A Stitch in Time


My grandma, the Queen of Needle Arts taught me to knit and purl about a month ago but so far, I haven't picked up the needles and started a project. This morning, I was drooling all over my keyboard as I poured over some of the stunning knit projects in the book "A Stitch In Time: Vintage Knitting and Crochet Patterns 1920-1949 vol 1" and I thought to myself "why can't I make those?"

Buying reproduction or authentic knit wear can be outrageously expensive! I love knits because they are versatile, practical and add a really genuine vintage touch to your wardrobe. My little Olivia is 7 months old now so I'm often covered in baby spit-up, drool and various pureed vegetables and fruits. Needless to say, practicality is a -must- for my clothes and I simply can't wear dry clean only vintage, beaded cardigans for a while!

So, I'm doing it, my dear readers! I'm going to knit something other than a Swiffer Wet Jet pad! I called Grandma this afternoon and whined about how much I want to knit beautiful vintage sweaters and things. She told me to find a beginner's level pattern and make something for Olivia. Her advice was to make something in "miniature" so that I wouldn't get bored with a normal sized sweater. She said find something easy that will be completed quickly and that will give me some practice with increasing and decreasing around the armholes. So, here it is! My first knitting project. I figure it will be great for fall and winter months!

I'll let you know how it turns out!!

Tutorial:How to Achieve Vintage Eyebrows


After a few questions and comments from readers about my eyebrows, I decided to whip up this little tutorial about how to achieve vintage style eyebrows. Eyebrows are an extremely important and often over-looked feature. Your eyebrows change the overall shape and expression of your entire face. The shape and movement of your eyebrows aids in communication by expressing your emotions.

In the world of vintage, eyebrows are just as important as bold, red lips. We've all admired the gorgeous brows of movie starlets and most of us have probably plucked the heck out of ours to try to get the same coveted arches. With shaping, cosmetics and frequent manicuring, we can all have perfect, lovely vintage eyebrows.

Check out my other post, a guide to 1950s brows with a peek inside a vintage cosmetology book

Different Shapes- Different Eras

Eyebrows in the 1920's were extremely thin and usually a straight line or slightly turned down like 1920's "It Girl" Clara Bow

1930's brows kept the thin line of the 20's but had a high, exaggerated and rounded arch, often extending past the natural length of an eyebrow, much like Jean Harlow's brows

In the 1940's, eyebrows were kept at a more natural thickness with arches sharper than that of the 30's. Sultry starlet Lauren Bacall has fabulous 40's brows

By the 1950's eyebrows became thicker and darker than that of the 40's but still kept the elegant, defined arches and long shape. Elizabeth Taylor has always had gorgeous 1950's brows

How To Shape your Eyebrows

*please note*- avoid tweezing your eyebrows right before a first date, job interview or anything really important. Redness and puffiness happens sometimes and gorgeous new eyebrows won't make up for swollen, tender skin. Eyebrows are best plucked right after a shower when your pores are open and skin is relaxed.

1.) To find where your brow begins, hold a makeup brush or pencil parallel against the side of your nose. The spot where the pencil and your brow meet should be the starting point for your eyebrows.

2.) To find your arch, move the pencil across your face so that it is parallel to the edge of your iris. This marks the highest point of your natural arch.

3.) To find the end of your brow, hold the pencil or brush against your nose and tilt it so that it sits at the corner of your eye. This marks the end of your brow, unless you are choosing a 1930's eyebrow, which can be a bit longer.

4.) Once you have all of the points of your brow marked (with an eyeliner or brow pencil, draw a line marking the shape that you desire. Draw straight, thin lines for 1920's brows. Use high, circular arches for the 30's. Do sharp arches and thicker lines for 40's and 50's.

If you are nervous about free-handing your brows, you can buy brow stencils at walmart, target and beauty supply stores. You should fill in the thickness of the desired brow with the pencil.

5.) When both brows appear even, you can begin! Start by tweezing both outside edges of the brow so that both brows are the same length, then start to shape the brow. Pull one hair at a time to avoid accidental bald spots and over-plucking. Take it easy and go slow.

 Gently pull the skin taut and pluck in the direction that the hair is growing. Make sure to have a magnifying mirror and natural light. If your eyebrows are thick and straight, remove the bottom hairs first. If you are trying to get high arches, you will want to avoid tweezing the top of your brows as much as possible. I prefer a 1940's brow on me. To get my arches, I tweeze in an upward diagonal line here to here:

And then continue in a downward diagonal line here to here:

6.) When you're finished, brush your eyebrows so they stick straight up and carefully trim long hairs with a small pair of scissors, then smooth them back down.


After tweezing, if your skin is red and puffy, apply aloe gel or a cool compress to the area to relieve swelling and pain.

If your brows have places that need to be filled in, you can use eyebrow powders (looks like an eyeshadow), brow pencils or cream makeup to fill them in. If using a pencil, use short, feathering strokes to achieve a more natural look. Many people really do shave or wax off the entire brow and draw them on. If that's the look you're going for, think about it for a while before taking the leap.

Only a select few of us look fantastic with drawn on brows, which can take a while time to grow back! If you're starting with natural full brows and you're feeling uneasy about doing it yourself, most hair salons have experts on hand to shape your brows for you. It's cheap, easy and will guarantee perfect vintage eyebrows. Anyway, that's all I have on the subject of eyebrows. Feel free to post questions in a comment below or shoot me an email!

Tutorial:Elegant Victory Roll Up-Do


victory roll updo vintage tutorial Irene Adler hair
victory roll updo vintage tutorial Irene Adler hair
Last week for my weekly date night, I planned on doing a Betty Draper hairstyle but my hair didn't want to cooperate, so I ended up rolling it all up in victory rolls and it turned out really pretty! So, here's my tutorial for my victory roll up-do. I imagine that this style would work on longer hair but I wouldn't suggest trying it on hair that is shorter than mine.
You will need:
Hot rollers of any kind (or a curling iron)
Hair spray (I use trusty ol' Aqua Net)
a rat tail comb
a TON of hairpins

1.) Begin with unwashed, dry hair. Use your comb to do an extreme side part like so...

2.) Roll your hair in hot rollers or use your curling iron. You can roll it up in any configuration. This step is just to add a little body to your hair and make it a bit easier to manage. Watch Mythbusters and pet the kitty while you wait for them to cool. If your hair has a natural wave or curl (unlike mine) you can skip this step.

3.) Section off the side with the most hair. Section off the hair from just in front of your ear

4.)Spray, tease, roll and pin. Roll this section into a victory roll with the opening of the roll facing forward as shown. When you roll this part, roll it a little more loose than usual so that you have a nice swept up effect. Finsih with hair spray and extra pins if needed.

5.) section off the other side of your head in the same manner.

Spray, tease, roll and pin. Pin this victory roll with the opening facing forward.

6.)Go back to the other side of your head. Section off a rectangular section of hair from just behind your first roll as shown. This section should be about 1/2 inch wide.

7.) Spray, tease, roll and pin. The opening of this roll will also face forward. Repeat on the other side. Now, you should have 4 rolls total.

8.)For the next set of rolls, begin with your comb at the top of your head and draw it down, making a part.

roll two rolls with openings facing forward on both sides of your head, leaving the bottom part of your hair hanging down as shown. You should have 3 rolls on each side.

9.) Roll the bottom section of your hair up and pin as shown. My hair is short so I used my mascara tube to help roll it up so that I could pin it in place and spray it. Spray this section thoroughly and smooth it over to keep flyaways in check. Finish off with your favorite pair of bakelite earrings, a hat or a flower clip.

victory roll updo vintage tutorial Irene Adler hair

Any questions, just ask by leaving a comment! Have fun, gals!

1940's dress- The Vintage Haberdashery
Bakelite dangle earrings- gift from Pj and Olivia for Mother's Day

A very vintage weekend


I feel like a bad blogger.  I have abandoned my poor sweet FASHION blog and haven't posted any new outfits or vintage fashion finds in a very long time. Shame on me!! I finally have some photos of my vintage finds to share so here it goes!....

On my way home from date night on Thursday, I saw a sign at a local church for a rummage sale on Saturday morning so I met Amanda at the church at 8am. It was pretty rainy and yucky but I really wanted to wear this amazing 1940's dress. I found it at that crazy warehouse when Emily from Livin' Vintage was in town. It was wadded up and all wrinkled, very dusty and in need of some lovin. I'm a sucker for grey and it was my size and era so I couldn't let go of it. I love the little fabric covered buttons and burgundy detail at the shoulder. The collar is's all gorgeous!!

So, here I am, ready to get on the road to the rummage sale!
We didn't find much at the sale. I did pick up a few great items for our etsy store and Pj found a new coffee pot because I accidentally broke our old one a few weeks ago! *sorry, honey!* I nabbed a few blouses for myself too. As I mentioned before, I'm terrible with vintage style blouses, so I get really excited when I find good ones!
After the sale, it was still early so we went to a new Goodwill that opened a few weeks ago to scope out the goods and our usual favorite vintage spot, the Salvation Army Thrift Store. Shoes were 99 cents (I know, I squealed too) so I got this fab pair while I was there.
At the goodwill, Amanda and I got into a brawl in the middle of the store over who got to buy this silver mini skirt.

Wow, that skirt is smokin' hot with this blazer, don't you think?!! (LOL) You can always count on Goodwill for a few laughs!

Pj has been shaving with a straight razor for a few weeks and since he was such a good sport all day, we went to the antique mall to see if we could find a new one for him (and we did!!). I couldn't leave without this hat that Amanda found, this bakelite button (soon-to-be brooch), 2 vintage patterns and these little screw back earrings. I didn't know until I got home, but these little earrings that I'm wearing are bakelite too...and the best part is, I got them for $2! That just goes to show you, DO rub and smell everything because you never know, even if it's a cheapy, it could be the real deal!

Today, Amanda and I worked on neglected sewing projects. She got some gorgeous barkcloth curtains at an estate sale so she made a really amazing 50's circle skirt with it. she bought 4 curtains and was kind enough to leave the ones she didn't use for me to make something out of them too! (Thanks, doll!) The only catch was, I have to call her when I wear it so we don't end up matching! *lol* The barkcloth was used for the background on my bakelite button pictured above. I cut out fabric for 2 dresses and finished up the details on a 3rd. This is one of the dresses that I'm working on today. The fabric matches the drawing on the pattern perfectly! I LOVE it!!
outfit details above:
1940's grey dress- warehouse sale
vintage sheer and black scarf-estate sale
vintage lucite handle purse- antique mall
Olivia's red vintage suitcase- antique mall
shoes- payless
vintage umbrella- antique mall
vintage red swallow brooch- F.I.S.H. thrift store

New on Etsy this week!


Hello, darlings! The following items from our shop, Bee's Knee's Vintage Clothing and will be listed next week. As always, email me to reserve an item before it's posted! Stay tuned for more etsy listings because Amanda and I have a LOT of lovely things just waiting to be modeled and listed! Visit Bee's Knees Vintage Clothing for more fabulous vintage finds! xoxo

Blue and white tiki print blouse- This little top buttons up the front and is perfect paired with a blue skirt or classic sailor trousers. Perfect for hot summer BBQ's!
Measurements taken flat:
bust 20 inches
waist 20 inches
length of blouse 20 inches
sleeve length 14 inches
sleeve opening 16 inches
price $15

Grey wool sweater- This v-neck grey sweater has 4 buttons and is made of 100% wool. Wear it buttoned all the way or with just a few buttons fastened. A very versatile piece for spring, winter and autumn.
measurements taken flat:
waist 17 inches
bust 20 inches
sleeve length 18 inches
price $20

Wool Sweater by Armani- This grey and navy sweater by Armani has 4 wooden buttons and a gold Armani eagle emblem. 100% wool
measurements taken flat
Waist - 17 inches
Bust - 20 inches
Sleeve Length - 23 inches
price $40

Vintage tan leather handbag with gold closure-Also for sale and modeled with the Armani sweater is this vintage leather handbag. With classic lines and neutral color, this handbag is a perfect for daily use.
Bottom: 10 x 3.5 inches
Widest part at front: 12 inches
Top- 8 inches

Bombshell Red Pencil Skirt- Drop jaws in this sexy bold red wool pencil skirt. Wear it with a cardigan for a day at the office or slinky satin blouse for a night on the town!
measurements taken flat:
hips 23 inches
length 26.5 inches
Brand: EJE, with plastic "talon" zipper
price $25

Thanks for looking, dolls!
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