Swoon Worthy Sunday { 3 looks for a Rainy Day }


1940s rain fashion advertisement firestone- rain coat

We woke up very early to the sound of rain. Thank goodness, I said, because it has been ages since we had a good down pour. I opened all of the windows and we sat on the front porch, listening to the sounds of the morning in our little town by the river.  The rain made a *tink tink* noise as it hit the metal awnings and Rhys played with his train set on the porch and splashed in a puddle.

1940s rain fashion advertisement firestone- rain coat

On days like this, all I want to do is curl up in my pajamas but since I have some grocery shopping to do today, I might as well do it in style! Here are 3 looks for a rainy day...

retro rain coat, rain boots, rockabilly umbrella and lux de ville handbag

 The first look is quite sexy for a dreary day. I picked the tattoo mermaid umbrella from Plasticland and
Lux de Ville handbag in red sparkle vinyl.  These fab Victorian inspired boots are available at both Modcloth and Plasticland in faux leather with a zip closure. This look's steal is the basic black trench with white piping from Target at $17.48

vintage rainy day fashion- vintage umbrella, steakmpunk boots

 I really love a great boot in the rain so I continued that wish list item in this set with the gorgeous chocolatiers of joy boot from Modcloth and "What a Sweetheart coat" from Ruche, continuing the Victorian influence in the capelet. The steal of the week from this look is the beautiful Floral print tote from Target at $23.08 and killer pink and black umbrella from Unique Vintage at $24.75

colorful rainy day fashion

 In the grey rainy afternoons, I love to add wild splashes of color. The  yellow trench in this set is the same jacket from the first set. This trench also comes in red. Also from Target, check out these sweet  rainy day skimmers, a feminine take on the classic duck boot. Stay dry with this funny clear fishbowl umbrella  and add a pop of blue with this bag from Modcloth, now 30% off.


  1. I think I need that yellow trench in my life. A Target trip is in order now.
    I can finally skip about and belt out 'Singin in the Rain' next time SoCal gets some rain

  2. These are marvelous - as are the vintage images you kicked off the post with. I have a 1950s rain jacket, but it's a more of a weather treated classic trench style. I really want a plastic number, too (especially if it's turquoise like the one in the second ad).

    ♥ Jessica

  3. Oh, that fish umbrella is delightful! It would make everybody who sees it smile despite the rain. And those Victorian boots...*dies* I really wish stylish overshoes for ladies would make a comeback.

  4. I love the pink & black umbrella, so cute! Great collection you've put together, I could have used them last month with all the rain we got around here. lol

  5. Is it bad that I want something from every look?? EEK those black and white boots! I'm in love!!
    ~xoxo, CoriLynn


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