I posted a while back about a sewing project for the Paris Market dress but after thinking it over, I decided to use a different pattern.

            Old pattern:                                                                           New pattern:

 I've had this pattern for about a year and a half and have never used it! I love this dress and I thought that the simple lines would work well with my crazy fabric.

 I'm kind of scared and excited because this pattern calls for bound buttonholes, which I've -never- done in my life! Luckily, I have a lot of sewing books to guide me so I hope it turns out okay. The dress is boned, using covered boning sewn to the lining which is also something I've never done. I've made a few Elizabethan corsets and bodices with boning but I've always sewn the boning channels and inserted the boning that way, so this pattern will be fun to work with.
  The bodice is lined and it has an inner belt so I'm excited to see how construction will turn out on this dress.
   I'm making the halter version of this dress but I love the little bow on the strapless view so I think I'll have to add a little bow on my dress as well. I'm still debating on the color of the buttons and halter strap. I have a green bakelite belt buckle so I think I will make a green belt but I could use some of the other fabric colors for the contrast and buttons. Green, red, mustard, even gray! What do you think? Here's my fabric: