Fete De Glace


On Saturday, Pj, Olivia and I went to historic Main street St. Charles for the annual Fete De Glace (Festival of Ice). The city has been hosting this ice carving competition since 1998 and this was our first year in attendance. It was amazing to see the ice carving masters at work. Look at all of these incredible works of art!ice scuptures St Charles, MO
ice scuptures St Charles, MO
ice scuptures St Charles, MO
ice scuptures St Charles, MO
I really loved this ice bar. I had Pj take a picture of me behind it but somehow, it got deleted which is really crappy because I climbed up there, it was slippery and cold and while a crowd of people watched me pose, I had a total Marilyn Monroe moment as the wind blew up my skirt! Some guy yelled "Woooo!!!" But, what do you do? Just smile and laugh in a total Marilyn kind of way! :)
ice scuptures St Charles, MO
Since we were at Main Street, we stopped at Riverside Sweet Shop for some yummies. I got this lovely little box of chocolate dipped cherries! Mmmmmmmmm!! Oh, and I forgot all about this hat! I bought it last year just cause I loved it and forgot that I had it! It has a pretty little blow in the front!
Riverside Sweet Shop, Historic St Charles MO

Oh, and Here's Pj, enjoying his s'mores squares and me with a big ice dragon. Some lady said "Are you going to ride it?" And I said "Uhm, No...not with a skirt on!"

hat- Alton Il Antique Shop
Skirt-Handmade by me

Finger wave Tutorial (soft waves)


1920s flapper easy finger waves hair tutorial
1920s flapper easy finger waves hair tutorial

Today I have a tutorial for soft finger waves.  I wanted to have a video with this tutorial but my computer decided that a video upload was too much to ask, so we did step-by-step pictures. I hope that it's easy to understand! 

You will need:
a rat-tail comb
a brush
gel or setting lotion- or both!
spray bottle of water
a bunch of long clips

1.) Soak your hair. somewhere between sopping wet and towel dried is good.

2.) Part your hair however you like. A middle part is a good flapper look and a side part is good for that 40's movie starlet style.

3.) Section off the hair to be waved. Tie the hair not to be waved in a hair tie or clip so it doesn't get in your way.

4.)Starting at the part, comb down about 1 inch
1920s flapper easy finger waves hair tutorial

5.)with the comb about 1 inch down from the part and still in your hair, pull the comb towards the mirror.
1920s flapper easy finger waves hair tutorial

6.) With your other hand, place your fingers against the side of the comb and hold the hair very firmly against your head
1920s flapper easy finger waves hair tutorial via va-voom vintage
7.)Remove the comb and comb the section of hair out straight.
8.)Starting just below your fingers, comb down about 1 inch and this time, pull the comb away from the mirror. Insert a clip in the middle of the wave. Ta-da! This is your first wave.

1920s flapper easy finger waves hair tutorial via va-voom vintage
1920s flapper easy finger waves hair tutorial via va-voom vintage
1920s flapper easy finger waves hair tutorial via va-voom vintage

Repeat the process as far down as you like and on both sides of the head. As your hair dries, you can spritz it with more water and use more mousse or gel. If you have enough clips (and patience) you can wave your entire head in the same manner or just wave the front and finish the back in pin curls. What are pin curls, you ask? I'll have a pin curl tutorial up very soon!!
1920s flapper easy finger waves hair tutorial via va-voom vintage
9.) Leave the clips in for at least 2 hours. If in a hurry, you can cheat and blow-dry. Finish with hairspray before you take out the clips. If you have any renegade hairs that just don't want to run with the pack, teach them who's boss with a little extra mousse and hairspray.
Since my computer was being very snotty this afternoon, I found this brilliant video from Miss Tami Lee instead. It shows the movements of the comb very well.

I also recommend checking out the amazing 1920s Beauty Guides for original hair and makeup tutorials from the 1920s!

1920's make-up Guides

Shrinky Inky's Fine Giveaway!

Hey, gals! Just a quick note: make sure to pop over to my darlin' Shrinky Inky's to participate in her very first giveaway! It's easy, just be a follower of her adorable blog and tell her all about your most romantic moment ever! She put together this romantic package full of vintage goodies just in time for Valentines Day. Hurry, hurry, the giveaway ends on Wednesday the 3rd!

Fashion and Film Friday: Miss Pettigrew Lives For A Day


amy adams in  miss pettigrew lives for a day 1940s blue hat and suite with fur stole

Starring the adorable Amy Adams and incredibly talented Frances McDormand, how can you not love "Miss Pettigrew Lives For A Day"? It's the story of a jobless, homeless former housekeeper in 1930's London who changes the life of a romantically confused socialite when she works as her social secretary for a day.

With fabulous hats, scandalous encounters and sharp wit, Miss Pettigrew is sure to tickle your fashion taste buds. The amazing and fabulous Michael O'Connor worked as the costume designer for this film. You may have adored some of his other incredible designs in The Duchess. He also worked on costumes in Emma, Quills and Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. Enjoy, chickadees!

miss pettigrew lives for a day amy adams and frances mcdormand

miss pettigrew lives for a day

amy adams in miss pettigrew lives for a day 1940s gold gown

 adams miss pettigrew lives for a day 1930s style striped cream suit

miss pettigrew lives for a day bathrub scene

miss pettigrew lives for a day lingerie fashion show 1940s

Next week's Fashion and Film Friday: Heavenly Creatures
See all Fashion and Film Friday Posts 

p.s. tune in tomorrow for my fingerwave tutorial!

What's Coming up?


finger wave tutorial hair clips
Good Morning, my lovelies!

It's a very lazy posting day today because I'm very lazy. On Monday night, Olivia was very unhappy, so she woke up every 3 hours to tell me about it. Her daddy and I have stopped swaddling her so she's getting used to that.

We popped in to Walmart last night for sleep sacks for the peanut and these hair clips pictured above. Can you guess what's coming up soon on Va-Voom Vintage? If you guessed "finger wave tutorial", you are correct. It probably won't be up until this weekend, so check back later.  I have lots of great vintage hair and makeup tutorials coming soon as well as vintage craft and sewing tutorials.

The Real Me


Inspired by Cat- The Vintage Housewife, here is the "real me"... I'm a stay at home momma who spends the majority of her days changing diapers, doing dishes and vegging out.

So, here I am, feeding Olivia her first rice cereal, laying in bed on a Saturday morning and just hanging out around the house. Come on, ladies, show the world the "real" you! If you post the real you on your blog, please leave a link in a comment so we can all see!!

Retail Therapy for Winter Blues

vintage Christmas presents and tree

I detest winter time. In Missouri, summers are hot and humid as the rainforest but in winter, it can get well below zero. Today, it's snowing. I love snow. I love the way it snakes across the street when the wind blows just right, love the way it sparkles and I especially love when it traps my husband at home so he has to call in to work and stay home with me and watch The Seven Year Itch and have cinnamon rolls- that's our snow day tradition!

Marilyn Monroe the seven year itch

 Having a blog really does help the winter depression. It's a great creative outlet that doesn't involve destroying my house (like my sewing does!) In an effort to make my blog prettier, I spent Saturday working on a new pretty was a disaster!! Instead of creating something lovely, I spent the afternoon (and parts of the evening) cursing at my computer. So, when Pj is free, he said he'll help me with it since I have no idea what I'm doing!

Yesterday, I did feel much better. We cleaned house, bought new pretty curtains for our bedroom and went shopping. I went to Target to pick up some cute, comfy flats since I'm going to start going to a mom's with babies playgroup on Tuesday. I'd hate to go mall walking in killer heels. I also found these fabulous pin-up looking undies on sale. They reminded me of some of the adorable undies I saw on ModCloth the other day.

target flats

cute purple pin up panties with garters from target

Vintage Undies- The Slip


vintage watercolor slip lingerie advertisement

Slips are a very important undergarment that most women today forget about. Not only do they look sexy and feel luxurious against the skin, they are also very functional. When wearing vintage clothing, it is always a good idea to wear a slip to protect the old fabrics from oils and dirt on our skin, thus preserving the garment and extending its' wear.

Check out my curated list of vintage style slips and other vintage inspired lingerie from Amazon

vintage slip lingerie advertisement

A full slip is a one-piece silk under dress. In the 20's and 30's, thinner fabrics became popular choices for dresses, so a full slip was a must-have for a lady's modesty and to protect the delicate fabrics from snags caused by hooks on girdles.

Waist slips or half slips are worn in the same manner as full slips but are more plain and worn as an under skirt instead of a whole dress. Find original vintage slips at Dollhouse Bettie

vintage style affordable lingerie slips

vintage style full and half slips from HerRoom

Petticoats or crinolines are another type of slip, often worn to give a garment a full shape. They often come in pretty colors or with lace detail that looks very pretty when peeking out from under your dress.

vintage style pink petticoat
 petticoats on Amazon

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Fashion and Film Friday: DeLovely


Cole Porter Delovely movie 1930s fashion

Starring Kevin Kline and Ashley Judd,De-Lovely is the enchanting and bizarre musical biography of composer and songwriter, Cole Porter. Porter's work stretched from the early 1920's to late 1950's, making DeLovely a great inspiration to vintage fashion lovers.

The costumes were designed by the very talented Janty Yates who also designed costumes for Kingdom of Heaven, Gladiator and this year's up-coming film, Robin Hood.  The soundtrack features some of the most popular music of the day. Delovely is a heartbreakingly beautiful and unconventional love story.

Delovely 1930s movie style

cole porter 1930s de-lovely movie fashion

The hairstyles in DeLovely are absolutely flawless, which is no surprise because it was all designed by Simon Thompson, hair designer of Titanic and Emma.  To replicate a perfect 1930s look, check out 1930s makeup guides from Glamor Daze.

1930s makeup guides fingerwaves vintage hair and makeup how-to

de-lovely movie cole porter 1930s fashion

ashley judd delovely movie 1930s pants fashion and fingerwaves

de-lovely ashley judd fashion fingerwaves

For next week's Fashion and Film Friday: Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day

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