This has nothing to do with vintage fashion but I wanted to post a pregnancy update. This may be too much info for some so feel free to skip this post!

I'm about 31 weeks now and I seriously think I'm going to pop!! For the past 2 weeks, I've been seeing both my regular OB and the maternal and fetal medicine specialist. The baby is head-down now (thank goodness) but he's been putting a TON of pressure on me and it feels like if I sneeze, he's going to be born. I get to wear a really fun maternity support belt to help lift him up a bit. The docs say he's putting too much pressure on my pelvis and it has caused my cervix to shorten!

 Today, I'm having another ultrasound and a fetal fibronectin test, which helps to predict preterm labor. My OB told me yesterday that if I have a positive test, I could go into labor within the next two weeks!! Oh no!!!! Luckily, the maternal/fetal specialist is one of the best in the area so I'm in good hands. So, wish me luck and pray for a negative test!

In the mean time, I will be spending this weekend packing my train case and Olivia's overnight bag and Pj will be helping me hurry up and finish last-minute baby things around the house- just in case!
  I will have another ultrasound next week to check the growth of my little man so hopefully I will have some pics to share with you all. I may not post as frequently in the near future but as soon as our boy gets here, Pj will let you know! :)