Progress on the Paris Market Dress


I posted a while back about a sewing project for the Paris Market dress but after thinking it over, I decided to use a different pattern.

            Old pattern:                                                                           New pattern:

 I've had this pattern for about a year and a half and have never used it! I love this dress and I thought that the simple lines would work well with my crazy fabric.

 I'm kind of scared and excited because this pattern calls for bound buttonholes, which I've -never- done in my life! Luckily, I have a lot of sewing books to guide me so I hope it turns out okay. The dress is boned, using covered boning sewn to the lining which is also something I've never done. I've made a few Elizabethan corsets and bodices with boning but I've always sewn the boning channels and inserted the boning that way, so this pattern will be fun to work with.
  The bodice is lined and it has an inner belt so I'm excited to see how construction will turn out on this dress.
   I'm making the halter version of this dress but I love the little bow on the strapless view so I think I'll have to add a little bow on my dress as well. I'm still debating on the color of the buttons and halter strap. I have a green bakelite belt buckle so I think I will make a green belt but I could use some of the other fabric colors for the contrast and buttons. Green, red, mustard, even gray! What do you think? Here's my fabric:


  1. I think it'll be just darling. :) Gertie has a nicely documented tutorial for bound button holes. I've never used it but there are lots of pictures!

  2. Great idea to change patterns, the new one with the buttonfront will be much more nursing-friendly as well! I've made a dress very similar to this before, it had boning and I was nervous about it, it was much easier than I imagined; I believe the boning was sewn into the lining and it was a snap! I love halter tops, and I've modified a few to make a tie or a button closure in the back to allow easy nursing access, it's suprisingly convienent that way. I think using grey buttons would look great, and make a great contrast to the green; I think the natural inclination is the focus on red, I think the grey and green will look fabulous! (but I'm notorious for my odd color combos).

  3. Love it! The little bows will be great with the fabric!!

  4. I always, always go for red or in second place for green. But at the moment I have a total thing for grey and am slowly discovering mustard though not (yet) quite convinced of it. So they are all great colours! But I guess pick the colour where you have the best coordinating shoes or accessories?

  5. That will be a divine little dress. Have you heard of rigileine? It's a lightweight sew-through boning, I like to use it to lend a little structure to a garment or keep seams straight. It's not as serious as the spring steels you might use in a corset.

  6. Love the fabric! I personally like how the 50's was very "matchy-matchy" so I'd probably make the buttons and the belt green but use a contrasting color for the button holes. I'm so excited I stumbled onto your blog! I'm pregnant too and I have no real life friends that are into retro or vintage style/lifestyle/etc. It's always nice to be reminded that I'm not the only one.

  7. I bought the very same fabric not so kong ago.

  8. I love the fabric it is so cute! I've never done those button holds either, though thanks to Stephanie Lynn above for the link to that amazing sewing blog!

  9. Fabulous! The fabric replicates the dress or the dress replicates the fabric...Whimsical ! Makes this Magic ! Love this.

  10. Your dress is going to turn out amazing. I make one of a kind vintage reproductions (mainly 40s playsuits, 70s full skirted dresses, 60s color block minis, and 70s disco type stuff). Consequently I also hoard deadstock vintage fabrics.

    I have a lot of florals, an entire bolt of butterfly printed rayon, an entire bolt of atomic print rayon (the width is narrow, so I'm limited in what I can do with it), I even managed to score some rare vinyl record print fabric. My ultimate dream is to one day find some 50s poodle or pink elephant print fabric though.

    You're living the dream, sista. I'll just have to live through you : D.

    As far as the contrast goes, I'd stick to black, and have the buttons and accent fabric be the same color. Since black is the most subtle color in this print it'll give it a little 'pop'. Whereas a brighter accent color would compete against the print. It can also be harder to find a precise match of the brighter colors, due to patina and all.

    I can't wait to see the finished product!

  11. ^ 50s full skirted dresses I meant. D'oh!

  12. Thanks so much for the ideas, everyone! I'm digging through my stashes of fabric and vintage buttons to see if see if I have something suitable laying around the house. My goal this year is to buy as little fabric as possible. My daughter's nursery used to be my craft room and it was LOADED with fabric and craft supplies but with the little dude on the way, I'm trying very hard to get rid of my excess stuff. So far, no luck but I still have a few more boxes to go through! :)

  13. Love love love that fabric! Where on earth did you find it?

  14. Thanks! I found it on etsy but you can order it from different sites too. It's from Andover fabrics and it's called "Ooh-la-la" designed by Kathy Hall for Andover. I think it comes in different color combos as well. :)

  15. I just adore this fabric and the dress you are creating will be so adorable.
    I just love the silhouette. I, myself, do not sew. So I always admire all that do and create fabulous things.
    Thanks for visiting my blog and passing on those great vintage scavenger tips. I'm from St. Louis too. I have lived here for a couple years. And while I am moving in a couple months, I have always wondered where I could find a great vintage stores. I think I just found my new source for information:)


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