Preserving History: A 1920's Photo Shoot


Last Friday, I had another photo shoot, this time with this beautiful green satin 1920's dress. Its interesting how fashion from different eras has changed so much. I usually wear clothes from the 40's and 50's so this sleeveless, short skirt, slinky 20's dress made me feel very naked. Wearing this dress made me realize how shocking the rebellious flapper fashion must have been at the time. The dress came with a matching sash that I wasn't quite sure what to do with so I tied it in my hair. This was my first attempt at waving using a curling iron. It was very simple to do and yielded pretty decent results, I think!
This is part of an ongoing project, shooting models in these antique garments in an effort to preserve them in photos. Some of these things are so old that they begin to fall apart as we shoot in them, much like this sweet 20's dress. The photos will be displayed at a small, local museum and kept on record for future historians. It's such an honor to be a part of this amazing project.

Ekert's Fun Farm


A view of the gateway Arch from Ekert's orchard
On Saturday we went with Pj's mom, sister and our nieces to Ekert's Fun Farm in Millstadt, Illinois. I have never been to Ekerts before but I really want to go back next year. We picked apples, rode carnival rides, ate yummy food and I rode with Olivia on a camel named Roxanne while I wore a dress and heels, which was interesting! The kids each picked out a small pumpkin at the end of the day. Here are some scenes from our trip...

Liv and Pj ride a carnival swing. Olivia said "Weeeeeee!"

Liv and Pj watch the parakeets


Liv and I with Roxanne, the camel

Grannie with two of her babies

60's dress from Columbia, MO
t strap heels- Amerimark

Building a Vintage Wardrobe: Shoes


Shoes are an important part of a vintage style wardrobe. They really make or break the outfit. When it comes to wearing vintage, the magic is in the details so here are some details that you can be on the lookout for...

Shoes by Era
Studying a fashion by decade is a good way to figure out what style of shoe you're looking for. Here are a few selections of shoes from the 20's-50's
image source 1920's shoes

image source 1934 spring shoes

image source 1940's shoes

image source 1950's shoes
 Buying Vintage Shoes
Buying authentic vintage shoes can be both good and bad. On the good side, you have the real thing and it will complete your genuine vintage look. On the bad side, many vintage shoes are in pretty rough shape. Wearing falling-apart shoes can cause your feet, legs and back to ache. If a strap or heel breaks while you're out walking around, you could fall over and get hurt. A deteriorating shoe really doesn't look pretty either. That's not to say that all vintage shoes are junk. There are plenty pf beautifully preserved, high quality, wearable vintage shoes out there. Here are a few things I've learned about buying vintage shoes

Buying online
* Look at pictures carefully. Check for cracks in leather, lucite or rips in fabric.
* Ask questions. A good seller is more than happy to answer your questions and provide more images.
* Weigh the purchase price. If they're in questionable condition, don't pay more than you should. Your money can go a lot further on a nice pair of shoes.
*Make sure that they will fit. Vintage shoes tend to be small. If you're the daughter of sasquatch, like myself, trace your foot onto a piece of paper, measure the traced image and compare that to the shoe measurements for best fit.
*Etsy and Ebay usually have a good selection of vintage shoes. To find good deals, try shopping off season (winter boots in the summer, sandals in the winter)

Buying in Person
* Try it on. If you can't try before you buy, don't make the purchase. It's best to try a shoe on when you've been walking for a while. Your feet swell a bit when you walk around so this way, you will be sure to get a good fit. Walk around the store in the shoes to see how they really feel.
* Examine them carefully.  Check every inch of the shoe for signs of decay and damage.
* Test them out for durability. Carefully bend the shoe to make sure that it can withstand the natural movement of your foot as you walk, gently pull on straps to make sure that they are sturdy enough to not snap when you wear them. Press carefully on the heel to test for heel strength, check the sole to be sure that it's secured to the rest of the shoe and stick your hand inside the shoe to feel around for inner damage on closed-toe shoes.
* Thrift stores, flea markets, antique shops and vintage clothing stores are all good places to find vintage shoes.

And my most important bit of shoe advice is: Don't buy cruel shoes! A girl never looks fashionable when she's limping on painful shoes. Be kind to your feet.

Buying Reproduction Shoes
There are a few companies that make stunningly beautiful vintage reproduction shoes. Some are too expensive for my budget but if you want to splurge, you really can't go wrong with these beauties.
Rocket Originals- UK
Remix Vintage Shoes-US

They aren't based on original vintage designs but they still invoke that fabulous old fashioned style
Mod Cloth- indie designs, often inspired by authentic designs- check the sales page for bargains!
Anthropologie- If you want to really splurge on some awesome shoes, this is the place to go
Dance Shoes- can't be beat for comfort and quality
Amerimark- Comfy old lady shoes at a bargain price. Be sure to check reviews on some styles
Seychelles-I'm currently drooling over some of their designs- gorgeous!

A Basic Shoe Collection
I could go crazy with shoes but when starting out, I tried to stick to the basics. These shoes could easily mix with different eras.

basic black heels
Mine are a low heel with a t-strap. They go with everything and are comfortable enough to wear every day. I found these from Amerimark, but I bought them in black, not blue. A simple pair of black, low heels with a rounded toe is the perfect first purchase for your vintage wardrobe. I found some at Target for less than $20.

 Good for grocery shopping, work (depending on your job) and daily wear. Black and brown are versatile basics that match with almost anything. You can find them for $10 per pair at Walmart. My black flats are thrifted and brown t-strap flats are from Charlotte Russe. I love them because when I'm in a hurry, I can slip them on and I'm out the door.

1943 Wedges and Espadrilles

Wedges and Espadrilles
If you love the 40's, you must have a good wedge or espadrille. If you're wondering what on Earth is an espadrille, read this article. I really love wedges because they give your legs the shapely look of heels but are easier to walk in. Look for cork, rubber, wood or rope wedges. 

image source 1930's Gaytees boots
Winter boots
If you live in a cold climate, a pair of winter boots is a must. Some vintage winter boots are designed as over-shoes so you can wear your favorite pair of pumps and slide the boots on over your pumps when you go out. Some are simply snow boots or fashion boots. Gaytees are a popular choice for an authentic vintage boot. I found my vintage snow boots on ebay for a song. They can be difficult to find in a wearable size so if you have bigger feet, try shopping for your winter boots in the summer season for less competition. If you prefer a modern, vintage inspired boot, check your local departments stores (Macy's, Kohl's, Penny's, Target, etc) for something with a vintage feel. For regular wear in the winter, I like a flat sole or a wide, thick heel for stability on the ice.


If you live in a rainy climate, a pair of galoshes is a good idea. My vintage galoshes are from the 50's by Rain Dears. They slide on over a pair of heels and protect my shoes from the mud and moisture. In my experience, these are fine to wear while walking on concrete but if I wear them into store while wet, they can be slick on the smooth floor. You can find modern galoshes similar to these vintage from Amerimark. A pair of rubber rain boots is a really cute option. They come in many colors and patterns and even though they're rugged rubber, they always look adorable with a girly dress.

1930's Enna Jetticks brand shoes

Booties and Oxfords are great for all year wear but I really love them in the cooler months. Mod Cloth and Anthropologie have some oxford pumps that are to-die-for! These are the Cleary Heels from Anthropologie.
For a more affordable option, check places like Kohl's, Macy's, Payless, etc. You can make them fancy by lacing them up with vintage ribbon.  I found a pair of 1930's Enna Jetticks at a thrift store a few months ago.

Wish List Shoes
Here are some killer shoes from my wish list. I wear a 9-10 so it's hard to find things like this to fit my feet but a girl can dream, right?

Lucite heels- Since I was a little girl, I wanted a pair of glass slippers. When I was a kid, I had those clear, sparkly sandals (Jellies) and now I'm on the hunt for a pair of 50's lucite heels. Some are carved, some bedazzled with rhinestones but all are gorgeous!

Carved Souvenir Wedges-I love these 1940's carved wooden wedges. Many were picked up on vacations or by soldiers stationed on islands. Some have beaded uppers or are hand painted. Aren't they lovely?

1940's Alligator Peep toe Pumps- I once found a pair for less than $40, in my size and in gorgeous colors but the leather was in really bad shape. Pj is a leather worker and he was unsure that they could be repaired. It broke my heart to leave them behind because they were so wonderful but I have a feeling that another pair will cross my path one day.

There are many modern companies that make vintage inspired shoes. These posts are very informative and helpful when it comes to finding those modern vintage look-a-like brands!
Sew weekly's New Vintage Shoes
Glamour Daze 1940s Shoe Shopping Guide

Happy shoe shopping, girls!

Halloween Pinup Shoot Part 2


These are the last of the photos from my vintage Halloween pin up shoot with Leah....
plus size pin up halloween witch via Va-Voom Vintage

plus size pin up halloween witch via Va-Voom Vintage

Shop my Closet: Shoes

I spent the weekend cleaning out my closet. It's so nice to get everything organized and ready for the fall season. Before getting pregnant with Rhys, I could wear an 8 or 9 but now it's more like 9 or 10! I heard that some women have bigger feet after having kids but I didn't believe it till now!

Up for sale are these two pairs of shoes. Both are a size 8 but see measurements for accurate fit. I will ship worldwide.

Brown Suede Mary Jane Pumps by Naturalizer
Outer stitching detail, cute little brown button in brown suede- perfect for fall. Excellent condition, no scuffs $10 Shipping is $9 to US and $13.50 Everywhere else

10 inches from heel to toe (inside)
ball of foot at widest point 3 1/4 inches
back of shoe to end of heel 5.5 inches
heel height 2 3/4 inches

Black and White Gingham Pin Up Wedges by Route 66
Gingham peep toe sling back basket weave wedges with little bow detail at back of ankle strap. Condition- excellent, no damage, barely worn $10 Shipping is $9 to US and $13.50 Everywhere else
heel to toe on inside 10 inches
ball of foot at widest point 3 1/4 inches
wedge height at tallest point 3 3/4 inches

Puppy Love


Saturday, I spent the day with my babies...all 3 of them!
We started the morning with a last minute visit to the St Charles Community College. A friend of Pj's family teaches a dog training class. Olivia adores puppies so we took the kids up to watch the dogs run around the training course. The owners let the kids pet the dogs and be licked by them. I'm always a little nervous with my kids around dogs. Not because I'm afraid of the dogs but because my kids like to pull hair! Luckily, the kids and dogs were very good to each other and had fun playing together.

my boys


Beautiful Girls- Olivia and my two nieces


Lulu and Turbo
 The owner of Turbo, the Dalmation told him "sit!" so Olivia plopped down on the ground next to him!

After the puppy play, we drove around to a few garage sales. Pj found a fantastic grinder for his future knife making adventures and I found quite a few goodies for myself. Check out our new living room tables! We had a hell of a time getting them into the car, this time with two kids in tow but we persevered and got them home. They are really great, sturdy little 50's tables with small drawers and plenty of storage for my couch-side sewing and crochet, remotes and some of Olivia's books.

At a church garage sale, I found this General Electric bonnet hair dryer and Lady Sunbeam manicure set for $2 each.
G.E. Hair Dryer. I love the font and little lucite switch!

the power cord is inserted in the center of the base and attachments go in that.

The proceeds from the garage sale are going to the church's missionary efforts in Haiti. They have two schools and provide clothes, shelter and food for many people in Haiti, which made my small purchase feel even better! At the same garage sale, we found a small shelf for Olivia's toys, 2 kid's flashlights and a tiny snow globe that Olivia couldn't live without. There are a few more garage sales near my house. Hopefully we can hit those this morning, after we've all rested.

vintage mink fur dog brooch

floral blouse-Walmart
navy skirt- thrifted, St V de Paul
shoes-borrowed from mom (I promise, I'll bring them back soon!)
yellow coat-thrifted, St V de Paul
vintage mink poodle brooch-Antique mall on Tesson Ferry in St Louis (for you STL girls)
red cardigan- thrifted
bakelite earrings-antique mall in Springfield, MO
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