My husband, Pj is just as crafty as I am but he's more into working wood and metal than fabric and yarn. On a cold day he set up his forge in the back yard and I stepped out to see what he was working on and get some snuggles with my chickens in. 

I grabbed Pj's faux fur hat that was sitting on his tool bench because it was so windy that day!! It was so cute and cozy I may steal it again. 

I also wore my Santa Rosa Roundup tee from Atomic Swag. They have so many cute tees, I need to pick up some more this spring. I love to wear them with jeans or skirts for a quick and easy retro outfit. 

I wore my favorite Pendleton 49er jacket. If you're not familiar with the 49er, you can read a lot about it on the Pendleton blog

I found this jacket at a warehouse sale. I was happy that it didn't have a lot of moth damage like a few of my wool jacket finds. I love this color, I could wear it every day. I don't get to wear my wool jackets as often as I like in Missouri. Its usually too cold and I need a proper coat or its too humid or hot for wool so when I get a perfect Pendleton day, I take it!

Santa Rosa Rounup Tee- Atomic Swag
Boots- Ebay
Pendleton 49er- Warehouse Sale
Hat- Stolen from PJ (I think he got it at Menards)