Hayworth Collection Eyeglasses


Today marks the launch of the new 1940's inspired, limited-edition Hayworth Collection from Warby Parker- makers of beautiful vintage style prescription eyeglasses.

I'm a prescription glasses-wearer myself and although I do adore my original 1950's cat eyes, I find myself not wearing them as often as I should in fear of something tragic happening to them.  I've scoured the internet and local stores for vintage styled modern frames but nothing quite fits what I wanted- until today! I especially love the beautiful color of the Neville style in Blue Marblewood...lovely!

Warby Parker says this about their beautiful new collection:

"....The stretch we had our eye on- Los Angeles in the 1940's and 1950's was a dark and contradictory time in American history. With it's mixture of postwar disillusionment, forward-facing optimism and technological,  progress, there's a lot about that era that reminds us of today. The Hayworth Collection is our way of bringing noir (and Art Deco) design themes into the future...."

The Hayworth Collection includes 3 styles of optical glasses and 3 pairs of sunglasses, suitable for both brooding detectives and femmes fatales alike.

View the Hayworth Collection exclusively at Warby Parker. For more eye wear inspiration, check out my Pinterest board, Spec-tacular: Vintage Glasses

Disclosure: Va-Voom Vintage is not an affiliate of Warby Parker.


  1. Ooohhh they look amazing! Especially when you put these amazing vintage muses as well! Grah grah want want dilemma!


  2. YES!!!! Thank you so much for this. I'm a spectacles gal myself because I just can't do contacts and I was also afraid to get a vintage pair in case something were to happen. I love my LuLu Guiness frames, but these are pretty awesome, too!

  3. So pretty! I too wear glasses but since my hubby doesn't like the shapes of vintage specs, I wear contacts a lot. These are so gorgeous that maybe they'll change his mind!

  4. Loving the shades...oh la la! xox

  5. These are fantastic frames!! They're very similar to the 40s style I got in my prescription sunglasses a year or so ago (very like the pic of Gene Tierney in her sunglasses). I've been wondering if I could pull off the style in daily eyeglasses, but I love 50s frames so much...I don't know if I could make the transition! I keep waffling. lol

    I've been wearing vintage frames for years (before I even wore vintage clothing regularly), so I've long since gotten the worry of ruining them out of my system. But when we travel I -do- always take a backup pair juuust in case. ;)

  6. Those are great frames! It's so nice to see the classic 40's and 50's styles brought back. If you're looking for repro 1950's frames, try Spectacle Eyeworks: I have 3 frames from them (including Gita) and am just waiting on lenses.

  7. Beautiful, I need to get some new glasses so bad! Mine are barely hanging on. I always love vintage inspired frames too. When I was in college I used to by real vintage frames but since I wear glasses every day, they could not withstand the abuse and it got to be a very expensive habit!

  8. Such fantastic frames! I love the pair I have dearly and am not in the market for another pair, but if I was, these would be serious contenders!

    ♥ Jessica

  9. I have heard a lot of buzz about this line and I can see why, they are gorgeous!
    Thank you for stopping by today, sounds like you have the perfect evening planned!
    Hope you have a sweet Valentine's Day!!


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