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flying a kite in vintage style mustard crane dress from eshakti

We had a really wonderful Easter. We woke up and did the candy, egg hunt and baths for the kids and visited my family. We all ate and laughed while the kids blew bubbles and smothered themselves in chocolate. Believe it or not, Rhys was actually saying "cheese" in this photo below.

Easter is a hard time for mothers of very small children because the kids are so pumped with sugar and exhausted at the same time, which is an interesting combination. I think all baskets full of candy for kids should come with bottles of wine and bubble bath for the mothers. Olivia usually says very sweetly,
"Mommy, can I please have a cup of milk? I'm ready for a nice little nap."
When we got home on Easter, she was so tired  that she ripped off her clothes, threw herself on the kitchen floor and flailed around stark naked while crying for a cup of milk and a nap. Most of the time, tantrums are irritating but days like that are down right hilarious!

Easter was beautiful and a bit breezy so we got the kite out and although I was in a dress and wedges, I had a blast running around in the field in the mud.

 I wore my brand new dress, courtesy of I fell in love with this dress- the mustard color, the neckline..and I love that it has pockets. The last eShakti dress that they sent me was below-the-knee and a bit long so I ordered this one above-the-knee, which I don't usually like and what do you know? I feel like it's too short. Yep, call me Goldilocks. I also wish it had a little more torso area too. I'm short-waisted with a large bust as it is so I feel like I'm a whole lot of skirt and legs in this dress but I don't know, maybe that's not such a bad thing. I think I'll stick to the below-the-knee eShakti dresses from now on because you can always hem a skirt.

1960s style no tease beehive hair


  1. I think the dress looks lovely on you! And I love your hair, I can never manage to make my hair look elegant like that.

  2. The kids look adorable and like they had a blast. I love the dress. The color is fantastic!!! And of course the hair!

    Looks like a great time was had this Easter. :)

  3. What a splendid way to spend an Easter afternoon. It's funny, you know, Tony and I were in Toys R Us a few days ago (buying a baby gate for the puppy) when I spotted some kites and remarked that the two of us has never gone kite flying together. I think I was more into the idea than he was, but I'm sure I can warm him up to it sooner or later. :)

    I know what you mean about the eShakti hem length. I recently received another review dress from them that was listed as hitting below the knee. Now I'm barely 5'2" and have short legs, so when something says below the knee, I'm expecting a good few inches usually. Well, darned if this dress just barely, barely grazes past the bottom of my knees caps. As a fellow gal who prefers dresses that cover my knees usually, this was not a point in their favour. Last time though, I'd specified the mid-calf-ish length and gotten an ankle grazer - I really want something that is truly in between, which you'd think they could do given that they make a point of asking for your height when you order. (On the plus side, this colour looks really wonderful - mustard plus red hair is so lovely - on you and I just adore that neckline.)

    ♥ Jessica

    1. I know right?! And I'm 5'7 with long legs and still the length isn't right. *sigh* I do love the color and the dress so I may either add fabric to the hem so it's below-the-knee or turn it into a blouse because I LOVE the top!! Next time, I'll get a long length and hem it so it's just right! :)

  4. Good to know about the hem lengths. The dresses are so cute i am thinking of doing a review of one too. I will follow your advice and get a long hem.

    In summer what shoes go best with dresses? Flats? Im not much of a heel person but flats seem almost too low. I like your wedges but running after a toddler in them doesnt sound fun.

  5. LOL at Olivia's tantrum, kids have to give you at least SOME laughs, right? ;)
    Love the dress, it looks like you had a lot of fun, short skirt notwithstanding :D

  6. I can not believe how big your kids are getting! So adorable!

    Sounds like a lovely day was had by all!

  7. You look fabulous, and your kids look so happy playing around - as do you! I love flying kites

  8. Olivia is a hoot! You look like a doll! Love the dress! I need to score me one on eshakti one day! Love the kite too! The kiddie want me to score them one. Question is do I get three or one? Gahhhh xox

  9. Oh my! How big your beautiful children have got!!! :)

  10. oh man, tough call! If you get one, they fight over it...if you get 3, you have 3 kites in the air at once! HAHA! Oh...get 3 handles and tie it to one string so they can all hang on at the same time!

  11. What a gorgeous day for easter fun! I love your dress by the way, the color is gorgeous!

  12. Great dress but I know what you are saying about length I had it when it is above my knee.

  13. I too feel off if something hits above my knee I may have 1 dress I let get away with it.


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