Last week I shared a walk to this beautiful little park near home but I wanted to go back and show you the frozen pond and all of the wildflowers and plants.

Usually, wildflowers are only appreciated in the summer when they're in full bloom but I love a field with crunchy plants under foot and little tufts of seeds that haven't been blown away yet. There's even a tiny bit of green with these soft looking ferns that lay close to the ground.

It was a little cold this morning so I wore one of my Pendleton 49er jackets and jeans. This top is one of my absolute favorites that I can't get enough of. I sewed it myself with Simplicity's Jiffy blouse #1364. I want to sew a dozen more in various colors, especially greens.

For several seasons we had a vine by our kitchen porch that grew these seed pods that were full of fluff once they turned brown. The kids loved to play with them. I can't resist pulling the silky puffs out and making a wish while I blow them away.

This park has several picnic tables and I can't believe we've never had a picnic here with how close it is to home. I think we will have to do that as soon as the weather warms up enough.

blouse- made by me with Simplicity 1364
vintage pendleton 49er jacket- thrifted
jeans-thrifted, originally from Target
loafers-also thrifted
bakelite- various antique malls and flea markets