Step 1 for Weight Loss: Revamp Breakfast


They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and it's true! In turning over a new leaf, what better way to start than with the first thing I eat?

 Mornings are busy, even for a stay at home mom. Most days, I skip breakfast and end up starving by noon. Starvation diets do not promote weight loss or healthy living, they only screw up a metabolism and make things worse. So, if I want things to change, I must eat breakfast every day--and NOT captain crunch or pop tarts!

What makes a good breakfast?
 I need a breakfast that satisfies and keeps me going till noon (or later if the kids keep me busy). Something fast, easy, cheap and above all: delicious! A perfect breakfast should be packed with protein for energy but also lots of fiber to keep me feeling full. Eggs and meat are good sources of protein but I'd prefer to not start the day with heavy eggs or meat. Cereal is good for fiber but I love the taste of food (hence the big butt) and who wants to eat cold cereal every day?

 All For the love of Oatmeal
 In reading Kath Eats Real Food, I have too, become obsessed with oatmeal. That gal makes me want to eat nothing but oatmeal for the rest of my life. Don't believe me? Just look at her Tribute To Oatmeal page and you'll know what I mean! This is my first bowl of delicious, amazing revamped breakfast, which includes oats, banana, pumpkin, vanilla, cinnamon, flaxseed meal, granola, chia seeds, soymilk, wheat bran and nutella. Yeah, nutella isn't exactly health food but just a little spoonful adds something sweet and delicious to the bowl. When I keep a food journal, I actually have trouble eating my entire daily recommendation of calories so a dab of 200 calorie nut butter does the trick and adds a few grams of protein too. I also use sun butter, peanut butter and soynut butter. Of course, oatmeal loaded with bran and other grains  is probably not the best choice for those who need or want to go gluten free but I like my gluten so I go with it!

Oatmeal really is the perfect breakfast food. When topped with nuts, nut butters, fruit, whole grains and yummy things, I have fast, easy, cheap, healthy and delicious all in one bowl. When I'm craving something more savory, I take a hint from Kath Eats and add an egg, cheese, basil, sauteed onion, avocado, prosciutto or corn bread to the mix. YUM!

This bowl has almonds, pumpkin, granola with cranberries, sunbutter and cinnamon

 The Add-Ins
oats (scottish, rolled, steel cut, whatever), granola, whole grain cereals like Kashi, wheat germ, oat bran, farina, crumbed granola bars, crumbled high protien/fiber cereal bars, energy bars, graham crackers, crumbled fruit muffins or any other crumbled, whole grain breads.

 Almonds, peanuts, sunflower seeds, chia seeds, walnuts, ground flax, pecans, coconut, poppy seeds, hazel nuts, nutbutters of all varieties, trail mix, rye berries

 apples, grapes, strawberries, blackberries, blueberries, raspberries, banana, carrot, pumpkin, raisins, cranberries, cranberry sauce, dates, figs, apple butter, pineapple, mango, butternut squash, pumpkin butter, peaches, plums, etc.

 soymilk, honey, yogurt, vanilla, cinnamon, cottage cheese, maple syrup, eggs, dark chocolate bits, toffee, butterscotch chips.

 *Since I'm a sugar addict, I'm leaving out things like chocolate, toffee and butterscotch until I can behave myself!*
This bowl contains pumpkin bread crumbles, almonds, golden raisins, chia seeds, flaxseed meal, vanilla, kashi cereal and a drizzle of local honey. I do chia and flaxseed meal in every bowl since they are both a great source of with omega fatty acids and fiber.


  1. mmm those look like fabulous breakfasts!

  2. I'm terrible about eating breakfast! I'm just not big on quick, healthy breakfast foods. Lately, I've been doing pretty good with toast and peanutbutter or nutella. Not the best, but it works.

  3. My favorite is "oatmeal" made with quinoa instead, with lots of berries and nuts. Sometimes topped with cinamon sugar radish chips. I'll photo document it soon and post it :)

  4. oh! also! I meant to say, you should try sprinkling in some hemp seed/ hemp hearts. They are a wonderful source of fatty acids and fiber. I mix them in with as many things as I can even baked goods and smoothies. They keep me feeling energetic, full and regular!

    Also, try some "green" smoothies- spinach with berries, soy milk, hemp seed, ground flaxseed, honey, fruit etc etc. All in the blender for a thick tasty nutrient-packed meal on the go!

    If you have any problems with digestion, be careful with chia seed. It can stick to the insides and back you up more.

  5. Oy, *another* comment, sorry, but another really great topping for jazzing up oatmeal that would really satiate your sugar/sweetness craving, while being pretty much guilt-free and full of nutrients is avocado mousse/ pudding. Also great on its own. Recipe here

  6. Your breakfast makes me want to sit down and eat something real, not just a cliff bar. You're an inspiration to me!

  7. Lenora- *lol* Thanks so much for all of the great tips! That avocado mousse sounds divine!! I think I'll have to call Pj on his way home and ask him to pick up the ingredients. I love quinoa and never thought of trying it for breakfast! That's a fantastic idea!!
    Bree- the great thing about oats and whatnot is that you can cook a big batch on Sunday, stick it in the fridge and re-heat as needed throughout the week. I add a little soy milk to it so it's not so sticky.

  8. I'm terrified but I'm going to buy some steel cut oats, and almond granola from Target tonight (love their granola)I've got some chocolate peanut butter I'm going to put on as well.

    I'm going to stay thin as long as I can (wink), perhaps this will help.

  9. Ooo!! I love me some oatmeal! My favorite way is with soymilk, a little brown sugar, cinnamon, sliced banana and maybe a tablespoon of peanut butter. I'm craving that right now haha


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