It's spring, believe it or not- but for many of us, the weather is still quite cold and even snowy in parts. I'm ready to pull out my favorite light spring dresses anyway, with the help of some pretty colorful stockings.

vintage petticoat with blue stocking socks and blue t strap shoes with bow

 We know American Duchess for their exquisite replica shoes from the 18th century to 1920's but they also carry must-have accessories including silk clocked stockings in red, white and powder blue. American Duchess is the only suppliers of red and blue clocked stockings available on the market 

american duchess clocked stockings ad

 {What is a clocked stocking? }
 A clock is an embroidered or woven design on a sock extending from the ankle upward, often on the outer sides, popular in Georgian and Regency era fashions.

 American Duchess Stockings are:
  • 98% silk / 2% spandex
  • White stockings are dyeable using any natural fiber dye such as iDye or RIT
  • Top quality silk with a woven, historically accurate design
  • Stockings come up above the knee, and stay up without garters
  • Will fit women's shoe sizes US 7+, and men's shoe sizes up to US size 12
  • Maximum stretch circumference at top is 21 inches / 53 cm 
3 colors of american duchess clocked stockings

 Although clocked stockings are often worn by history re enactors, try them with your modern and vintage spring dresses and skirts for fun, unique twist on the skirts-with-tights look. If you have small feet, see the tutorial for fitting your silk stockings from American Duchess

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