I think a lot of people let the weather dictate their outfits for the day. Not me. Its a high of 35 degrees today and I decided to wear a silky, flowy thin dress and no coat. The little capelet does provide more warmth than I expected and definitely blocks that wind but definitely not as much as a proper coat would. Missouri weather is so weird. It can be kind of toasty in winter and every once in a while rather chilly in the summer. You just never know so I don't rely on it too much. Plus, if I wait for the perfect weather to wear something I love, it'll take forever so I just go for it.

This dress, from Unique Vintage is one of my absolute favorites. I wish I had a pattern for this exact dress, I'd sew a dozen of them. Its incredibly comfortable with the flowy skirt and butterfly sleeves and I adore this vintage reproduction spiderweb print. I saw this print on an original vintage dress in person before but it was a very small size and sadly far from my budget so I was really excited when Unique Vintage released this print. The dress is fully lined in matching navy blue so the skirt isn't clingy, except when a winter wind blows through like this! It's on sale right now!

My Sabrina capelet is from Dolly and Dotty and it has a large plastic snap behind the sweet little bow so its easy to pop on and off. I thought the structured shoulders would be a perfect 1940s look for this original vintage hat. The hat was one of the first vintage things that I bought when I started this blog! I found it at a shop here in St. Louis called The Vintage Haberdashery and I loved the little felt flowers that hang down. It also has a veil (which is in need of replacement). You can make this hat with my 1940s halo hat tutorial. I think I look like an Alice in Wonderland oyster in it...but not in a bad way!

I wanted to show you all the dress without the cape on. While snapping pictures my husband said "I bet that wall is cold!" This is me lying and saying "nope, not even a little bit!"

1940s style spider web print dress- c/o Unique Vintage
Sabrina capelet c/o Dolly and Dotty
vintage lucite handled purse- thirfted, I think