Retail Therapy for Winter Blues


vintage Christmas presents and tree

I detest winter time. In Missouri, summers are hot and humid as the rainforest but in winter, it can get well below zero. Today, it's snowing. I love snow. I love the way it snakes across the street when the wind blows just right, love the way it sparkles and I especially love when it traps my husband at home so he has to call in to work and stay home with me and watch The Seven Year Itch and have cinnamon rolls- that's our snow day tradition!

Marilyn Monroe the seven year itch

 Having a blog really does help the winter depression. It's a great creative outlet that doesn't involve destroying my house (like my sewing does!) In an effort to make my blog prettier, I spent Saturday working on a new pretty was a disaster!! Instead of creating something lovely, I spent the afternoon (and parts of the evening) cursing at my computer. So, when Pj is free, he said he'll help me with it since I have no idea what I'm doing!

Yesterday, I did feel much better. We cleaned house, bought new pretty curtains for our bedroom and went shopping. I went to Target to pick up some cute, comfy flats since I'm going to start going to a mom's with babies playgroup on Tuesday. I'd hate to go mall walking in killer heels. I also found these fabulous pin-up looking undies on sale. They reminded me of some of the adorable undies I saw on ModCloth the other day.

target flats

cute purple pin up panties with garters from target


  1. I love the pin-up undeies, where did you get them? Target?

  2. yep! they have tons of great pin up style lingerie just in time for v-day! And, if you arent the lucky winner of fleur de guerre's alouette giveaway, (and are like me and can't afford to buy it) Target has a similar set with high-waisted panties, garter belt and bra or camisole!

  3. Cute undies! :)

    I'd be happy to help you with a banner, if you're after something collage-y like on my blog.



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