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   About Va-Voom Vintage
  •    Over 95,500 page views last month
  •    Recent daily high of 3,557 page views
  •    7423 combined subscribers from Google, Facebook, Twitter, Pinteret and other social networks



Reviews, Reader Discounts and Outfit Posts
In the past, I have posted product reviews, tutorials featuring sponsored products and outfit posts. If you have a special discount for Va-Voom Vintage readers, I can announce that in your sponsored post.

The Details

  • Featured spots rotate with every page load to ensure that everyone gets an equal top spot

  • Monthly sponsor roundup posts are posted on the 15th of the month and include information and links about your blog, business or website. If your ad is purchased after the 15th, your spotlight will be included in the following month's roundup

  • Ad space may be purchased through paypal, send me an email to purchase

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