Look at my Booty


Get your minds out of the gutter, not that booty! I'm talking about my treasures from our trip to Springfield last weekend!

This isn't everything but some of those clothes are so fabulous, you'll have to see them in my upcoming outfit posts. 2 of the dresses that I bought need minor repairs before I can wear them but that's how I always find the best deals!

vintage bakelite jewelry, deastock vintage makeup
bakelite bangles and earrings, plastic beads and small clip earrings, cherry dress clip and dead stock rouge. Probably not use-able but fun for my vanity. We found two-one for me, one for Amanda.

vintage mustard colored travel train case
gloves and my new train case...with a horse puppet in the background!

lovely gloves in baby blue, mint green,mustard, brown and...chartreuse!!!
I love this purple ric-rack skirt!

this was still in the original plastic when I bought it. Now, I'm a bona fide old lady!

a couple of the dresses I bought. Pj calls the pink and purple one my "Good n Plenty" dress. Gotta love that nursing accessible front zip!

Vintage Tour of Missouri- Springfield


all of mine and Amanda's train cases and Olivia's suit case full of toys
I've taken a few days to recover from the weekend trip and am ready for my recap! I shopped so much, I don't even remember what I bought. Shopping was not at all what we expected. Some things were great and some not so great. Maybe I'm spoiled by the fantastic shops in St Louis, but I really didn't care for most of the vintage shops in Springfield. Average looking dresses were priced way too high in my opinion and I noted a few things that made my not make a purchase on principal alone (matching dress and jacket sold separately- I hate that!) So, this time I found that the grass is greener on my side of the fence!

We still had a great time and I found a decent pile of pretties anyway. These are the places that I really enjoyed...

Heartland Antique Mall- We stopped here (in Lebanon) on the way to Springfield and it was pretty good. We hit the colorful glove jackpot and I found my adorable yellow train case, which was in great shape. The antique mall is attached to a cheese outlet. Cheese and antiques- it doesn't get much better!
glove love

boys and their cheese!
me and my Lulu love
the cheese doesn't stand alone

The Cave Restaurant-The Cave Restaurant was a neat place. In the 1920's it was a dance hall/speakeasy. The only entrance was this slightly ominous staircase. Now, it's a restaurant full of odd taxidermy animals and live fish. We had BBQ, calimari and fried pickle spears. Yummy!
Bryan battled this rouge turkey who was trying to attack his girl!

Rhys and the Cougar

The Urban Flea Market-Our first stop on Saturday morning. Very big, nice people, very cool place. We found a fantastic booth loaded with cheap, gorgeous vintage clothes and I scored this purple skirt, purple and pink "Good N Plenty" dress (as Pj calls it), a Victorian skirt and shawl, a sheer black 50's dress with lovely rhinestones, a vintage knit top and modern wedges. It was so great, I had to make a second trip in Sunday morning before we left town.

STD Flea Market- By the name alone, we had to stop here. It is what you think- kind of grimy, lots of random stuff but wow, once again, we hit great vintage at great prices. I believe the booth was "The Cat's Meow" and it was over flowing with gorgeous vintage. We found SO many beautiful dresses for under $20 but sadly, most of them were too small for us. I did find this fantastic 40's dress with original belt and rhinestone buttons which I totally adore!
pizza vending machine- awesome!
the boys at STD Central! 

Relics Antique Mall-Relics is the biggest antique mall in the state. Amanda and I managed to find what seemed like the ONLY bakelite in the entire city of Springfield and we left home with all but two or three pieces. I also found a really unique dress pattern and gorgeous black 40's purse. Why, oh why didn't I have enough room in the van for this vintage baby buggy?!

Vintage Vice- It's funny, I thought Vintage Vice was going to be one of my least-favorite shops but actually, I think it was the best vintage clothing store in town. The selection isn't very big but they had really good prices and what they did have was super cute! I found this sweet little blue button up top- very versatile and Amanda found two really unique, gorgeous dresses.

Bass Pro Shop- The biggest in the country! It was so cool to see. Lots of taxidermy, live fish and turtles. Olivia had the best time dragging me all over the store to see the animals.
my little family
Pj with his big fish

D.A.V. Thrift Store- We happened to drive past this thrift store on our way to the Bass Pro shop. The first dress I touched was this super cute black and white dress. I also found this puff sleeve blouse. For a thrift store, the prices were higher than what I'm used to in St Louis but still much much cheaper than the vintage shops. Well worth stopping for, I think!

All in all, Springfield is a cool city to visit. There's lots to see and do. However, I don't ever plan on returning for vintage shopping. If you find yourself in Springfield and looking for some vintage, my best advice is to stick to the flea markets, thrift stores and antique malls. One thing that I really loved about Springfield is all of the cheap antique clothes. Those antique malls seemed to be full of Victorian and Edwardian dresses and accessories. If I were much smaller, I would have bought every piece! It was a fun trip but I'm happy to be back in St Louis where the vintage is cheap, extraordinary and plentiful. I'll share pics of my pretties that I found in Springfield tomorrow! Off to clean house and get ready for Olivia's B-day party on Saturday!!

Photo Shoot: Village Girl with Phantom Photo Part 2


Brittany Va-Voom Vintage plus size retro fashion blog

This is the second set of pics from my shoot with Phantom Photo last Tuesday in Faust Park. These are some of my favorites. Some of you requested a tutorial for this hairstyle so I'll be posting that as soon as life allows me to do so! :)

Dress- handmade by me using a vintage 40's Vogue pattern
shoes-thrifted- goodwill outlet
dark brown coat- thrifted, Salvation Army


Photo Shoot: Village Girl with Phantom Photo Part 1


Brittany Va-Voom Vintage blog plus size retro fashion

I'm home from our adventures in Springfield but am totally exhausted. I'm spending this week recouperating from the trip and getting ready for Olivia's birthday party on Saturday. Before life gets ahead of me, I wanted to share another fabulous photo shoot- one of my favorites so far!!

Last Tuesday, I had a shoot in Faust Park with Phantom Photo St Louis. Marshall, the photographer was fantastic to work with. He has a great eye for light and is a wonderful director. I am so madly in love with this set, I'll have to make 2 posts so you can see them all! I'm really loving these antique-inspired fashion shoots lately. I think I will be adding more antique fashion touches to my closet in the future!
I was a little worried about my stockings in these photos. I couldn't find either of my garter belts the day of the shoot so I went with nude fishnets. I didn't know how they would photograph but I think they provided an interesting effect. Must buy a few more pairs next time I'm at the mall!

I also wore a green slip with cream lace details under this dress and finished it off with some of my new deco dress clips.

lipstick- Wet N Wild matte lipstick in Coral-ine, my new favorite shade for daily wear.
dress clips-Eureka MO antique mall
dress-handmade by me using a 40's vintage Vogue pattern
30's jacket-Leo's Old Clothes, Columbia MO
Shoes-thrifted Goodwill Outlet St Louis
white shawl- handmade by me
book-1920's Parties that are different- will be posting scans of this book at a later date!

romantic victory rolls wedding hair via Va-Voom Vintage

plus size retro fashion blog Va-Voom Vintage with Brittany

Springfield Or Bust!


Tomorrow, we're leaving for another Vintage Tour of Missouri Adventure in Springfield, MO! By we, I mean myself, Pj, Rhys, Olivia, Amanda and her guy, Bryan. We borrowed my mother-in-law's van for the weekend road trip.
Amanda and I have been dreaming of a shopping trip to Springfield for ages but with 2 little ones and a 3 1/2 hour drive, it would be impossible for a day trip. 6 months ago, Pj found information on an event in Springfield that he wanted to go to. But again, it would be a bad plan for a one day trip. We decided to go ahead and plan a whole weekend. Us girls could shop and the boys could go to their events. We've been saving money for our gas and shopping funds and counting down the weeks.

It's finally here! We're packing our bags, picking up the van tonight and starting our adventure as soon as Pj gets home from work tomorrow. I'll keep the kids from taking naps tomorrow morning so everyone will be nice and sleepy for the long drive.
I googled all of the must-see stops and Mallory of Mallory Makes Things was kind enough to help direct us on our Vintage Tour of Springfield, MO.

The Vintage Tour of Springfield

Friday- Heartland Antiques Lebanon MO (stopping on the way)
Dinner at The Cave Restaurant, which used to be a 1920's dance hall inside of one of Missouri's beautiful caves.

Saturday Shop Till We Drop-
Vintage Vice
Decades Boutiques
The Cat's Meow
Red Velvet Vintage
The Urban Flea Market
STD Flea Market (yes, seriously)

Bois D'Arc Knap In- Pj's Primitive Skills Event
Record and Comic Book Show- Where Bryan and Pj get to play too!

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