Back in November I shared a blue dress I ordered from Gowntown on Amazon. This red dress is the other one that I bought. I've always wanted to try some of the inexpensive retro style dresses on Amazon so I thought I'd start with this brand since they had a good selection and positive reviews. 

The size chart on the listing was accurate and they're pretty well made for what you pay. I do wish the fabric wasn't so wrinkly though! I ironed both dresses before wearing and they wrinkle up as soon as I sit, it seems! Maybe next time I'll try the steamer instead and see if that helps. 

The fabric has a little stretch to it which is nice and they're a good length, which is something that I often struggle with in ready to wear clothes. My only real complaint about this dress are the sparkly plastic buttons. They're pretty but I think I want to change them out for something else. I do love the pleats on the bodice though! I'm excited to try some other Amazon retro dress brands and see how they compare. 

I also wore a stack of bakelite to match the dress. The carved bangle was a lucky antique mall find last year on my birthday! 

Have you tried any Amazon retro dresses? Which brands do you like? Which should I avoid?

bakelite- various
Vintage Whiting and Davis Purse- Etsy

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