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This morning, Olivia and I popped out into the alley for some outfit pictures. I let her press the shutter release button on my camera remote, which is something my kids always fight over! I often wonder what it will be like for the kids as they get older, having a fashion blogger mom, always dressing up, taking pictures in weird places and such.

vintage plus size 60s style beehive and pyrex brooch

When I was a kid, my mom was a housewife too but she was also an artist, often working for local 90s rock bands, which was kind of odd. We spent a lot of week day afternoons in empty nightclubs while mom painted murals and the bar tender served all of the orange soda and bar snacks that my sister and I could handle. We got home a few hours before my dad came home from work and mom would whip up dinner and clean her brushes.  On weekends, one of the bands would practice in our basement and my sister and I loved hanging out with their girlfriends. They were all skinny 20 somethings with huge blond hair, tiny mini skirts and impossibly high heels.

My kids will have memories of me digging through basements at estate sales while their dad holds their hands saying "no running! You have to stick with me!" and letting them pick out little trinkets from some box of odds and ends if they behave. They'll remember that I always wore an apron with some wonderful print while I washed dishes. I hope they remember all of the vintage shops and antique shops with old lady shop owners giving them candy.  If they don't, they will always have mom's blog to go back and read, watching themselves grow up in my archives.

pyrex graphic novelty brooch from wacky tuna on etsy

60s dress- thrifted
pink bow belt- gift from a blog reader
carved fish shoes- bought on our honeymoon in Florida

Pom Poms and Novelty Brooches


This week, I've been getting back to business after my few weeks of flu-induced down time. I find that the best way to get my groove back is through crafting! I've been gearing up for my first festival vending at St Louis Spring Fling (see my visit last year) and adding some pretty new things to Wacky Tuna to bring with me

I sewed these little zipper bags with my watercolor doodles heat-pressed into them. I love the colorful zippers and dotted lining.

vintage pin curl and fingerwave storage bag from wacky tuna on etsy

vintage sewing supplies storage bag from wacky tuna on etsy

vintage makeup bag from wacky tuna on etsy

retro cat eye sunglasses bag from wacky tuna on etsy

When my grandma was a teenager, all of the girls wore these fur peter pan collars with pom pom ties. She said it was kind of like a competition to see who could get the biggest pom poms. They all wore bullet bras, tight sweaters and these bouncing balls of fluff. This week, I sewed up a few in faux leopard fur with black velvet ribbons. Grandma said hers was pink with yarn ties, which sounds divine so I think I will have to make some of those in the future!

faux fur leopard pom pom peter pan pin up collar from wacky tuna on etsy

faux fur leopard pom pom peter pan pin up collar from wacky tuna on etsy

Yesterday, I worked on some new brooches too. I finally got my much-loved Bad Kitty up, along with some Pyrex. I also re-worked the designs that I already had to make them bolder and just a little bit smaller.  I love how they turned out! Pj cuts these for me on his scroll saw so I was a little nervous about making them too small but I think they're just right! See them all in the shop

retro novelty pyrex and vintage kitchen brooches from Wacky Tuna on etsy

For those that have been waiting for the 40s fashion calendar posts, now that I'm up and moving, I'll be posting some catch-up posts for those that we missed this month and last so stay tuned!

Favorite Things for a Sick Day


This terrible cold/flu thing hit me like a truck over a week ago and I'm finally feeling well enough to get back on the computer. This week, I've been binge watching Sherlock on Netflix and sending my husband to the pharmacy for mass amounts of ginger ale and Puffs plus lotion.

I think the worst part about being sick is not feeling like yourself. Not wanting to do the things I love, letting the house turn into a huge mess and going days and days wearing pajamas. Being prepared with some essentials and a couple of luxuries makes the next sick day a little nicer. Here are some of my favorite things....

A pretty cup is my number one must-have for a sick day. No matter what ails you, its important to drink plenty of liquids and that's easier to do with a beautiful cup. I love this Jane Austen mug to go along with my binge-watching of historical dramas.

I like to keep a pot of tea or pitcher of something iced and sweet by my bedside. Kitty teapot from Modcloth

Curl up in luxurious fabrics- something silky to keep you cool with something soft to layer on top like the Delphine night gown and Sophie cashmere wrap from Maddy James. 

I always ask Pj to get Puffs plus lotion to keep my nose from getting rubbed red from scratchy tissues.  Little house tissue cozy from Modcloth

 Relax in a hot tub with some lovely handmade sea salt like this dead sea salt mix from Evy Jo and Co on etsy

Heels are the last thing on my mind when I'm sick but they sure are cute, aren't they?  Find them exclusively from Streetzies High Heel Bunny Slippers

My Favorite Free Vintage Knitting and Crochet Patterns


plus size vintage style paris parket dress  and crochet 1940s snood via va voom vintage

It's been pretty rainy in St Louis lately but I've enjoyed some wet afternoons at home with my yarn basket and Dr. Who on Netflix. Some days, I love to sit with the windows open and listen to the rain fall on my tin awnings and knit or crochet something.

straw knitting bag from wacky tuna on etsy via va voom vintage

I have a big collection of links to free vintage patterns for knitting, crochet, sewing and millinery here on the blog. If you need a project for rainy days too, pop over to my free patterns page and take a peek. Here are some of my favorites:

free  vintage 1940s knitting and crochet patterns
Noontide Jumper-Cardigan from one of my favorite knitting resources, Subversive Femme- Bex has an amazing collection of free vintage knitting patterns on her blog!

free  vintage 1940s knitting and crochet patterns

Lace Knit Blouse from Vintage Purls- this is a fabulous source for vintage knitting with lots of free patterns.

free  vintage 1940s knitting and crochet stripe turban  patterns

Crochet Stripe Turban- I made this turban for myself and it's very easy to do and looks awesome when its all tied

knit and puuuurl cats watercolor art print from wacky tuna on etsy via va voom vintage

This week, I'm adding some new snood colors and art prints to the shop including my Knit and Puuurrl print, which I have hanging in my office. I usually bring something to work on when we go to my mom's house for the weekend and her bad kitties always get into the yarn or fall asleep on me while I work.

dress- made by me
cardigan- thrifted
knitting tote- wacky tuna

10 Style Lessons from Bettie Page


how to dress like Bettie Page with 10 style lessons from Bettie Page

I missed my 10 Style Lessons post last month so let's pick up where we left off with a bang! Today, we'll explore the scandalous style of Bettie Page. Although Bettie is most often pictured in lingerie (or less) the modern pin up girl can add a little classic Bettie to her wardrobe with a more modest twist. Here's how:

1.) pink chiffon bow- Bettie was often photographed with a flirty bow in her hair. I love the puffy look of a chiffon head scarf.

2.) a signature hairstyle- Bettie's jet black waves and iconic bangs completed her look. Like all of the best pin up girls, practice one style that you can get right every time.

3.) leopard print anything- nothing says "fierce" like leopard or cheetah print. Do it with a scarf, cardigan, purse, belt- anything!

4.) always a smile- the best thing about Bettie is that she really knew how to have fun, no matter what she was doing.

5.) fearless lingerie- Bettie often made her own lingerie and photo shoot costumes. This phone costume ensemble is one of my favorites!

6.) pencil skirts show off your wiggle in a curve-hugging pencil skirt, paired with a simple blouse or sweater.

7.) long black gloves- Bettie was rarely photographed without a pair of long back gloves. It takes guts to pull off but Dita (who draws a lot of inspiration from Bettie) often pairs them with a dark day dress or blouse and they look incredibly elegant.

8.) patent leather accessories- This bad girl was the queen of leather....but not in a wearing it while going grocery shopping kind of way, if you get my drift. Try patent leather in a belt, shoe or classic vintage handbag that you really can wear anywhere.

9.) classic pumps- Bettie had quite a collection of specialty shoes for her films and photo shoots, many made for her by clients wanting something exotic and strange but a modern day pin up girl can never go wrong with classic black pumps, peep toes or sling-backs. Her high heels were made for pain but we should always wear heels within our comfort zone. There's nothing alluring about a girl limping around from too-high heels! 

10.) a fun loving attitude- Photographers loved working with Bettie because her personality really showed through in her photos.Learn more about the fascinating life of the girl that lit up the camera with interviews from Bettie, her friends and photographers in the documentary, Bettie Page Reveals All.

how to dress like Bettie Page

Crafty Weekend


Yesterday, I finally got some of my art prints listed in my shop, Wacky Tuna on etsy! After taking pictures of these for the shop, I realized I need to make a run to the dollar store for some more document frames to decorate my own house with my prints!

marie antoinette watercolor art print by Brittany Sherman 2015 at Wacky Tuna on etsy

10 style lessons from Marilyn Monroe watercolor fashion art print by Brittany Sherman 2015 at Wacky Tuna on etsy

How to do pin curls watercolor art print by Brittany Sherman 2015 at Wacky Tuna on etsy

My first craft show is coming up in a few weeks and my friend, Erin from Yellow Bird Gifts said I really should make some magnet sets so Olivia helped me with that yesterday. I made a cute food set, vintage makeup and a retro kitchen set, all hand cut by me and coated in a clear plastic so they wipe clean.

retro watercolor magnet sets by Brittany Sherman at Wacky Tuna on etsy vintage foods, retro kitchen and vintage makeup magnets

Today, Pj and I are making some darling zipper pouches and tote bags, which will be available this afternoon! The zipper pouches are sewn by me in cotton canvas with a cute colorful zippers and lining.

vintage inspired makeup bag zipper pouch in watercolor from wacky tuna on etsy

vintage inspired makeup bag zipper pouch in watercolor from wacky tuna on etsy

The cotton canvas tote bags are just the right size for daily essentials or a quick run to the farmer's market.

retro foods watercolor tote bag from wacky tuna on etsy

Follow Wacky Tuna on Etsy and Instagram for new item listings and coupons!

Impromptu Zoo


On Wednesday, I was sitting on the front porch, enjoying my breakfast and morning Intsagram feed. The weather was absolutely beautiful and the trees were starting to bloom so we decided to take the kids to a surpise trip to the zoo. We stopped at Aldi for some picnic snacks and headed out.

I wore one of my favorite dresses from Tatyana Boutique via Modcloth and snood handmade by me.

Tatyana boutique plus size stripe dress and red snood via Va-Voom Vintage
It was supposed to storm that afternoon so there were no big crowds but it never did rain!

I posted some silly animal selfies on Instagram and we had lunch with the animals. 

After the zoo, the kids still had some energy so we wore them out at the St Louis History Museum, which has lots of interactive stuff for kids and lots of beautiful fashion for mommies. I want this dress!!

Also, can I just steal this entire pink kitchen exhibit and put it in my house?! It's funny seeing things that you actually own in museums. Lots of these kitchen bits are very similar to fixtures and dishes in my own house!

Dress- Modcloth from Tatyana
shoes- walmart
snood- Wacky Tuna
belt- vintage

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