After my previous post about losing weight and getting my "curve" back,  I started thinking about all of the gorgeous, vintage gals with curves that inspire me.  I suppose that everyone has a different idea of what makes a curvy gal "curvy" so I wanted to share some of my favorite gorgeous gals with big hips, junk in the trunk and busty tops. I can't verify that all of the measurements listed below are accurate or even possible to achieve but they sure do turn heads!

                                                                     Doris May Day

 My favorite modern pin up girl. Look up "Va-Voom" in the phone book and you'll find her number. You can see more pics of Doris and her voluptuous curves in her modeling work for repro clothing companies such as Pin Up Girl Clothing and Bettie Page Clothing.

                                                                   Christina Hendricks

 We all know this sizzling hot red head from Mad Men. In the office, all heads turn to check out that wiggle. Since the start of Mad Men, Christina has been helping to bring the retro look and sharp curves back into the main stream.

       Jayne Mansfield

 The girl couldn't help it- she was the living embodiment of sexy. She was known for revealing way too much cleavage for her time. She was an actress, playboy pin up and curvaceous bombshell.

                                            42.5-18-36 (or at least, that's what they say!)

She was known as Britain's Jayne Mansfield and was even cast in the film The Ice House to replace Jayne after her tragic death. She was a model and actress and known for her more than ample bosom.

Who are your favorite curvy vintage ladies?