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Outfit: Lounge Day (with coupon for The Victorian Trading Company)

sheer embroidered rosy posy socks from The Victorian Trading Company

My little ones will be home for summer vacation next week so I thought I'd soak up the last day of the school year by lounging around in the quiet, flipping through old magazines and watching a few favorite movies.

Being a housewife, some days I don't get out of my nightgown so its important to have a small stash of beautiful pajamas, not just sweats. Today I slipped into a vintage sheer black peignoir with gold and black pom pom trim around the neckline and to match, these beautiful sheer Rosy Posy socks that were sent to me by The Victorian Trading Company.  If you missed it, check out my unboxing video here.

Va-Voom Vintage readers can get free shipping on orders over $60 from The Victorian Trading Company with code VAVOOM

I wear a size 10 shoe so I wasn't sure if these would fit me or have any stretch for wide feet but they slip on beautifully and even though they're sheer, are much warmer than I thought they would be. The black toe and heel are reinforced and are hand washed with pantyhose and stockings. The slid across the kitchen floor while I danced around making lunch for myself this afternoon. I can't wait to wear them with pretty heels or sandals this summer.

This pair is embroidered in beautiful tiny purple flowers, which looks a little like a needlepoint pattern up close but there are several other styles at The Victorian Trading Company.

sheer embroidered rosy posy socks from The Victorian Trading Company

sheer embroidered rosy posy socks from The Victorian Trading Company

sheer embroidered rosy posy socks from The Victorian Trading Company

sheer embroidered rosy posy socks from The Victorian Trading Company

Free Vintage Knitting Pattern: 1952 Cape Collar Blouse

1950s cape collar sweater blouse free vintage knitting pattern from Va-Voom Vintage

It's been a while since I shared a knitting or crochet pattern so here's a beautiful summery blouse, because knitting and crochet is not just for winter time! Be sure to check out my free patterns page for sewing and millinery and my free patterns category for vintage knitting and crochet patterns.

Stay tuned on the 20th of the month for a new free vintage knitting or crochet pattern.

Tutorial: Cat Eyeliner for Heavy Lids

I've had a lot of questions about how I do my eyeliner so I thought I'd share a video with a nifty trick on how I always get the angle of my liner to match and how I work around heavy eyelids. I've used a lot of different eyeliners over the years but my current favorite is NYX Epic Ink Liner. I'm not a makeup artist by any means but this is how I do my daily liner so I hope you enjoy my little tricks!
Watch the tutorial on my Instagram makeup highlights @vavoomvintage or on your desktop

Outfit: Schoolhouse Red

plus size 1950s vintage pencil skirt and beret via Va-Voom Vintage

I can't believe that school is almost out for the summer. My little ones have a week left! I've been planning some fun, free activities to keep everyone busy this summer but I'm sure we'll also enjoy going on walks around the neighborhood and nearby woods. The city just renovated our local playgrounds and swimming pools so the kids are excited to check out all of the new facilities. 

A few decades ago, the closest elementary school was actually right across the street from my house! One day I ran into a man who used to attend this school and he told me about the building, the playground (Which is now a parking lot) and an empty corner lot nearby that was once a little general store where kids would buy candy on the way home from school. The school building was sold and is now owned by an artist who leases one side out for a church and the other half is her art studio. Since I love to take outfit photos here, I made sure to pop over and say hello and ask if she would mind if I come take pictures for my blog. When taking photos in front of buildings, I always try to use businesses that are currently closed or vacant spaces.  When one so pretty is so close to home, I thought I better just go say hello and explain why I'm dancing in their parking lot in front of a tripod.  Of course she said yes and promised a future tour of the neat old building. 

plus size 1950s vintage pencil skirt and beret via Va-Voom Vintage

plus size 1950s vintage pencil skirt and beret via Va-Voom Vintage

plus size pinup girl vintage pencil skirt and red heels from bait footwear via Va-Voom Vintage

plus size 1950s vintage pencil skirt and beret via Va-Voom Vintage

blouse- made by me using Simplicity 1692
beret- amazon*
cardigan- thrifted
vintage plaid skirt- thirfted

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Unboxing from The Victorian Trading Company

Recently I received a beautiful box in the mail from The Victorian Trading Company to review and share with you here. The Victorian Trading Company specializes in antique style fashion, home decor, garden accessories and gifts. Each heirloom quality treasure comes beautifully wrapped. Opening little ribbon tied boxes and antiqued tissue paper really reminded me of sorting through my great great grandma's jewelry at my grandma's house as a teenager.

The Victorian Trading Company is offering free shipping for orders over $60 for Va-Voom Vintage readers

Use code VAVOOM in checkout to redeem offer- ends 6.30 11:59 EST- not valid in combination with other offers

I'll be sharing more details of each beautiful item over the next few weeks so check back here or follow along on Instagram or Facebook.

Outfit: Breakfast by the River

plus size 1950s fashion green cardigan and button up white blouse from Va-Voom Vintage

    It was supposed to rain all afternoon so Pj was off work but it turned out to be a beautiful sunny day. After we got the kids on the bus and off to school, we picked up breakfast sandwiches and iced coffee. We were going to head home to get some chores and lawn work done but Pj thought it would be nice to take our breakfast to the river and enjoy the quiet morning. We spotted some geese waddling through the park to the water and grandparents taking a little boy on a walk. It was a gorgeous day and my iced coffee had extra caramel in it.

plus size 1950s fashion green cardigan and button up white blouse from Va-Voom Vintage

Missouri River at St. Charles, Missouri from Va-Voom Vintage

train station at St. Charles, frontier park from Va-Voom Vintage

Plus size 1950s vintage fashion from Va-Voom Vintage

I wore a green wool pencil skirt I made from vintage fabric and one of my favorite cardigans. I'm trying to wear all of my favorite cardigans and jackets before the weather is too hot. I also picked a funny little squirrel brooch I haven't worn in a long time.

Plus size 1950s vintage fashion from Va-Voom Vintage


vintage white blouse- estate sale
green wool skirt- made by me with vintage fabric
green cardigan- thrifted
squirrel brooch-?
shoes- Amazon *

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Outfit: The Help

I'm trying to make more time to read this summer. Over summer vacation, we take the kids to the library every week for their summer reading program and free kids activities. I often bring home a few cook books and crafting books but rarely a novel. With my other hands-on hobbies like sewing, knitting, baking and gardening, there's not a lot of quiet sit down time to crack open a book.

The Help book

The Help Skeeter's blue harlequin dress DIY vintage style via Va-Voom Vintage

I started reading The Help last fall and although I loved it, I set it down one day and got busy with something else. I decided to finish it this week and read on the porch while the weather is not too hot. While reading, I remembered another thing I put down one day and never put on again, my DIY sweater inspired by Skeeter's blue dress in the movie. I did a blog post tutorial on how to make this harlequin sweater a while back so you can make one too!

The Help Skeeter's Sweater Vintage DIY

DIY retro style sweater via Va-Voom Vintage

The Help movie DIY Skeeter harlequin dress via Va-Voom Vintage

1950s plus size retro fashion blue wool plaid skirt via Va-Voom Vintage

sweater: thrifted and embellished by me
vintage wool plaid skirt- thirfted

Tutorial: 1960s Ann-Margret Updo

Before I cut my hair short, I did a few tutorials for longer hair. This Ann Margret inspired updo makes me miss my long hair. Its tall like a beehive and 60s sophisticated. I've been in love with 60s styles lately but many of the elaborate hairstyles used hairpieces. Since my hair color fades with every wash and is livened up again every time I use my Overtone conditioner, its never quite the same shade so getting a hairpiece to match would be nearly impossible, I think. I decided to try this style with my own hair and a little help from a hair rat.

You will need:
a teasing comb
a hair hat- I'm using a mesh bun form from hot buns
a hair brush
bobby pins and a duck bill clip
smoothing cream or pomade
hair spray

Section off your bangs and pin them out of the way

Section the top of your hair, as if you're doing a half-up, half-down do, leaving a little bit of hair down at each side. Wind the ends of your hair around the middle of the rat and roll it down towards your scalp, rolling the hair forward. Pin each end of the rat down. It will look pretty silly

Next, backcomb those side sections and sweep them back, towards the ends of the hair rat. Wind the ends into a little pin curl and pin into place, covering the end of the rat.

Back comb your bangs root for volume and sweep them off to one side. I had a little extra hair left out with my bangs so I swept it back and pinned the ends behind the roll.  I used a duckbill clip to hold it in place and gave it a good coat of hairspray.

Next twist the back of your hair up into a french roll and pin into place. You can tuck the ends of your hair into the french roll, leave them out and curl them or sweep them up and over the big roll and tuck them into the fold of the roll, like I did here.

Finish with hairspray and smooth any frizzies down with pomade. If the back of your hair is messy, like mine can be, cover it with a decorative comb, bow or hair flower.

Check out my other vintage hairstyle tutorials