Last month, I featured Lexi's fab blog, Voluptuous Vintage Vixen, which has inspired so many women with her spotlights on plus sized beauty.

In addition to spreading the message that beauty is not dependent on dress size, Lexi works to make women feel beautiful through her talents as a hair and makeup artist in Paris. In 2011, she came out with her first book, Decades of Style: A Step-by-Step Hair & Makeup Guide - 60s & 70s .

60's style hair flip bouffant

 I learned to apply makeup from a book on styling glamor photography that my mom has had since the 80's. With its pages of full color step-by-step photos, Lexi's book really brought me back to those days of my early teens, studying application techniques from that photography book. Here, I tried "The Socialite" makeup look paired with "The First Lady" hair style. Makeup application is not my strongest suit but the book makes everything very easy to follow. Here's a peek at some sample pages:

Decades of Style by Lexi DeRock

 The thing I love most is that she shows how to shape brows and lips using cosmetics for a completely different look. Although the idea of makeup is that we can change our face with the magic of cosmetics,  these small details are often overlooked.

vintage makeup book lips and eyebrows- Decades of Style by Lexi de Rock

Decades of Style covers looks of the 60's and 70's but uses the same techniques that are used in modern and all vintage makeup eras- basic foundation, applying lashes, cat eye liner and blending shadows and blush as well as important makeup and hair tools.

Unlike many beauty books, the hair and makeup looks are not separated in to different sections so all of the information that you need is all in one easy-to-find place, which is very nice!

Lexi is giving away a copy of Decades of Style to one lucky reader!

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I loved the 60's and 70's looks from Decades of Style, I hope to see some other decades from the talented and lovely Lexi DeRock

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