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Fashion and Film Friday: Big Fish

Friday, July 9, 2010

big fish movie ewan mcgregor
big fish movie fashion
Happy Friday, everyone. Hope you enjoy this week's Friday Night Fashion and a Movie: Big Fish.
I absolutely love movies like this: an adventure story, a love story, a tall tale...and of course, great costuming and visuals!

Big Fish tells the story of a Edward Bloom who lived an unbelievable life. As he lay dying, his son tries to put all of the stories of his father's life together to make sense of it all.

big fish movie circus fashion
big fish circus twins

Costumes for Big Fish were designed by none other than Colleen Atwood. Come on, you know who she is...Edward Scissorhands, Little Women, Chicago, Memoirs of a Geisha...if it had killer costumes, chances are- Colleen Atwood designed them.  Have a lovely weekend, everyone!

*ps, many thanks for the get-well wishes! Feeling much better today!*

4 Responses to “Fashion and Film Friday: Big Fish”

  1. This is another fave movie of mine! :)

  2. Love that movie! It is unique in the fact that I liked the movie far more then I liked the book. That rarely ever happens, the whimsical nature was just lost in the book.=)

  3. This film always makes me cry at the end! I love the twins best, their costumes are wonderful.

  4. I love that movie! But that may have something to do with the fact Ewan McGregor is in it...


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