For those who follow me on facebook, you might have seen my new glasses. I finally made time to take a few proper pics of them this afternoon

In middle school, I wore glasses for reading but over the years, my vision has gotten worse and now it's time for everyday glasses. I've been looking at frames here and there for a while. Some companies have released vintage inspired lines but I still wasn't thrilled about them. I had planned to bite the bullet and go with a vintage-inspired frame in the next few weeks until I saw Lina's post on her blog, Spiffing Sporadics of a Vintage Girl  about her new pair of lovely specks from Dead Mens Spex. She picked her original vintage frame and they inserted her prescription lense.

I got my exam 2 weeks ago and picked these fabulous blue cat eye glasses from Dead Mens Spex. I always thought that vintage glasses with my prescription lense would be outrageously expensive but these were about $135, including shipping. They arrived on Tuesday and I absolutely love them!

 I had no idea that my vision was so bad but now I can read street signs, see the tiny branches on far-away trees and everything! Getting used to glasses is strange. I almost fell out my front door when I went to the grocery store yesterday. Looking at my feet feels much taller than I really am.

 Thanks so much to Lina for her post, otherwise I would have been stuck with boring glasses. Do see her fab post on "Glorious Glasses" from the 1920's-1950's

okay, off to Sally's for some hair color for those dreadful roots- eeek!

glasses-Dead Mens Spex
1940's silver spoon brooch-From Great Grandma Alma
1950's dress-warehouse in STL
blue chiffon scarf-thrifted

Va-Voom Vintage is not an affiliate of Dead Men's Spex. I genuinely love their glasses and wear them daily!