1940s plus size polka dot dress via va-voom vintage
inside the 1904 flight cage

St. Louis Zoo

St. Louis Zoo

Pj has a few more vacation days left and we wanted to do something really fun with the kiddos. We haven't been to the zoo since Olivia was just a baby so we packed up and headed downtown to the St Louis Zoo.

 Olivia is crazy about animals. She looks at animals in her books, watches them on tv and plays with little animal toys. She squeals when she sees a bunny on the patio and loves to be sniffed and licked by dogs.
Olivia adores the prairie dogs

 The zoo was a blast. Olivia went nuts for the Zebras, which were the first big animals that she saw. Every time we passed an animal she waved and said "Hi!"

 The St Louis Zoo recently opened a stingray and shark exhibit, which I believe is a seasonal thing. We loved petting the stingray, sharks and horseshoe crab. Olivia's arms were a little too short to touch them this year but she loved it anyway.

July in St Louis is hotter than the surface of the sun and just as wet and sticky as a rainforest. Blargh! Naturally, the freezing cold penguin house is a very popular attraction at the zoo...and the penguins are cute too!

 This flight cage was built here for the 1904 World's Fair and was the starting point for the St Louis Zoo. It contains many species of beautiful birds and a gorgeous swamp habitat.

1940s plus size polka dot dress via va-voom vintage

The St Louis Zoo is rich in history and beautiful architecture as well as animals.
Miss Jim, the Zoo's first Elephant takes Lily Pons, an opera singer for a ride.
St. Louis Zoo
an inside view of the Herpetarium, built in 1927

St. Louis Zoo

For our Zoo outing, I wore my  favorite dress- this 1940's green polka dot dress, "An Original Martha Moore". This was my first 40's dress. I love the cute bow detail at the neckline and especially the zip-up front. It's so comfortable and still has the original belt (yay!).
 My hat is a new addition to my collection. It's made of green velvet ribbon with matching green veil.  isn't Rhys getting big? He's already over 10 pounds!!

40's Martha Moore Dress- Retro 101, St Louis
Green Veil Hat- South County Antique Mall
30's plane earrings- St Charles Antiques
brown flats- Target