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My husband, Pj has decided that it would fun and therapeutic to write his own blog. We've briefly talked about it in the past. I once suggested that he write a blog about cheese called "The Cheese Stands Alone" but he created his blog this afternoon, "The Suburban Caveman" so I guess that makes me "The Suburban Cavelady"! :P

 A little about my guy
Pj is an amazing guy. He juggles working full time in a foundry, going to school full time (online in the evenings while Olivia and I are being obnoxious and distracting him), being a wonderful father (doing middle of the night diaper changes, rocking her to sleep at 3:00am and all of that jazz) and still making time to take me out for date night, take pics of me for my blog and give me foot massages. Believe it or not, he has a TON of hobbies, which he tries to squeeze into his busy life. Lately, the stress of life has been weighing him down and he has decided that he needs to do something just for him to make himself happy. He sees how happy blogging makes me so he has started one of his own, focusing on what he loves to do in his "free time"- primitive skills!

If I were lost in the woods, the only thing I'd need to survive is....Pj 
 Pj's primitive skills include fire building without the use of matches and things, primitive weapons, flint knapping (making knives and arrow heads from stone), woodworking, leather working, outdoor survival skills and anything like that. So, if you're into primitive technology (or have a man around who is) be sure to check out Pj's blog, The Suburban Caveman


  1. That's so great; and hey, a cavelady is not a bad thing to be. I can't imagine my husband writing a blog, even though he's a very fun, gregarious guy...maybe I should encorage him to do it; call it "The Door Salesman Only Rings Twice" or something. Hmmmmmm.

  2. That's cute that your both a blogging couple now!!

  3. ha blogging is very therapeutic! anything to help someone stress out a little less, a place to vent and rant!

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  5. woops! I was signed in under his name! I guess that's a downside of blogging together! :) I said He's so cute! He's tinkered with it ALL night long and pops on to see how many page views he has. 14 so far! :) He has already written a post to publish tomorrow morning. Brandi- I told him about your soap. He really wants to try soap making so I'm sure he'll be reading some of our soap adventures too!

  6. Yes, soapmaking is a very caveman-like thing, it's amazing to me how someone figured out how to drip water through wood ash to make lye and then add it to's a little bit like magic the way the substances come together.

    I totally sympathize (what? I was up too late sewing and now I can't spell!) as a new blogger, I'm a little obsessed with checking out my page views, I have to try to stop checking!

  7. That's fab that he's doing that. My husband wants to start blogging too, but he's not good with faffing about on computers so I need to get it all set up and looking good first!

  8. Fantastic! I already commented, and said I know rocks too! Will be watching and reading his blog, because I know a little something about the kind of stuff he's into. I think it's wonderful you are both blogging!

  9. Yeah, that is so neat about your geology work! I know he's envious. He's taking a basic geology class for his accounting program right now and he's having so much fun with it!! We live in Missouri so we have a ton of beautiful caves, interesting rocks and minerals and plenty of things to keep a rock-lover interested. We went geode hunting a few years ago in Northern MO for a weekend and had a -blast-! If you have any good books to recommend, (even text books) do let him know! :)

  10. Will check out his blog - it sounds like fun!


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