Va-Voom Vintage in Vintage Life Magazine

I am delighted to announce that I have an article in the August/September issue of Vintage Life Magazine, which just came out! I was so pleased to be able to contribute to this fabulous and quickly growing magazine. Vintage Life has just released it's 3rd issue but already has a readership of over 33,000 worldwide.

My article, "Voluptuous and Vintage" discusses how to dress curvy bodies in vintage fashions. The topic of embracing our flaws and loving who we are regardless of size, age and color is so important to me, so I was ecstatic when they decided to publish this article! Check it out by subscribing or logging in here

Vintage Life Magazine covers all aspects of the retro lifestyle including shopping, music, home decor, fashion and beauty, with fab hair tutorials by featured writer, Lisa Freemont Street. VLM began it's baby stage as a digital publication, which can be read online and printed out at home. Now, you can also have Vintage Life Magazine delivered to your doorstep! You can connect with fellow vintage lovers and readers of VLM on the Vintage Life Network Worldwide. And if you happen to find a "Miss Va-Voom Vintage, be sure to send her a friend request, wink, wink! :)
Here's a peek at some pics from my photoshoot for Vintage Life Magazine. My talented photographer was of course, my wonderful and very patient husband, Pj.

Swirl dress-ebay

50's halter dress-handmade by me from a vintage pattern
Lane Bryant bolero- thrifted

modern yellow blouse-rummage sale
vintage navy a-line skirt- thrifted
modern belt-thrifted
vintage maryjane shoes-thrifted
Vintage Lane Bryant hat-Alton, IL antique shop

In other news, Pj's vacation will be over on Monday and I'll be back to normal life and blogging more frequently. We have had SO much fun in the past two weeks and I have many pictures and stories of our adventures to tell you about. My most recent "adventure" was my visit to the dentist today, where I had a root canal. I am a total baby and a total whiner, so now I'm going to go crawl back in bed with my pajama-clad, messy-haired self. *wimper, sniffle*