Brittany from Va Voom Vintage in 1960's dress with knitted cape, lucite handbag and beehive hair

On Saturday, we took the kids to the St Louis Arch for the first time. I have been going since I was a little kid but Pj has only been to the top twice.

The St Louis Arch

It was so crowded, we spent most of the day hanging around the Museum of Westward Expansion, which is underground, below the arch.

antique red carriage with yellow wheels

We waited in line in what seemed like an eternity but finally our turn was next

st louis gateway arch tram ride via Va-Voom Vintage

The arch operates on a tram system. You are packed like a sardine into these 5 seat pods that carry you on a very bumpy, loud, grinding-metal ride to the top. The doors are clear glass so you can see the inner workings of the amazing monument.

Since you wait so long to get to the top, they don't limit how long you can hang around once you get up there. Olivia was SO happy, laying on the carpeted platform by the window, looking down at the tiny ant people and city below. She said "It's so byooful, mommy! It's like a nice, happy dream!"  Rhys, on the other hand, who is my fearless wild man, took a 5 minute look out the window and then said "I scared! Down!!" for the first time.

top of the St Louis gateway arch windows overlooking the city

view of St Louis from the top of the Arch

view of St Louis from the top of the Arch
view of St Louis from the top of the Arch

Olivia could have stayed up there forever but it was very crowded and with a terrified little man clinging to me like a spider monkey, we took the ride back down after about 20 minutes. We exited our tram and Rhys repeated me when I said "Thank goodness"

If you visit the arch, I recommend that you:
  •  buy tickets in advance 
  •  go on a week day, if possible.
  •  don't forget your stroller, like I did
  •  don't bring an impractical lucite handbag, like I did
  •  bring your own snacks and drinks or eat before you go
  •  don't wear any metal if you can avoid it- since 9-11, they have crazy airport style security
  •  wear the most awesomely comfortable shoes that you own 
  • Go ahead and plan on watching one of the documentaries while you're there, it kills time while you wait

See the rest of our trip to the Arch along with the tutorial for my beehive hair in the April issue of Hey Doll! Vintage Magazine, which will be available this Saturday!

                 1960's Dress- Va-Voom Vinatge Shop
                 Lucite and Metal Woven Purse- Estate Sale
                 Vintage Cape- Buffalo Exchange, Columbia, MO
            Lucite Clamper bracelet and earring set- Ruby Lane