Fete De Glace


On Saturday, Pj, Olivia and I went to historic Main street St. Charles for the annual Fete De Glace (Festival of Ice). The city has been hosting this ice carving competition since 1998 and this was our first year in attendance. It was amazing to see the ice carving masters at work. Look at all of these incredible works of art!ice scuptures St Charles, MO
ice scuptures St Charles, MO
ice scuptures St Charles, MO
ice scuptures St Charles, MO
I really loved this ice bar. I had Pj take a picture of me behind it but somehow, it got deleted which is really crappy because I climbed up there, it was slippery and cold and while a crowd of people watched me pose, I had a total Marilyn Monroe moment as the wind blew up my skirt! Some guy yelled "Woooo!!!" But, what do you do? Just smile and laugh in a total Marilyn kind of way! :)
ice scuptures St Charles, MO
Since we were at Main Street, we stopped at Riverside Sweet Shop for some yummies. I got this lovely little box of chocolate dipped cherries! Mmmmmmmmm!! Oh, and I forgot all about this hat! I bought it last year just cause I loved it and forgot that I had it! It has a pretty little blow in the front!
Riverside Sweet Shop, Historic St Charles MO

Oh, and Here's Pj, enjoying his s'mores squares and me with a big ice dragon. Some lady said "Are you going to ride it?" And I said "Uhm, No...not with a skirt on!"

hat- Alton Il Antique Shop
Skirt-Handmade by me


  1. oh wow...that looks like an AWESOME day!!!

  2. wow, amazing sculptures! Looks like a great day :) xx

    Tuppence Ha'Penny ~ Blitz Diary

  3. hi girl,

    i love your blog! you look fabulous!!

    take care!



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