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Outfit: tic tac toe and style evolution

Friday, March 24, 2017

plus size 60s pinup style striped top, mustard pencil skirt, lace-up flat shoes and bakelite via Va-Voom Vintage

Spring break week is almost over. Rhys and Olivia go back to school on Monday and although it'll be nice to get back into the swing of things when they're not home, I've had so much fun playing with them and fixing up their playroom in the basement this week. Olivia and I played a few rounds of tic tac toe before lunch. She has a sharp eye so I can't take it easy on her or she'll beat me every time!

These past few months that I haven't been blogging, I've been reevaluating my wardrobe a bit. I love the 40s and 50s but my lifestyle has changed a lot this year and I feel like earlier decades don't suit me as much anymore.  I've been volunteering with the PTO, going to neighborhood meetings and planning girls night out with some moms from school so I haven't wanted to wear many of my delicate 40s dresses to do those things. When not doing that stuff, I'm at home cleaning house, sewing, knitting, working in the garden now that its spring. I needed more wash and wear pieces and I long for more fitted, youthful silhouettes, knit fabrics and dare I say....modern styles?

 I poured over my vintage sewing patterns, magazines and made a Pinterest board for inspiration and I think I'm really loving the late 50s-early 60s. Think Ann-Margret, Mad Men, a little Jane Asher. I re-sorted my closet and put away things I'm not feeling now but maybe I'll want to wear later on. I'm in love with the new things I've sewn and new thrift finds. This mustard skirt is a new favorite, as are the lace-up flats instead of simple ballet flats.

I've been wearing vintage for almost 8 years and I'm really happy to have a little style evolution. It sucks having a closet full of clothes and nothing you really want to wear. It also sucks thinking you can't wear things because they aren't "vintage enough". I'm sure I'll still pin curl and bust out my fab 40s dresses when I have somewhere fancy to go (or just want to dress up more for a day) but for a mom at home, running to school and doing errands and housework, I think a more wearable vintage style is a great thing for me. Its definitely motivated me to blog and post on Instagram more!  I  have an easier time dealing with my pin straight hair these days and I'm hoping to share some hair tutorials of later decades very soon!

plus size 60s retro style striped top, mustard pencil skirt, lace-up flat shoes and bakelite via Va-Voom Vintage
plus size 60s retro style striped top, mustard pencil skirt, lace-up flat shoes and bakelite via Va-Voom Vintage
bakelite necklace and 1960s flower brooch
vintage lady head vase and retro radio

vintage brooch: gift from a blog reader, belt and skirt: thrifted, stripe top: Target, lace-up flats: ebay

This weekend, I have several thrift store finds that I bought last month with the purpose of altering them a bit. Here's a little peek at some of the fabrics. I found some skirts, pants and a couple of tops that I think I can tweak a little for a perfect late 50s-early 60s look. I'll share a little of the process and pics of the before and afters here on the blog and on Instagram as I get them finished!

Outfit: Spring Break Bubbles

Monday, March 20, 2017

1950s 1960s plus size retro casual pants and cardigan

1950s 1960s plus size retro casual pants and cardigan

It's the first day of spring and I thought it would be a great day to get back to blogging (finally) after a long break. I've spent the past several weeks sewing new clothes, fixing old ones and working on some small vintage wardrobe changes. I can't wait to share some of my new found and newly made things here with you!

Rhys and Olivia are on spring break this week and although my weather app called for rain, we had a warm sunny day. I picked up some spring break essentials over the weekend including a pack of bubbles to keep them occupied. As it turns out, great entertainment for me as well.

This morning, we walked to the park and Rhys tried to bring home a stick the size of a small tree. I'm a mean mom and I made him leave it in the forest but I promised home made popsicles when we returned home. After lunch, I set their tee pee up in the back yard so I could get a few moments of quiet time while they played. 

We all went out to play after my chores were done and blew bubbles on the porch and I got some great funny Rhys faces.  This spring and summer, I hope to get a lot of wonderful photos of them playing to frame and hang in the living room.

This outfit is part of my new wardrobe collection. The pants are thrifted, modern pants but I thought they had a great late 50s, early 60s feel about them. I took the leg in a bit and added a split seam at the ankle. The sweater reminded me of this beautiful 1950s cardigan pattern from Subversive Femme

1950s double breasted cardigan knitting pattern from Subversive Femme etsy

black vintage style lace up point toe flats

Sweater: thrifted, Talbots- knit one just like it
shoes-ebay, similar here
gold link bracelet- vintage

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Free Vintage Pattern: 1940s Bridal Veil

free vintage 1940s bridal veil crochet pattern

If you're having a vintage wedding this year, here's a simple pattern from 1946 for a crocheted heart shaped halo headband for a bridal veil. This pattern would be so pretty to attach a snood to, embellish with sparkly things or just wear on its own with some fabulous victory rolls!  See my free patterns page for more knitting, crochet and sewing patterns

Free Pattern: 1950s Crochet Blouse with Oversized Collar

Monday, February 20, 2017

This cute blouse from 1957 has a removable oversized collar trimmed in beading and finally, not a knitting pattern but crochet! See my free patterns page for more vintage knitting, crochet and sewing patterns

free vintage 1950s crochet blouse collar pattern from Va-Voom Vintage

Outfit: Just me at home

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Both of my kids are in school for most of the day so my week days are filled with plenty of time alone. Although I love the sounds of the house when they're home, I do cherish my quiet, alone time. Monday afternoon, I listened to The Talking Heads radio on Pandora and got a little work done. Nothing fancy for me today, just comfy overalls that I thrifted from the Goodwill outlet. My day 3 crazy curls are clipped back into 2 little buns.

For the past few months, I've been paying special attention to keeping the dining room tidy and cozy. Often this area is our muti-purpose crafty/homework/fixing things/clutter drop area. When dinner time comes, the dining room is such a mess, we end up eating in the living room, which is really not ideal. Every week I replace the table cloth, I set the table daily and light candles at meal times. It makes such a difference. I even kind of love ironing the folds out of the cloths. Since my kids are still little though, I think I need to pick up a clear vinyl table cover to go over my lovely vintage ones because they have been taking a beating with little kid food spills and constant stain removers. I never buy pristine table clothes to begin with for this reason but I'd like them to last a while anyway!

After housework is done, I flip through a stack of old magazines in search of new knitting patterns to share. I share a new one here on the 20th of the month, you can get them all here or check my free patterns page

I check the clock and it's only noon so I grab lunch and knit for a while while I watch a movie. I found Jason and the Argonauts on Popcorn Flix (a free movie app) and I haven't watched that since my mythology class in high school.

While I watch part 2 of Jason and the Argonauts, I realize some of my etsy stock is getting low and I need to make some new Lucite initial brooches for my shop, Tinseltown Accessories. These start out as a strip of clear plastic that is heated, bent and twisted into shape.

I keep them clear until they're ordered and then they're hand painted with a resin based translucent paint so they don't chip. This "Q" was just painted in red and when it's done curing will get a pin back and its ready to go!  I get a few brooches made before its 3:00 and the kids are on their way home from school and then its time for homework, dinner and family movie night. This week's movie pick is Beetlejuice.

Outfit: A little off the trail

Monday, January 23, 2017

On Saturday, St Louis was surprised with a warm sunny day, which is pretty rare for January. I knew it wouldn't last for long so we took the kids on a walk after breakfast to soak up some sun and explore the wooded trails near home.

I almost wore pretty shoes but with all of the rain that we've had lately, I'm glad that I changed into comfortable, smart boots instead. The trails were relatively dry but I'm an off-trail kind of girl and the leaves and moss were still pretty soggy. 

Weekends are usually lazy hair days, especially when we stay in. I've been experimenting with new ways to fix my hair that don't involve curling. My hair is naturally straight and although pin curls are a no-fail method for me, I don't always have the time or determination to pin curl my hair before bed. I've never been good at braiding but over Christmas, my sister showed me how she braids her daughters hair. After some practice on Olivia, I thought I'd try a braided crown on myself. It's still not perfect but definitely getting there and a more elegant style than my usual lazy day hair choice of sloppy bun. It's tricky doing a sideways french braid on myself but I think practice makes perfect! 

We found a fallen tree with cave-like roots clinging to mud. Olivia wanted to investigate but not without her protector little brother by her side. They took turns sliding down the mud hill on the other side but I never mind the extra laundry from muddy butt pants!

I can't wait till the weather warms up for the season so we can go on more nature walks and bring a picnic. I am hoping for a good snow before them because the woods and river are so beautiful and quiet, all blanketed in snow and ice. 

boots: ebay
green skirt- thrifted
mosaic brooch- passed down from my Great Grandma Alma
leather bag- thrifted
stripe top- Target
vintage cardigan- thrifted

Free Pattern: Two 1940s Short Sleeve Blouse Knitting Patterns

Friday, January 20, 2017

1940s free vintage pin up sweater knitting pattern from Va-Voom Vintage

This 1940s knitting book is beginning to crumble and has had a lot water marks, small rips and wear over the decades. Before it cracks and crumbles to dust, I'd like to post the patterns here to share! There's some truly fabulous sweaters in here.  Enjoy these two beautiful knits from 1942 to start with!

See my free patterns page for more free knitting, crochet and sewing patterns