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Vintage Style for Beginners

When I first started wearing vintage, I didn't really know where to begin. As I learned and blogged, I shared my tips for how to build a vintage wardrobe that you love. in 2015, this series continues with more articles on how to develop your personal vintage style.

get started with vintage style

Building a Vintage Wardrobe: Skirts

Building a Vintage Wardrobe: Dresses

Building a Vintage Wardrobe: Shoes

Building a Vintage Wardrobe: Retro Maternity

Building a Vintage Wardrobe: Pants

Retro Lingerie Under £40

8 Vintage Basics under $30

Vintage Winter Shoes under $50

Vintage Winter Shoes under £50

Vintage Style for Nursing Moms

Vintage Girdle Guide

How to Wear vintage without feeling costumed

8 Vintage style boots under $50

vintage bet guide

1940s cold weather wardrobe sewing

All About Lucite

vintage bride style guide

vintage winter wardrobe sewing

How to Marry a Millionaire sewing patterns

7 ways to spice up vintage gloves

How to Identify Bakelite

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  1. Vintage retro style is all about digging into what you like. Choose your best own.
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