This blog will soon be evolving into something even more fabulous!

I really don't like to whine on my blog but these past few weeks have been so irritating. I've been eating so much sugar and crap and since I'm breastfeeding, planning my outfits so they are easily accessible while I'm out (and finding something that still fits) is like...impossible!

 I am currently in pajama pants but I'm not leaving the house today (thank goodness). In digging through my closet to find wearable items, I pull out so many cute things that I haven't been able to wear in over a year. Something has to change.

 It's funny, we eat out because we're too tired to cook. Eating crap makes us more lethargic so we skip cooking at home and eat out again. The fat cycle continues...but not today. I'm exhausted, the 4th of july burgers and cupcakes have had their way with me and I'm ready for something really fantastic. I want something soothing, cheesy, melty, savory, healthy (and yes, cheesy) with a crunch. Hello, French Onion Soup! Yes, I found this amazing and healthy french onion soup recipe over at Skinny Taste so Pj and I will be dragging our tired butts into the kitchen to make this for lunch today.

(image from Skinny
There will be Vintage, There will be Weight-loss, There will be Good Eats
 In addition to my usual posts, I've decided to share my weight loss goals, my accomplishments and of course, all of the delicious recipes that got me there. I am probably just as passionate about good food as gorgeous fashion so why not share everything I love right here?!

 To start, here are some of my favorite healthy food blogs, loaded with gorgeous food pics, mouth-watering recipes, dinner inspiration and of course, healthy and satisfying recipes.
Skinny Taste- my go-to for dinner plans- a weight watchers blog
Kath Eats Real Food- confessions of an oatmeal lover
Simply Sugar and Gluten Free- A must-read for a serious sugar addict like myself
Eating Bird Food- recipes, workouts and healthy lifestyle
Peanut Butter Fingers- so many yummy recipes, good work-outs and more

So, I hope you enjoy my future posts on this subject. Since my butt getting smaller equals my closet getting bigger, this should be a lot of bloggy fun!