1950s plus size swim suit

It was so warm last weekend so we all packed up and headed up the street to Meramec Caverns to play in the Meramec River. The water is mostly very shallow and clear with a rocky bottom, making for a perfect play spot for kids. There are some deeper swimming holes and strong currents along the way too so many Missourians flock to the river on weekends for float trips, fishing and river play. I wore my 1950s swim suit, which you can see more of in my post on how to have fun in the sun the vintage way

Mom and I sat in the water, pulling out small pieces of crystal, shell and other pretty rocks. I stuck my fingers down into the rock as far as they would go when I felt something squishy. I pulled it up and look what it was! The biggest live one I've ever found! We put him in a safe spot so hopefully no predators could get to him after he buried himself.

that's our car keys on a carabiner on my swim suit top- that way they wouldn't fall out of anyone's pockets!

Playing in the river was a blast but was very exhausting.  The kids went down for naps as soon as we got back to mom's house and the grown-ups finished off the day with a few glasses of wine.