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After my previous post about losing weight and getting my "curve" back,  I started thinking about all of the gorgeous, vintage gals with curves that inspire me.  I suppose that everyone has a different idea of what makes a curvy gal "curvy" so I wanted to share some of my favorite gorgeous gals with big hips, junk in the trunk and busty tops. I can't verify that all of the measurements listed below are accurate or even possible to achieve but they sure do turn heads!

                                                                     Doris May Day
 My favorite modern pin up girl. Look up "Va-Voom" in the phone book and you'll find her number. You can see more pics of Doris and her voluptuous curves in her modeling work for repro clothing companies such as Pin Up Girl Clothing and Bettie Page Clothing.

                                                                   Christina Hendricks

 We all know this sizzling hot red head from Mad Men. In the office, all heads turn to check out that wiggle. Since the start of Mad Men, Christina has been helping to bring the retro look and sharp curves back into the main stream.

       Jayne Mansfield
 The girl couldn't help it- she was the living embodiment of sexy. She was known for revealing way too much cleavage for her time. She was an actress, playboy pin up and curvaceous bombshell.

                                            42.5-18-36 (or at least, that's what they say!)
She was known as Britain's Jayne Mansfield and was even cast in the film The Ice House to replace Jayne after her tragic death. She was a model and actress and known for her more than ample bosom.

Who are your favorite curvy vintage ladies?


  1. Do you think their waist measurements are taken with a waspie on? if not i would sure like to know what excersizes they do.

    My stats are 36-28-39 but i would love my waist to be smaller, if i diet it comes straight off my bust... same with excersize. Whats a gal to do!!

    1. Corset training. If you start a little everyday wearing a waist cinching corset you can get that amazing shape.

  2. those are some stats, although I do think with some corsets are part of the equation, however I am envious!

  3. Wow I am NOT buying those waist measurements! 18inches is smaller than my thigh, and I'm a skinny girl! I am pretty sure these were taken in costume (ie with corsets). I do envy those hourglass figures though - curse my underdeveloped bust giving me a pear shape.

  4. I really like Crystal Renn:

  5. Hmmm, I wonder how tall Christina Hendricks is b/c I'm a 37-30-40 and I'm curvy but not THAT voluptuous. One wonders....

  6. just read she's the same height as me...HUH!

  7. You're all right about those waist measurements, especially. They must be taken with some sort of undergarments on!

  8. I have about the same measurements as Christina Hendricks, as well, although I was smaller before my stupid thyroid went out! I just got the latest issue of Lucky and thought, I'll be she's about my size. Looks like I was right! Maybe some of the measurements are taken with undergarments, but my waist is naturally about 10 inches smaller than my hips and bust. I don't know about the 18" and 21" measurements, though. That's Scarlett O'Hara small! And she was wearing a corset!

  9. I am 36-26.5-38. I am also 5'3. I have always a round, fuller bum even when I weighed 110 pounds when I was high school. I was a B cup back then (34b) and now I am a 34c/d (depends on the bra). I wish I was taller but there is nothing I can do about that!

    I think Doris May Day is absolutely stunning and Christina Hendricks is lovely. I did read somewhere that a few think she is fat! How dare they! Talk about rude!

    As for an 18 inch waist, I suspect that is a corseted measurement. I wear corsets once and in a while and the smallest I can get is about 22 inches.

  10. I saw Doris May Day for the first time on a blog somewhere this week and thought "Wow-weeeeeeee - she is knockout!!"

  11. I love that dress Doris May Day is wearing...where's it from again? Bettie Paige Clothing? I must have it. Yeah, all these women are crazy-curvy but the thing is, my measurements are are pretty close to Christina Hendricks' but I'm nowhere near that much of an hourglass. See, ladies? Distribution is everything, because most of my junk on the bottom is in the back.

  12. 18 inches?? That's in the Scarlet O'Hara category of EPIC.
    I love Christina Hendricks! She's stunning and has the most amazing curves!

  13. I'm sure the measurements are taken over foundations garments. :) They're pretty stunning nevertheless.

    It seems that every woman who isn't skeletal can be described as fat. I have a friend who is just about in the middle of what "normal" weight is considered to be for her length. And just because she does have a layer of fat under her skin, there have been men who has told her that she is fat and that she would be so pretty if she lost some weight. You know, it's kind of, uh, normal, to have a layer of fat under your skin...

  14. I always thought Christina Hendricks was a bit smaller than those measurements since the camera adds more pounds. More power to her!
    I loved this post, made me feel a bit better about myself! 40-30-42 :)

  15. I know it's cliche but Marilyn is my most favourite curvy girl ever. except maybe for Dita..

  16. Sabrina 42.5-18-36 - these are not normal measurements, perhaps a BIT exaggerated. But she looks fabulous, I adore the curvy bombshells from the fifties.

  17. I <3 Doris Mayday...not only is she drop dead gorgeous, but she's really nice and sweet. BITCH! lol...not really...

  18. I think one of my favourite modern ones must be Adele. I know she doesn't really work with retro or vintage, but.... Look at that body! She's not the typical modern ideal, yet she is so sexy! Like Christina Hendricks.

    And of the olds... Mata Hari... And Tempest Storm. I mean, just look at her! When she was young, she was amazing!


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