On Saturday, St Louis was surprised with a warm sunny day, which is pretty rare for January. I knew it wouldn't last for long so we took the kids on a walk after breakfast to soak up some sun and explore the wooded trails near home.

I almost wore pretty shoes but with all of the rain that we've had lately, I'm glad that I changed into comfortable, smart boots instead. The trails were relatively dry but I'm an off-trail kind of girl and the leaves and moss were still pretty soggy. 

Weekends are usually lazy hair days, especially when we stay in. I've been experimenting with new ways to fix my hair that don't involve curling. My hair is naturally straight and although pin curls are a no-fail method for me, I don't always have the time or determination to pin curl my hair before bed. I've never been good at braiding but over Christmas, my sister showed me how she braids her daughters hair. After some practice on Olivia, I thought I'd try a braided crown on myself. It's still not perfect but definitely getting there and a more elegant style than my usual lazy day hair choice of sloppy bun. It's tricky doing a sideways french braid on myself but I think practice makes perfect! 

We found a fallen tree with cave-like roots clinging to mud. Olivia wanted to investigate but not without her protector little brother by her side. They took turns sliding down the mud hill on the other side but I never mind the extra laundry from muddy butt pants!

I can't wait till the weather warms up for the season so we can go on more nature walks and bring a picnic. I am hoping for a good snow before them because the woods and river are so beautiful and quiet, all blanketed in snow and ice. 

boots: ebay
green skirt- thrifted
mosaic brooch- passed down from my Great Grandma Alma
leather bag- thrifted
stripe top- Target
vintage cardigan- thrifted