great tips and advice that ladies used back then! When I was a first time momma-to-be, I was in shock at the list of things that we were "supposed" to buy for the baby. According to our Babies R Us shower registry, we were supposed to have 3 strollers, a crib, a porta-crib, a bassinet and a play yard, "nursery water" for the humidifier, a baby wipe warmer, an electric bottle warmer, car bottle warmer, a baby bath tub with jacuzzi jets (not kidding).... the list went on for days! I've always preferred old fashioned methods so talking to grandmas and reading these old magazines really put the world of baby gear into perspective for me! This 1963 list of baby gear is much more my style, plus a battery-operated baby swing, my beloved snappi diaper fasteners and no diaper service since I wash my own. (click image to enlarge)

Vacation: What the Doctor Ordered


Oh, poo! I'm so sad to say that I will be taking a short vacation from blogland for a week or two. Due to pregnancy-related complications, my doc has ordered me to lay around and chill out- which means no dressing up and dancing around in heels for me for a little bit. I'm spending the next few days laying around with messy hair wearing Pj's t-shirts and pajama pants.The less hunching over the computer, the better!
   On the plus side, the baby is doing very well and is growing like a weed! When I come back from blog o" break, I will have tons of ultrasound pics to share.
   In the mean time, I hope that all of you lovelies have a fabulous Thanksgiving. I hope to be back very soon. I'm really missing blogging all the time!!
p.s. be sure to pop over to my momma's blog and check out her new art piece, the lovely steampunk fairy. I love that she has her sitting on a paper moon!! See her here

Handmade Holiday Gift Tutorials


I don't know about all of you, but many people I know (myself included) are opting for handmade Christmas gifts this year. With the new baby and new house around the corner, we're sticking to a budget this holiday season.We have a HUGE family, with my side, Pj's side and all of the aunts, uncles, cousins, etc so we're doing the much-loved homemade holiday treat tin with cookies, toffee, fudge and truffles. I loved baking Christmas cookies with my mom when I was little and now that I have Olivia, I want to carry on the fun, messy baking tradition. In addition to a few family favorites, we're making some delicious internet-found recipes too! To make it extra fun, I'm adding a recipe booklet with all of the treats that I  made. I found this beautiful recipe card maker on Skip To My Lou. You can add your info and print them at home for free.
  I've always really loved handmade gifts and cards. They're not only special because they're unique but also because someone spent a lot of time and care on your gift. Not to mention, in the 1930's and 40's when money was tight and times were hard, you bet that you would get a lot of handmade gifts! Tap into this old-fashioned Christmas tradition and explore your crafty side through sewing, knitting, cooking, paper crafts, jewelry or photography.
  Here are a bunch of  fun, free tutorials for homemade gifts. not all vintage-y but all cute!

Surprise Ball Christmas Ornaments by AlphaMom

Ruby Doll by OneRedRobin

Kanzashi Hair Flowers by Bitty Bits and Pieces- I used to have SO much fun making these Japanese-inspired fabric flowers. It's just folding scraps of fabric and gluing or sewing them together. You can make ornaments, hair flowers, brooches, magnets, etc. This is one that I made.

Felt "Play" Food Patterns collected by KeeperoftheCherrios I can't wait to make these for Olivia next year!! For more felt food tutorials, just google "felt food"

Hair Curlers by LifeWithMonkey

Basic Baby Bib by happythings

Bitty Booties By HeatherBaileyDesign PDF pattern I made these for Olivia when she was 2 months old! They are made of vintage satin, lined them with rabbit fur and beaded  with Swarovski crystals!

Airy Fairy Choker/Headband by Crochetie

Recycled Silverware Garden Signs by CrapI'veMade

Home-made Apple Pie filling this is really fun if you go apple picking in the fall. Pie fillings have a shelf life of 18 months to 2 years. They're so pretty in a jar with cinnamon sticks tied around the lid.

Soup in a Jar Pie filling is fun but nothing is more appreciated than a full meal after the busy holiday season. Package the soup jar with fancy crackers, soup cups and cocoa.

Terrarium (miniature garden) by PoopscapeProjects  I love these, especially when I have winter blues. I open them and smell that dirt and rain scent and it's divine! Add a little gnome, fairy or frog for a whimsical touch.Make miniature terrarium necklaces by putting a tiny piece of moss in a small bottle pendant. Water the moss with 2 drops of water once per week. Make it fancy by beading the chain and adding chips of gemstones to the bottom of the bottle. Terrarium necklaces live for a very long time, believe it or not!

 Hard-cover journal by hipchickscrafttoo

Photoshop Silhouettes by MoreWaysToWasteTime- very elegant (and vintage)!
 Silhouettes by Hand by Fave Crafts for those like me who can't use photoshop! : )

10 recycled tea set gifts by CraftingAGreenWorld

 Magnetic Poetry by LandofMisfitToyz- Oh, the endless hours of joy! I made set for my house and we are still enjoying it a year later. Personalize your fridge poetry with the owner's names or add strange or naughty words for extra fun! This is a great gift for teenagers lockers, college kids, bachelors or newly weds apartments.

Picnic Basket Kit by Make-it-Do- find a great old basket at a thirft store and fill it with picnic goods such as a tablecloth, napkins, silverware, plates, salt and pepper shakers, etc. Follow beautiful sewing instructions at Make-it-do

Elf Slippers by MayaMade

Bubbling Bath Salts  When I was on my honeymoon, I bought a tub of bubbling bath salt from Bath Junkie and LOVED them!! When packaged nicely, this is a fantastic gift!

 Tin Full of Sweets  This is what we're doing for Christmas this year. Mine will be separated with corrougated paper like this and recipe cards will be included.

For directions to make the package to the left, click here
Here are my 8 recipes....
Toffee Butter Crunch
Oreo Truffles (also called Snowman Poop!)
Icebox Shortbread 

And here's a tutorial from me.....Fairy Jars!
a clean jar with a lid
"grass" such as dried moss, raffia, shredded newspaper, etc
embellishments- jewels, ribbon, charms, buttons, thimbles, etc
a fairy- I use images of vintage ladies, which you can find by googling "vintage ladies" or scanning old photos of your own. Print them to your desired size
wings- for the fairy's wings, you can print images of butterfly wings or cut your own from irridesent cellophane.

1.) cut your fairy out of heavy cardstock and leave a little tab at her feet (or butt if she's sitting) so that she has support to stand up.
2.) Glue wings to your fairy's back
3.) Embellish the jar- cover the lid with fabric, moss, buttons or whatever you like. Print out little phrases and glue them all over the jar. You can print a background scene and insert it inside of the jar. Use your imagination. You can glue beads, fabric and other things to your fairy to give her clothes or jewelry.
4.) Put your fairy in her new home. Put a little glue on the fairy's support tab and glue her to the bottom of the jar. I use hot glue because it dries super fast. If she flops over, you can glue a little stick or something behind her to help her stand up. If she's a sitting fairy, perch her on a thimble, a spool of thread, a miniature chair or whatever you like. 
5.) Cover the bottom of the jar, surrounding the fairy with your "grass"
6.) finish up by adding other little tidbits to your jar, hang beads or crystals from the inside of the lid and so on.
*look online for fairy jar inspiration. Google "fairy jar"  "mixed media fairy jar" or "altered art fairy jar"

Halloween Catch-up


I just got copies of our Halloween pics from this year and I wanted to share. Halloween is a time to honor our ancestors and loved ones that passed away so we brought out photos of our ancestors....
Below are a few of my relatives from the civil war up to the 1930's. 

The lady and baby to the left are my great-great grandmother and my great grandfather. The boy in the middle is my great grandfather.
For all holidays, my family likes to celebrate by bringing back some ancient traditions. This is one of my favorites. Every year, I make a plate from our Halloween feast and set it outside just in case the spirits of my deceased loved ones happen to pass by the house.  I always include a little bit of pecan pie for my Grandma Jasinski because pecan pie was her favorite. Here's this year's plate of munchies (with a tiny pecan pie and hot apple cider) for the passing spirits. Yum!:

Last year, Olivia was only a few weeks old so she couldn't enjoy the festivities as much.This year, she's able to run around and get into mischief. I was hoping to go as Penelope for Halloween but all of the dressing up, scary decorations and general commotion caused Olivia to be very upset and I figured that Mommy having a pig's nose would put her over the edge so I dressed as a tired, pregnant mommy for Halloween! I had been cleaning, decorating and chasing Olivia all day so I had pants, t-shirt and messy hair all day and into the evening but Olivia made up for my appearance with her cuteness!

Here's Olivia as a little devil and us right after trick-or-treating. This kid LOVES M&M's and luck for her, she got several bags when we went out! She is very good at sharing everything but she will -not- share M&M's. She pretends like she will hand them to you, holding them out and smiling sweetly. Then, as you reach out to accept them, she pops them in her mouth and runs away!!

 This was our Halloween feast and some of our decorations...Jell-o....eewww!

That's all I have for now. I hope that everyone had a happy Halloween!! :)
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