1960s style mad men home decor and vintage dresses with Brittany and Daffny

From Thursday to Sunday, my dear friend,  Daffny came to town to visit me! We met through commenting on our blogs, then started chatting on Facebook and we met in person when she came to visit for the first time last spring. We chat almost every day, share our families with each other and of course, a passion for vintage.

 It was a very long awesome weekend of shopping, eating and staying up late gabbing. We tried to finish our Mad Men issue of Hey Doll! to be published on Sunday but you know girls, when you get us together- distractions all over the place. For you Hey Doll! readers, we'll have it ready in the next day or two.

We spent all day Friday playing dress up with Illinois photographer, Monica Moore who is seriously one of the coolest ladies I've ever met. So funny and a very talented photographer. 

1950s housewife best friends

Pj and I dropped Bunny at the airport yesterday so she could fly home to her three sweet babies and we're already planning on meeting up again next year!

 Today, I'm shutting the computer down, turning my music on and getting this house clean and organized again so I can find a place for my new vintage treasures that I bought this weekend. More on that and adventures with Bunny all this week.

All photos by Monica Moore