Bees Knees Vintage Clothing has over-gone a complete make-over. First, we are closing the old store, listed under the name "Trumpetina" and have opened a new store under the name "Bees Knees Clothing" With a new pretty banner and lots of lovely new listings, we are open and ready for business! *yay*

In the future, our inventory will consist of more wearable sizes for normal-sized vintage loving gals. We are also trying to find older items from the 30's-50's and less 70's and 80's items. So, do check back frequently as we clear out our "modern vintage" inventory to make way for the good stuff!

Coming Soon: For the past few weeks, we have been traveling all over St. Louis to bring the best of the area's vintage to you. I have accumulated over 50 beautiful new items and I can't wait to list them!! We will have loads of vintage bras, tap pants and slips- many with tags still on, all never worn! I also snagged a few super cute swim suits and exquisite 50's dresses. We have hair flowers and hats, all handmade by yours truly!

Now, on to the goods....
Here are just a few of our newly listed lovelies. See more details at Bees Knees Clothing!

50's tulip print cardigan

80's blue bombshell dress

60's college girl cardigan set

80's does 50's Queen of Hearts dress

70's black and white tiki print dress