40s Fashion Calendar February: Make a blouse and turban


Where has February gone? I swear, it was just Valentine's Day and now it's almost March! Before we begin a new month, I wanted to share this month's projects for our 40s Fashion Calendar.

For those who are new, the 40s Fashion Calendar Challenge includes monthly projects and a very basic starter wardrobe. By the end of this year, we will put together 12 1940s outfits using staple pieces and a few special accessories that we make ourselves.

Getting started with the 40s Fashion Calendar Challenge
January- make a corsage for your winter coat and handbag

This month, we'll make a simple 40s blouse and a matching turban. You can wear this blouse with the skirt from your suit staple or if your closet is more varied, pair it with trousers. This summer, it'll be an adorable addition to shorts or overalls and you can wear your turban any time.

I used a bright cotton print from Joanne Fabrics and Simplicity blouse #1692 view D. This blouse is a simple shape with no sleeves or button holes, great for a beginner. The blouse gets its shape with pleats and tucks under the bust and at the lower back and it has a loop and button closure at the shoulder, which could be very cute and nautical in red, white and blue combinations.

The turban is made from Wearing History's turban pattern. Instead of wrapping and tying a scarf, it's all sewn in place and ready to slip on any time. I love the over-sized bow and gather details. If you prefer a more understated turban, try Wearing History's other turban pattern, in this same pack. The fedora pattern in this set would be a perfect hat for your 40s fashion calendar staple hat, which calls for a hat with a brim. I was going to use a hat in my stash but this one is so fabulous, I think I will have to get some felt and make it for myself!

Wearing History Coupon: Lauren from Wearing History is providing a coupon for Va-Voom Vintage readers- save 15 % off the 40s hat wardrobe pattern with code "40sFeb"

Tutorial: DIY Cherry Print Vintage Gloves


DIY vintage gloves cherry print pinup style gloves from The Vintage Post by Brittany of Va-Voom Vintage

This post was originally a guest post that I wrote for The Vintage Post, which doesn't exist anymore but I was able to find the full tutorial to share again here!

I was organizing my accessories the other day when I realized that I had more white gloves than I actually wear. I’m always on the hunt for unique colors and fun prints but I rarely find them in my size.
My local antique shops and thrift stores are full of plain white gloves and they’re very inexpensive so here’s a quick and adorable way to add a little something to your plain whites:
DIY Cherry print vintage gloves
Squeeze a little red paint into a dish and dip just the end of the eraser into the paint. I dabbed some of the excess paint onto the dish.
DIY Cherry print vintage gloves
Stamp two circles, next to each other. They can be overlapping or slightly diagonal from each other for a natural placement.
DIY Cherry print vintage gloves
Stamp all over the gloves, trying to space them out evenly. The finger area may be too small for a pair, so I stamped single cherries in this area.
DIY Cherry print vintage gloves
Using your fine paint brush, paint small green lines connecting the cherries to form the stems.
DIY Cherry print vintage gloves Allow to dry completely. I just stamped the front of my gloves but you could stamp both sides if you like!
DIY Cherry print vintage gloves Finish off by heat setting the gloves.
Lay a piece of paper over the gloves and set your iron for the highest setting allowed for your fabric and iron over the gloves. This step will ensure that your gloves can be washed without any problems.
DIY Cherry print vintage gloves
Enjoy your cute new accessories!
DIY Cherry print vintage gloves

6 things for the vintage-loving girl to do this spring


Yesterday, I was washing lunch dishes before dinner, looking out my kitchen window at the beautiful sunny day when I noticed that I was preparing to make dinner and the sun was still out! My husband reminded me that daylight savings time is in just a few weeks and I was so relieved to know that warm weather and all of the great things that come with spring will be here before I know it.  Winter had kept me pretty cooped up but I'm day dreaming and making lists of all of the things I want to do this spring.....

1. Visit my favorite thrift shops
It's been ages since I hit the thrift stores. One of my favorite spring pleasures is to have breakfast with the family on a saturday morning before heading out by myself for some quiet thrift shopping.  I always find the most killer pieces for my home and wardrobe for very little money and I have a few local spots that I haven't visited in over a year!

2. Wear beautiful shoes
On weekdays while my husband is at work, sometimes the kids and I walk through our beautiful historic neighborhood and look at all of the old houses while I push the stroller along the cobblestone streets. We are lucky to have a couple of nice little antique shops where I find cheap novelty brooches and the kids often pick out books, video tapes and ziplock baggies full of vintage plastic zoo animals. On these walks, I love to savor the weather with strappy sandals, peep toes and any shoes I like, without having to worry about snow and cold.

     by Chelsea Crew                             by Sun Jellies                                           by Chelsea Crew

3. design beautiful stationery
I've been taking some wonderful hand lettering and modern calligraphy classes on Skillshare this month and I'll be spending rainy spring afternoons in the kitchen, hand lettering everything! I'd love to design some stationery and daily organization tools. In the mean time, practice makes perfect!

4. Add plenty of full cotton skirts to my wardrobe
In my early days of building a vintage wardrobe, I bought a lot of beautiful 40s rayon dresses and fancy beaded cardigans. These days, I really want comfort, style and the ability to toss things in the washing machine with the family's laundry. I've been window shopping for cotton skirts all winter and I can't wait to add more to my wardrobe this spring. Nothing is as easy and comfortable as a cute print in a cotton skirt and a simple tee.  I'm loving the novelty print and tulle skirts from Oblong Box Shop

5. find some warm weather vintage picnic clothes for my little ones
Olivia has a few "bintage" dresses of her own and on occasion, she loves to dress up with me.  I can't get enough little nautical dresses like these from Elle Enfant

6. Sew some great basic separates
those cotton skirts need some adorable easy blouses to go with them!  Last summer, I sewed a couple wrap blouses from the Mrs Depew Vintage pattern below and they're so cute. This spring, I'd love some button-ups and beach tops.

Save 15% off at Mrs Depew Patterns with code "vavoom"

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Win a Valentines Makeover Package from Maddy James


Maddy James is hosting a really fun makeover contest! Share a picture of your worst sleep wear and the worst dressed will win a $50 gift certificate to Maddy James and a $50 Spa Finder gift card!

2nd place for the worst dressed will win a $25 gift certificate to Maddy James
3rd place for the worst dressed will win a $15 gift certificate to Maddy James
Here are just a few of the beautiful vintage inspired sleep and lounge wear garments by Maddy James that you could fall asleep in... 
Angeline dressing gown

Lily Pajamas

Delphine Nightgown

Kate Sleep Shirt, Pictured here with Emily tap pants

Katharine Jumpsuit

 Since I'm a guest judge for the contest, I shared some of my worst sleep wear- Hello Kitty pants and Pj's old tee shirt! (uhm....hashtag no makeup, no filter?)
Post a picture of yourself in your worst sleeping attire on:
Your Instagram
You can tweet it
Make sure you add the hash tag: #mjmakeover so we see it.
The contest closes on Sunday, February 8, 2015 – 12 Midnight CST.

Plus Size Vintage Trousers from Wearing History


wearing history plus size smooth sailing 1940s trousers review

This winter, I've been practically living in my Smooth Sailing Trousers from Wearing History.  I'm so excited that they came out with a plus size range because there's such a lack of well fitting vintage style pants for curvy girls.

wearing history plus size smooth sailing 1940s trousers review

When they arrived, I slipped into them and it was like they were custom made for me! The fit was perfect and surprisingly, so was the length. I'm pretty tall at 5'7 so I usually find that pants could be a tiny bit longer but these were perfect.  For those that are taller, there's a very deep hem that could be easily let out to adjust for longer lengths.  Another curvy girl problem with high waisted pants is that the waist band often rolls or folds. I don't know what magic was involved in these because the waist band stays put all day, through romping with the kids, hiking around in the country or just sitting at home.

wearing history plus size smooth sailing 1940s trousers review

The cotton indigo denim is sturdy but soft and best of all- machine washable! They zip up the side and close with one button.  I can't rave enough about how comfortable and flattering these wonderful trousers are. The front pleats completely conceal my lower belly "mom pooch" and they're smooth over the rear. They don't ride up like some high waist pants can. Definitely a great investment piece for your vintage wardrobe.

Wearing History sizing runs different than other brands, so be sure to check their various size charts for a perfect fit. My measurements are 44-35-46 so I ordered the size 36.

wearing history clothing plus size sizing chart

wearing history plus size smooth sailing 1940s trousers review

Disclosure: Wearing History is a sponsor of Va-Voom Vintage.
 Smooth Sailing Trousers provided c/o Wearing History. All comments and reviews are my own.
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