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Slips are a very important undergarment that most women today forget about. Not only do they look sexy and feel luxurious against the skin, they are also very functional. When wearing vintage clothing, it is always a good idea to wear a slip to protect the old fabrics from oils and dirt on our skin, thus preserving the garment and extending its' wear.

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vintage slip lingerie advertisement

A full slip is a one-piece silk under dress. In the 20's and 30's, thinner fabrics became popular choices for dresses, so a full slip was a must-have for a lady's modesty and to protect the delicate fabrics from snags caused by hooks on girdles.

Waist slips or half slips are worn in the same manner as full slips but are more plain and worn as an under skirt instead of a whole dress. Find original vintage slips at Dollhouse Bettie

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vintage style full and half slips from HerRoom

Petticoats or crinolines are another type of slip, often worn to give a garment a full shape. They often come in pretty colors or with lace detail that looks very pretty when peeking out from under your dress.

vintage style pink petticoat
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  1. I have some modern slips (I used to work at La Senza, so the discounts and first-dibs were useful!) I find my dresses fit so much better, and look sleeker, especially when wearing a girdle.

  2. Wearing a slip under your dress allows the material of the dress to "fall" properly and give it a classy look. No bunching up and sticling to other materials.
    No well dressed woman would leave home in a dress or suit without wearing a slip.

  3. Lovely fashion advice. I am genderfluid and have my own slips and petticoats collection.


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