Fashion and Film Friday: Miss Pettigrew Lives For A Day


amy adams in  miss pettigrew lives for a day 1940s blue hat and suite with fur stole

Starring the adorable Amy Adams and incredibly talented Frances McDormand, how can you not love "Miss Pettigrew Lives For A Day"? It's the story of a jobless, homeless former housekeeper in 1930's London who changes the life of a romantically confused socialite when she works as her social secretary for a day.

With fabulous hats, scandalous encounters and sharp wit, Miss Pettigrew is sure to tickle your fashion taste buds. The amazing and fabulous Michael O'Connor worked as the costume designer for this film. You may have adored some of his other incredible designs in The Duchess. He also worked on costumes in Emma, Quills and Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. Enjoy, chickadees!

miss pettigrew lives for a day amy adams and frances mcdormand

miss pettigrew lives for a day

amy adams in miss pettigrew lives for a day 1940s gold gown

 adams miss pettigrew lives for a day 1930s style striped cream suit

miss pettigrew lives for a day bathrub scene

miss pettigrew lives for a day lingerie fashion show 1940s

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p.s. tune in tomorrow for my fingerwave tutorial!


  1. The costumes in this movie are so pretty, I cant believe I havent watched this yet.


  2. I re-watch this movie whenever I need a little pick me up. Always rewatch the lingerie fashion show scene over and over! Have a great weekend!

  3. I let my mother in law (to be) borrow the movie a few months back. I am going to have to get it back from her and watch it!

    I can't wait for the fingerwaves tutorial :)

  4. Oh I really like this movie me and my mom watched it the other day I really liked a lot of there outfits through the movie =)


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