Gibson Edwardian Shoes from American Duchess


My sponsor, American Duchess has turned out another fantastic vintage shoe design, for pre-order today- the "Gibson"

 American Duchess says: " We need to sell about 50 pairs of *each color* and if we don't meet this goal, the least-popular color will have to be dropped, so please share with any of your friends who might be interested in this shoe!"

Order your shoe today through March 8th for a pre-order discount!

The "Gibson" Edwardian style shoe comes in black, white and tan and was a popular design from 1900 to 1920 but honestly, would look fabulous with outfits from any era! This shoe was designed from this exquisite original Edwardian shoe.

 This Gibson has a 2 inch custom made french heel for all day comfort. The white model is paintable and dyeable so you can customize to match your dress.

                                      Order yours today exclusively from  American Duchess

             American Duchess is a sponsor of Va-Voom Vintage. All images from


  1. Those are great shoes. I've been looking for something similar. I'm thinking I'd like a black pair. It is so difficult to find anything like this in my size in this vintage period. I'd like to know what happened to women's feet in the last 100 years? It's interesting how our feet have widened and gotten bigger. I've been wondering about this and meaning to google it but I'm sure there is no answer.

  2. These are show-stoppingly (shoe-stoppingly? :) ) gorgeous. Thank you very much for bringing this new Gibson release to our attention.

    ♥ Jessica


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