Free Sewing Pattern: 1940s Vogue 9837 Hat and Bag


free sewing pattern 1940s vintage hat and purse pdf download

 Today is my birthday and to celebrate, I wanted to give a gift to all of my wonderful blog readers. September is National Hat Month and since I am such a big fan of vintage hats, here's a lovely free sewing pattern for all of you.

I bought this pattern at an antique mall in 2012 but it sat in my stack of unfinished projects until now. This pattern is for a gorgeous 1940s hat and bag from Vogue's # 9837. It would be beautiful in wool for autumn and winter but bring it back in the spring and summer in linen with hand embroidery on the brim.

The handbag pattern pieces had been lost over the decades so I drafted the new pattern pieces according to the instructions. 

The pattern instructions mentions "crinoline" which is not the same as netting for crinoline skirts. You can find crinoline at most major fabric stores with buckram and other millinery fabrics. I have ordered some online in the past from Judith M and have been very happy with their products.

Download the free pattern here. For more free patterns and printables, sign up for my monthly email newsletter and check out my free vintage patterns page

*Please be sure to set your printer at 100%. Tape pattern pieces together before cutting by matching up corresponding letters along the edges of the paper so that the paper overlaps and the lines match up.*

Pattern Use Policy

Please note, this pattern was posted free of charge so that everyone may enjoy it for free. I spent many hours working on this pattern and converting it into a printable PDF, digitally restoring the instructions, images and drafting the missing handbag patterns from scratch. Please respect that and follow my use policy.

You may not
post this pattern for resale
digitally alter this pattern and claim as your own

You may
use this pattern to make products for sale
share with others on your blog or website

I love to support fellow crafters so if you do make items to sell with my patterns, please drop me a message with your shop link so I can give you a shout-out!

1940s free vintage hat and purse pattern

Swoon Worthy Sunday: What's in my Makeup Bag


Dorothy Gray Lip Service 1940s makeup advertisement

I'm strictly a drug store makeup kind of girl. I love high end makeup but I'm on a housewife's budget. Buying cheap makeup doesn't mean that you have to buy bad quality, though! Here are some of my favorite things that I use daily and swear by. NYX is my favorite makeup brand. With high pigments, smooth application, long-lasting wear and prices just a little more than ELF, you can't beat it! I haven't tried anything yet from NYX that I don't love.

 I don't have any "steals of the week" this time since most of these are very affordable drug store cosmetics, they're all a great buy! You can find most of these from Beauty Encounter, where you can get free shipping on orders $60 or more and receive discounts with the BE Perks program.

vintage face makeup Revlon and Coty Airspun Powder

For Face
Revlon Colorstay for Combo/Oily Skin in 150 Buff- a full coverage, oil free foundation. I compared it to a sample of MAC Matchmasters and it was identical in coverage, color and texture for much less. It is a very heavy coverage, just like MAC but if you want a quick, even application with a flawless finish, it's a great product!

Coty Airspun Powder When I was a little girl, my mom used Coty Airspun so I always used it. Coty has been around since 1935. It's a gorgeous, very fine powder with a light flowery scent that reminds me of mom.

I'll use any peachy blush but I really like NYX blush in "pinched" I want to try their stick blushes next.

best NYX makeup picks via Va-Voom Vintage

for eyes
NYX eyeshadow base in skintone I never used eyeshadow primers before but since I ordered several of their things I thought I'd try the eyeshadow base. This is a great primer, which lasts an eternity and I often wear it by itself for a classic and clean 1940s look.

NYX Eye Shadows - Being a drug store makeup girl, I was used to drug store shadows. They don't blend well, they aren't highly pigmented- they're hit or miss. I refused to spend $15 per color on MAC shadows but I read a lot of people raving about NYX shadows so I bought a 10 color palette in neutral shades to start with. They are absolutely fabulous!! They have some great trio palettes for $6 each, 9 shadow palettes for $10 and singles are $4.50
NYX The Curve Liner - I liked the funky shape of this liner when I saw it. I bought one a few months ago and it quickly became my favorite liner. The ergonomic design helps the liner fit in your hand comfortably, reducing shaky hands while you're trying to do your cat eye. This liner has a felt tip and jet black formula. ELF felt tip liner is a good alternative if you're on a very tight budget

Gel Liner - for the lower lash line, I use a super fine brush to line from the center lash to corner and out. Bunny gave me a Stila Smudge Pot when she came to visit and I love it! I've been using it daily since April and have barely made a dent in it. Stila takes a bit longer to dry than other gel liners.

maybelline full n' soft  in black, waterproof formula- since I was 14, I've been using Maybelline Full n' Soft. I've tried several others but nothing compares. When I was a teenager, I wanted lashes like Ginger from Gilligan's Island and if you don't want to use false lashes, this is the next best thing. I've recommended it to several friends and they are always blown away by the thick look but it leaves your lashes feeling soft and flexible, unlike other formulas (ahem- Lashblast!)

vintage lipstick colors from NYX Cosmetics via Va Voom Vintage

For lips

I love NYX matte and extra creamy lipsticks. The matte can be a little drying but not nearly as bad as wet n' wild or MAC mattes. I usually slick on a thin coat of moisturizer and blot it. These lipsticks range from $4- $6 each. Some of my favorites are Indie Flick  Pure Red  Electra  Snow White

Do you have any favorite drug store makeup products?

Va-Voom Vintage is an affiliate of Beauty Encounter. Please view my full disclosure policy

An Interview with Guermantes Vintage


Today I have a lovely interview with Janine of Guermantes Vintage and some stunning eye candy from her perfectly curated boutique.

 Hi Janine! Thank you for the interview. I had so much fun looking at your shop today. It's like walking through a fashion history museum! 
 Fashion history museum is definitely one of my goals in stocking the shop! I really look at the whole thing as my collection, my archive, and I try to stock not only things I find beautiful / flattering, but things I find to be rare or interesting. When I photograph items for the shop I feel like I am cataloging them for posterity; it's a way to feel like I will always have these pieces even after they've been sold.

1        2         3

Many of us love the idea of wearing vintage and antique clothes but are nervous about cleaning them. Since you work with so many very old pieces, do you have any tips on cleaning and storing antique clothing?

I do have a few cleaning tips:  Oxiclean is truly an amazing product. I am actually amazed at the things I've seen it do. Just be careful of colorfastness and delicate fabrics! I learned that the hard way. For things that can't be washed in Oxiclean I love to use regular old dish soap, which is gentler than even Woolite and does a great job of cleaning too.

40s crepe dress
I feel like half the fun of wearing and selling vintage is the places you go and the interesting people that you meet. What are some of your favorite places to hunt?
I have bought vintage from so many people in so many places. I've pulled over at a little dingy antique shop in a barn on the side of the road in Virginia and found a treasure trove of Victorian through 1930s pieces. I've found 80 year old pieces at random yard sales in my neighborhood. You just have to be persistent and look everywhere. The good stuff is out there but you have to dig deep sometimes

1930s three piece velvet dress set

How would you recommend storing an antique clothing item to help protect it when not being worn?
 Well, I have to say, no wire hangers IS pretty important. I like to use old padded satin hangers - I get them from the local thrift store for really cheap and they are great. It's good to know what to hang and what not to hang, too. Velvet items should always be hung and not folded, same with furs. Delicate items like chiffons, and older antique pieces should be folded, not hung. It's devastating how many 20s dresses are shattered at the shoulders from improper storage! Devastating!

1920s pink silk step-in
What is the most bizarre item that you have found in your travels?
Hmm this is a tough one..... There is one thing that I collect that people consider rather bizarre, and that is Victorian era hairwork. It's actually such a fascinating, forgotten art form - very intricate jewelry and fancywork wreaths all made out of human hair.   
For more on Victorian hairwork curiosities, check out

 What is the one thing on your wish list that you haven't found yet?
Well I just recently acquired a MAJOR wish list item of mine that I'd been wanting for just about forever - a 1920s cocoon coat with stenciled gold art deco motif (you can see it on my instagram! It's amazing!!).  Another one that I just listed in the shop that was a biggie for me was a 1920s dress with monkey fur trim. Speaking of monkey fur, actually I think my most major unattained wish list item would be any surrealist Schiaparelli 1930s pieces. I love her work during that era. Just incredible.
1920s dress with monkey fur trim

Guermantes Vintage is an interesting name. Is there a story behind it?

Like many Etsy vintage sellers, I started out selling stuff I found at thrift stores and from there my shop evolved into something very specific and curated. You really learn what your interests and passions are. I love vintage clothing for many reasons, but what I love most is how loaded and symbolic it is.
The name of the shop is taken from Proust, whose narrator experiences these very visceral memories. What memories point to is so unique to each of us. And so powerful. Vintage clothing really points to things - on a personal level each piece has its own history, its own past life, and it's fascinating to imagine who might have owned a particular piece, what their day to day life was like. On a broader scale, vintage pieces reveal so much about their era and that era's relationship to the arts, to politics (have you heard of the Hemline Index theory?? amazing), etc. So really with every vintage piece its like Proust's narrator biting into a Madeleine. Tenfold. It just paints such a vivid, full picture in an instant, and on so many levels.

So that's why I took the name from Proust. People always ask about the name so might be good to explain it..
 More specifically, Proust's narrator was obsessed with a family called Guermantes. The mere name became a symbol for him . It meant elegance, wealth, and perfection incarnate. They were mythological to him. I get the same awestruck feeling with many of the pieces I've collected for Guermantes Vintage. They are just so fine and so exquisite. But with vintage all that fineness and magic can be owned, and it all gets transferred to the wearer. It's kind of amazing.

How I Make Time For Blogging and Family


I get asked this question very often- How Do you make time for your kids and your blog?

time management and productivity for moms who blog

Today I want to share my best tips for time management for moms who blog.

Sometimes, the kids lay down for naps and I curl up with a tall iced coffee and my computer and enjoy a few hours of blissful silence while I blog the afternoon away.  But that's really pretty rare. Most days are a lot like this...

I started this blog when Olivia was just 3 months old. Life was pretty simple. As she got older and there was less nap time, I adjusted my schedule according to hers. Just go with the flow, you know? Then when she was 9 months old, I found out I was expecting beast number 2 and after he was born, things stayed the same for several months because he was still in the eat, sleep, poop stage.

Now, I have two toddlers and if I didn't have the laid back attitude I adopted when Olivia was a baby, I think I'd lose my mind.

So how do I blog, social network, run an etsy shop and spend time with the family? I'm sure every blogging mom has her method. This is mine!

Attempt To Keep a Clean House
This is number one for me and it's the hardest. As soon as I turn my back, someone is making a mess somewhere so I have a cleaning schedule.  I do the basics daily and do the big stuff throughout the week.

 If I slip up one day, the house goes to hell so I stick to that schedule no matter what, even if I have to stay up much later than I hoped for. This list changes sometimes, depending on what needs to be done around here but that's a general outline of my week

daily- sweep and vacuum, do the dishes, make the bed, tidy up all rooms before bed
monday scrub the bathroom and mop
tuesday  crafty day, no chores!
wednesday  laundry day, dusting
thursday the day I do projects that I've been putting off or any other misc. stuff. Also the day I veg out.
friday clean out the fridge, make weekly menu, mop the kitchen
saturday laundry day, grocery shopping, family play day
sunday yard work, clean out the car, change sheets on beds

Use a Planner Every Day
All of my posts are carefully planned out. I plan my editorial calendar months in advance and work on posts at least a few days i advance. I plan sponsored posts first so I can give advertisers a date for their posts, then fill in around them to make sure that there's plenty of variety for my readers.  I bought this beautiful yearly planner from target this spring and it has been the best $15 I've spent in years. I keep login information, affiliate stuff, sponsor info, contact info, blog post ideas, blog post schedule and even my cleaning schedule in this book. I open it in the morning and I have a tidy to-do list for my housework and bloggy stuff all in one place

"I schedule all of my media stuff in the morning while the kids are eating breakfast so I can log off and spend the day romping with them!"

Schedule Everything in Advance
I tweet and facebook at all hours of the day and night but am I sitting here at the computer at 3 am? Hell no! I'm asleep but I know you girls in Australia are awake so I'm sending stuff out at crazy hours. For twitter, set up a free account through Hootsuite. It's the best thing since sliced bread. It's easy to use, doesn't cost a thing and cuts down on time spent online in a big way.

You can also schedule your facebook posts. Write your post, add your link and image and click the clock in the bottom left corner of your status box. Choose the date and time and hit post and it'll publish it at your chosen time. I schedule all of my media stuff in the morning while the kids are eating breakfast so I can log off and spend the day romping with them! I also schedule my blog posts so I can get on in the morning, promote my posts on social networks and be done for the day.

Have Office Hours
I wake up pretty darn early and begin my day with email, Facebook scheduling, Hootsuite and a blog post. If I'm good and I already took pictures for my blog post, it's about 2 or 2/12 hours of work. If I'm bad and I get lost on Pinterest or chat with friends on Facebook, it could be all day long so I have office hours and I log off when my time is up. If the kids decide to nap, I might pop on for some Pinterest or whatever but if I spend all day online, my neck hurts and the kids get really bored and start to act like lunatics so I shut it down and tune in to them after my time is up.

 The great thing about my office is that I can take as many breaks as I need to so we can have our story time, snack time, I can sit outside with them while I write notes for a post and they play. When I know that a blog project will take a long time, I will put it off till nap time or if they just want to lay down and watch a movie in the living room while I work, we do that sometimes too.

 If there's some burning need to do something else after hours, I wait till after dinner, baths and bedtime to log back on. I also try to limit evening time spent working because Pj gets home at 3:30 and he doesn't want to stare at the back of my head while I type all night. Office hours are generally between 5am and 1pm with many breaks for lunch, chores, my hobbies and playtime in between. If I get up around 6 or 7, blog stuff is done before the kids have finished breakfast.

"I had a ton of time left in the day to knit, sew, go to the park,"

Do a Time Study
How much time do you really spend watching tv every day? How about pinning things or looking at pics on Instagram? If you feel like you never have enough time to do everything, do a time study. Start as soon as you wake up and write down everything you do, as you do it. Log your time spent doing this. Log your time for at least 3 days and see what you do that can easily be cut out. I did this and realized that I had a ton of time left in the day to knit, sew, go to the park, work in the garden and do craft projects with the kids if I just log off the computer and turn off the tv. You can also use the Rescue Time tool to time your activity on a certain website. I am a Pinterest addict and can easily get lost all day so I use the Rescue Time tool  to only spend 10 minutes on Pinterest. Alternately, pick up a cute egg timer and keep it on your desk.

Let the Kids Help and Create a Work Space Together
My kids are big helpers and a great inspiration. If we go on a walk, I bring the camera for blog pics. If I'm blogging a recipe, they help me cook. Even in my etsy shop, Olivia loves to help bring me the next dress to take pictures of and cut pieces of tape when I'm sending an order out.  While I take etsy pics, the kids play in the sprinkler in the yard, just 20 feet from me or if I'm in my etsy studio downstairs, they have a play room down there with toys, books, movies and snacks. My office area where I blog is in the living room so they hang out in here with me while I work. They watch movies, build tents or great block towers or color.  They are currently playing in a great pillow fort that they built using tv trays, pillows and the coffee table!

"If I work online when they are in a bad mood, no one is happy so I wait for another day."

Be Realistic
There will be days when that post in your calendar just isn't going to happen or you wont be able to get to Facebook till evening and seriously, it's okay! I'm pretty hard core about my blog, I admit, but some days the kids wake up early, they don't nap and they need mommy all day and that's okay. We curl up and watch a movie or take a dip in the pool and the blog can wait till evening or tomorrow. If I work online when they are in a bad mood, no one is happy so I wait for another day.

I also found out a long time ago, my kids will be in my outfit pictures sometimes and they will want to sit on my lap and hit the publish button before I'm done writing a blog post. That's life as a mommy. Go with the flow, adjust your schedule so it works for everyone in the family, get creative and have fun because that's what motherhood and blogging is all about.

For more on managing time and successful blogging, check out my ecourse, Bloggerific where I teach you everything I know about blogging

The 1950s Kitchen: Spam and Banana Fritters


1950s retro spam and banana fritter recipe for breakfast or dinner The 1950s Kitchen

I have some wonderful 1950s women's magazines full of vintage recipes. I've been cooking some of them here and there and so far, they've all been a big hit with my family.

1950s retro spam and banana fritter recipe for breakfast or dinner The 1950s Kitchen

Today, I have a great 50s recipe for Spam and banana fritters. I know- Spam is salty potted mystery meat but, this dish is very good! The sweetness of the banana with the salty Spam is a perfect blend. Pj took one bite and said "Oh wow!" If you've never tried Spam before, this is a very good Spam newbie recipe.

The first time I tried Spam, I was a teenager, camping with the neighbors and they made Spam and eggs for breakfast on a grilled tortilla. It was okay...then my grandma made Spam and eggs for me one morning and it was to die for. Grandma grew up in Hawaii in the 40s and 50s so she really knows her canned meat!

Spam and other canned meats were a staple for many vintage housewives. Those cute retro fridges don't have a lot of space and some housewives couldn't afford a deep freeze so canned meats were a great option for quick, cheap meals.

1950s retro spam and banana fritter recipe for breakfast or dinner The 1950s Kitchen

Tips for this Recipe

I put Pj in charge of slicing the bananas and since ours were quite ripe, they didn't slice well. He's a pretty clever fella and figured out that if you slice the banana with the peel still on, they come out really well. We still had to cut them in half because they weren't green-tipped like the recipe called for.

Also, a tip for Spam is that it's very greasy and like bacon and will create more grease as it cooks.  I drained my pan a bit as I fried these babies so they got nice and brown. If you have a counter top grill like a George Forman, they would probably turn out quite nice! This is a very greasy dish but I always keep a collander next to the stove to drain fried things before plating.

Garnish the plate with something green.
For breakfast, try sliced green apples, green grapes or spinach leaves for a savory breakfast sandwich.   For dinner, try asparagus, crisp green beans or just a sprig of parsley.

1950s retro spam and banana fritter recipe for breakfast or dinner The 1950s Kitchen

Have you ever tried Spam? If you cook this recipe, please let me know what you and your family thought!

Swoon Worthy Sunday: Sew "How to Marry a Millionaire" Fashions


Sewing patterns from How to Marry a Millionaire from Va-Voom

I first saw How to Marry a Millionaire on a snowy day several years ago. It snowed so bad that Pj was home from work. On snow days, I make a big batch of cinnamon rolls and we watch Marilyn Monroe movies.

How to Marry a Millionaire is one of my favorites. I love romantic comedies and there are many laugh-out-loud moments and beautiful 1950s fashions. Today, we look at PDF sewing patterns from Mrs Depew Vintage so you can sew your own How to Marry a Millionaire fashions. By the way, for you ladies with Netflix streaming, it's on right now!

how to marry a millionaire loco dempsey betty grable costumes sewing patterns from mrs depew vintage
 Loco Dempsey wears a lot of high collar, full skirt day dresses in the film but her most iconic outfit is the fashion show play suit. Create your own with Mrs Depew's 1950s blouse, beach shorts and a wide belt from her 1940s belt collection. Finish it off with a matching scarf. For an evening look similar to Loco's pink gown, try this 1950s evening gown with or without the extra skirt overlay.
how to marry a millionaire pola debevoise marilyn monroe costumes sewing patterns from mrs depew vintage

It seems like Pola Debevoise has the most outfit changes in the film. Every scene is a new look for Pola. Kelly Thomas replicated Marilyn's iconic red swim suit using Mrs Depew's 1001 swim pattern. Try a sultry white curve hugging evening gown with pattern 7112 and accessorize any outfit with a chic handmade beret using 1022. Mrs Depew's 1950s evening gown 5712 is a dead ringer for this sexy shimmering evening gown. Simply remove the shoulder sash and replace with a diagonal band to attach in the back. One of my favorite outfits of Pola's only gets a few minutes of viewing and most of the time she's laying down. Next time you watch it, pause it when she runs through the door so you can take a few minutes to admire this emerald beauty. The 1950s cocktail dress pattern 3015 has a similar shape and neckline to this stunning dress.

how to marry a millionaire schatze page lauren bacall costumes sewing patterns from mrs depew vintage

 By day, she's practical and no-nonsense and by night, she's timelessly elegant. Schatze Page is determined to marry a millionaire and be set for life. With autumn weather around the corner, her yellow sweater and full wool skirt is a perfect, casual 1950s ensemble but Schatze adds high class with a luxurious scarf. For her wedding, she wears a simple but shapely lace dress with sleek lines and frill around the collar. Mrs Depew's 1930s evening gown is perfect for this look and is still a style that's relevant in the modern world. For evening allure and to catch a weathy man, Schatze wears a sheer black gown with an ultra feminine deep neckline, very much like Depew's draped blouse pattern 3007 (pdf version here). Pair this blouse with a circle skirt in the same fabric and flower corsage at the hip.

Steals of the Week
Anna has several discount packages for multiple pattern purchases and Va-Voom Vintage readers always save 15% off with code VAVOOM at the register

The Paraders Vintage: 60% off Sale and Free Shipping!


What a gorgeous Saturday it is here, in St Louis! We opened all of the windows, went grocery shopping and I popped into JoAnne's to get some fabric for the Fall for Cotton Sew-Along. I'll be sewing and knitting some beautiful autumn things all weekend.

Anyway, I wanted to let you all know about a must-see sale going on at The Paraders. Rachael is moving and can't take all of her inventory with her so she's having a 60% off sale on everything in the shop now till the 28th of this month!  This is the last chance to buy from The Paraders until further notice but you can follow her blog for news on her vintage-inspired clothing collection (coming soon), vintage styling tips and about her move to Portland.

The Paraders

shop     blog     facebook    twitter    pinterest

In addition to the 60% off sale, use code  "SHIP6" for free shipping on most items in the US.  International orders get $6 off the shipping cost. 

Good luck to Rachael in her exciting move and happy shopping to you ladies!

this post is sponsored by The Paraders. See my full disclosure policy

1920s Food Canning


1920s food preservation oven canning The Modern Priscilla

We froze most of our victory garden produce this year, or traded with the neighbors in exchange for cherries but I'm hoping to can a bunch of things next year. Last year, we didn't have a garden so I bought some fruit and veggies from the local farmers market and made pickles, jam and canned fire roasted tomatoes using the water bath method, which worked out beautifully. Read about last year's canning adventures

The Modern Priscilla 1920s womens magazine July 1923

Today I thought I'd share some controversy from the 1920s housewife- canning food in the oven! Although it's interesting to see how people lived back then, I'm happy to live in a modern world with safer food preservation developments...but I hope you enjoy these anyway! 

1920s food preservation oven canning The Modern Priscilla

1920s food preservation oven canning  making jam and jelly  The Modern Priscilla

1920s food preservation oven canning  making jam and jelly The Modern Priscilla

The National Center for Home Food Preservation does not recommend oven canning. They say, "temperature will vary according to the accuracy of oven regulators and circulation of heat. Dry heat is very slow in penetrating into jars of food. Also, jars explode easily in the oven."

1920s food preservation oven canning The Modern Priscilla

Read more about modern use of oven canning at:
What Julia Ate
Hillbilly Housewife

Have you ever canned your own food?

End of Season Victory Garden


My victory garden is starting to wear out and the plants are ending production. Saturday was so beautiful that we opened all of the windows and went outside to do some work in the yard to clean up, trim and start pulling some plants out to prepare for the cold months.

The neighbors chickens came out to keep us company and fight over tomatoes that had popped through to their side of the fence. The baby chickens were hatched last month, I think. They're getting so big!

Our tomatoes are still going pretty strong! I picked a whole colander full along with some small bell peppers and what I believe will be the last of the cucumbers.

I wore a pinafore dress that I didn't get a chance to wear this summer, along with my favorite 1940s apron for wiping dirty hands.

After the lawn was cut and yard waste barrels were filled, I gave everything a good watering and the kids and I made a delicious mud pie. Rhys is in that anti-clothing stage right now, which is probably the best for mud pie making anyway.

The first outfit of Autumn


1940s crochet snood and crochet collar with art deco celluloid brooch

1930s art deco celluloid brooch on white crochet scalloped peter pan collar

white crochet snood, 1940s style knit blouse with crochet collar

vintage brown buckle shoes 1940s style winter shoes

I always wanted one of those beautiful 1940s knit skirt and blouse outfits but they are rarely flattering on my figure and tend to show off the lower belly pooch. I finally found a knit skirt that works for me. This 70s skirt was thrifted this summer and I've been waiting for the weather to cool enough to wear it. I paired it with a vintage crochet collar and this beautiful black celluloid 1930s brooch and one of my favorite scarves.

The scarf is one of those small ones that's really too small to wear in your hair so I bunched it up and pinned it to the side of my snood with a few small hat pins. Lovely!

1930-40s style knit outfit with crochet collar and art deco celluloid brooch

Hello September Sponsors!


Astor Place Vintage

I'm currently reading Astor Place Vintage- an enchanting novel about Amanda, a vintage shop owner in New York who, while buying new stock for her shop, finds a diary from 1907 hidden in an antique muff. The diary is written by Olive, a strong spirited girl who works in her father's department store. Their stories and the places they live in are entwined in this charmingly wonderful book. Stay tuned for a full review of Astor Place Vintage. Check out the video above for a glimpse into Astor Place Vintage

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Moon Walk Vintage

Moon Walk Vintage is owned by UK based mother and daughter team, Susie and Elaine who are obsessed with vintage fashion, especially mid-twentieth century. Moon Walk Vintage stocks a wide array of iconic garments and accessories from the 40's-80's. Susie also makes her own jewelry, which you can see at Susie Morrow Jewellery.
This fall, Moon Walk Vintage has stocked an assortment of vintage ladies suits, jackets and scarves

Lady Eve Millinery

Is there anything  more decadent than a handmade hat? Aimee of Lady Eve Millinery is an amazingly talented milliner with an eye for vintage style. Recently, she has been making some fabulous new styles in summery straw and wools for fall and winter. 


Plasticland curates kitschy clothes, accessories and home decor with a vintage twist. I'm loving these Victorian inspired pieces.  They have a huge clearance sale going on right now. Check it out to save up to 70% off!

Phonograph Fashions

                 1       2       3       4

 Phonograph Fashions is a new etsy shop owned late last month by fellow blogger Kate from Vintage in a Modern World. Phonograph Fashions specializes in handmade early 19th century inspired clothing and accessories. Kate stocks a beautiful selection of 1920s style blouses, Victorian separates and more. Kate just listed some gorgeous vintage separates for fall. Scarves are on sale this this month!

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Vintage Makeup Guides

1930's make-up Guides1920's make-up Guides
1950's make-up Guides1940's make-up Guides 

Vintage Makeup Guides by the fabulous Glamor Daze blog are original vintage beauty books in downloadable format loaded with makeup application instructions, details on products used, skin care and more. I had so much fun reading through the decades and experimenting with different looks.  The book for each era is $10 but you can also download all makeup guides for $20. Click each above for details 
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