Outfit: Cranberry Dress from Gowntown


Back in November I shared a blue dress I ordered from Gowntown on Amazon. This red dress is the other one that I bought. I've always wanted to try some of the inexpensive retro style dresses on Amazon so I thought I'd start with this brand since they had a good selection and positive reviews. 

The size chart on the listing was accurate and they're pretty well made for what you pay. I do wish the fabric wasn't so wrinkly though! I ironed both dresses before wearing and they wrinkle up as soon as I sit, it seems! Maybe next time I'll try the steamer instead and see if that helps. 

The fabric has a little stretch to it which is nice and they're a good length, which is something that I often struggle with in ready to wear clothes. My only real complaint about this dress are the sparkly plastic buttons. They're pretty but I think I want to change them out for something else. I do love the pleats on the bodice though! I'm excited to try some other Amazon retro dress brands and see how they compare. 

I also wore a stack of bakelite to match the dress. The carved bangle was a lucky antique mall find last year on my birthday! 

Have you tried any Amazon retro dresses? Which brands do you like? Which should I avoid?

bakelite- various
Vintage Whiting and Davis Purse- Etsy

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  1. What a lovely dress, love the pleats at the bodice. I would change the buttons too. Perhaps you can find some vintage ones. Have a lovely weekend, dear. :)

  2. A lot of my friends and acquaintances have purchased retro dresses from Amazon, and I have once, an it turned out horrid! It was such thin fabric, poorly constructed, and way too high waisted, like it bordered on an empire, and it wasn't suppose to! That said though, I know friends who have loved their items, and I just purchased another because I need a good white dress to paint for an upcoming event. So we shall see how that goes!

    Anyway, I do ADORE this dress! It is cute and looks amazing on you! I don't blame you wanting to change the buttons though! Also, that color is one of my favorites!



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