how to make a 1940s halo hat

 Today we're continuing our weekly vintage hat tutorials in honor of National Make a Hat day, which was September 15th. Today I'll show you how to make a 1940s style halo hat with a few inexpensive craft supplies and very little need of millinery know-how. This is a great little hat that can be worn with lots of different hair styles. Wear your hair down and curly or in a snood, with victory rolls or bangs or a poodle! Lets get started....

You will need:
a thin headband, plastic or metal, mine is from the Dollar Tree
 Stiff wire. You can use wire from the hardware store or a coat hanger works fine
craft felt (or wool felt if you're feeling fancy)
trimmings of any kind- feathers, sequin trim, beaded trim, flowers, etc.
sewing needle and matching thread or sewing machine

PATTERN:  Download the pattern for free from Dropbox right here!

Cut out two pieces of felt. With both pieces together, stitch along the curved side, 3/8 inches from the edge.

Turn, press seam (as best as you can with craft felt, don't melt it to your iron!) and stitch again along the curved side, 3/4 inches from the edge to form a channel

 Insert wire into the channel and trim the wire so there's about 1/2 inch of open space on each side of the channel.

Carefully stitch along the flat edge, 3/8 inch from edge, being mindful of the wire.

Stitch along the flat edge again, 3/4 inches from the edge to form another channel

Snip a little hole and insert your headband into this channel. You may need to trim the headband down to size. I used scissors on this plastic dollar store headband.

*note- you can reduce the bulk of your headband by removing any decorative fabric around the plastic or metal base*

Stitch the hole closed.

Bend the wire a little to shape your hat

how to make a vintage 1940s style halo hat

Now time to decorate!! The sky is the limit here. Add flowers, beaded or sequin trim, leave it plain, whatever you like. This hat is based on one of my favorite 1940s hats from my personal collection so I'll show you how to make these felt pom poms just like my original!

Use black and blue felt (or whatever colors you like) and cut 5 circles of each color, 2 inches across and 5 strips of thin felt about 7 inches long.

how to make a vintage 1940s style halo hat

Snip a hole in the middle of each circle and snip fringe along the outer edge of each circle. Tie a knot in the end of one of the felt strips and string a blue and black circle through each strip.

how to make a vintage 1940s style halo hat
how to make a vintage 1940s style halo hat

Hang the pieces at different lengths from the side of the hat. Cover the ends with a little felt bow. I used hot glue to stick these pieces on but sewing would be nicer.

I hope that you enjoyed this hat tutorial.We'll have one more next Tuesday!

how to make a vintage 1940s style halo hat