I rarely buy anything if its not on sale but I do secretly covet the unattainable. Who wouldn't love a "Jackie O" bag from Gucci or Grace Kelly's Flora silk scarf. Those small luxuries so expertly made and you hope someone notices and says "Pardon me, is that Prada?".

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According to Modly Chic, most offers at $20 to $50 off will be accepted and if you have Nyopoly money to use, you can really get a great deal! 

I had a lot of fun exploring the site and learning about some of the designers that have changed fashion history.

Anne Klein

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Anne Klein founded her first clothing label, Junior Sophisticates in the early 1940s. This label transformed the childish styles for teens at the time, releasing an entire line of sleek, polished looks for a more sophisticated young woman.

The Anne Klein label was launched in the late 60s as sportswear for women.

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1940s junior sophisticates dress


This year, Prada celebrates 100 years in the fashion business. Founded in Milan in 1913 by Mario Prada, this Italian designer sold luxurious leather bags and English steamer trunks.  6 years later, Prada became the official supplier to the royal family of Italy. In the 70s, Miuccia Prada took over the business and launched a new must have bag with the Prada backpack. Last spring, Prada went back to their old school roots with a gorgeous line of 1950s inspired bags and accessories. Oh, Prada- bring this line back, pretty please!

Also in the news of the vintage world, Miuccia Prada designed many costumes for The Great Gatsby. Check out this fabulous interview with Gatsby costume designer, Catherine Martin on their partnership with Prada and some behind-the-scenes looks at Gatsby Costumes

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The first Gucci shop opened in Florence in 1920 with a focus on fine leather accessories. During WWII, due to supply shortages, the Gucci company switched to cotton canvas with the signature double- G brand mark. After the war, the Gucci crest became the symbol of Florence.

By the 50s, Gucci expanded to New York and soon became the favorite bag of fashion icon, Jackie Kennedy/ This bag was renamed  "The Jackie O". The Gucci Flora silk scarf was requested by Grace Kelly and is now a much desired accessory as well.  See Gucci on Nyopoly

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