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Both of my kids are in school for most of the day so my week days are filled with plenty of time alone. Although I love the sounds of the house when they're home, I do cherish my quiet, alone time. Monday afternoon, I listened to The Talking Heads radio on Pandora and got a little work done. Nothing fancy for me today, just comfy overalls that I thrifted from the Goodwill outlet. My day 3 crazy curls are clipped back into 2 little buns.

For the past few months, I've been paying special attention to keeping the dining room tidy and cozy. Often this area is our muti-purpose crafty/homework/fixing things/clutter drop area. When dinner time comes, the dining room is such a mess, we end up eating in the living room, which is really not ideal. Every week I replace the table cloth, I set the table daily and light candles at meal times. It makes such a difference. I even kind of love ironing the folds out of the cloths. Since my kids are still little though, I think I need to pick up a clear vinyl table cover to go over my lovely vintage ones because they have been taking a beating with little kid food spills and constant stain removers. I never buy pristine table clothes to begin with for this reason but I'd like them to last a while anyway!

After housework is done, I flip through a stack of old magazines in search of new knitting patterns to share. I share a new one here on the 20th of the month, you can get them all here or check my free patterns page

I check the clock and it's only noon so I grab lunch and knit for a while while I watch a movie. I found Jason and the Argonauts on Popcorn Flix (a free movie app) and I haven't watched that since my mythology class in high school.

While I watch part 2 of Jason and the Argonauts, I realize some of my etsy stock is getting low and I need to make some new Lucite initial brooches for my shop, Tinseltown Accessories. These start out as a strip of clear plastic that is heated, bent and twisted into shape.

I keep them clear until they're ordered and then they're hand painted with a resin based translucent paint so they don't chip. This "Q" was just painted in red and when it's done curing will get a pin back and its ready to go!  I get a few brooches made before its 3:00 and the kids are on their way home from school and then its time for homework, dinner and family movie night. This week's movie pick is Beetlejuice.


  1. This was lovely, thanks for sharing. :)

  2. Look cute in your overalls.. And I love that table cloth..
    Have a great evening.

  3. So creative! I'm not motivated enough to work from home or to stay at home! I always like the idea of it but I'm so used to working in the lab I cannot imagine how I'd occupy my time productively! You manage to do this so well and look super cute!!

  4. I just realized that your brooches could come in color haha I thought they were all clear. Do you have pictures of what the different colors look like? Thank you!

  5. My grandmother always had a vinyl tablecloth on the dining table, no matter what tablecloth was on. Some of my earliest memories of "grown up meals" involve figuring out how to balance a drinking glass on the nubbly surface that is a lace tablecloth with vinyl over the top. :)

    I love reading about your days. It reminds me to practice better housekeeping and more contentment.

  6. So happy to see you posting, Brittany! Yours is one of my favorite blogs and I've missed you! Love, love, love your ironing board!

  7. I love seeing your daily life, dear and I really NEED a green S brooch! :)

  8. I keep wanting to do a post like this! So seeing yours is very inspiring.

    Also, how fascinating about that paint!


  9. This is lovely! I also switch out my tablecloths, and--dumb me--never thought about getting a vinyl one to go over them! I've been lamenting any stains that get added, and this is such an *obvious* solution, haha!

    I also love seeing a more "normal" outfit from a vintage-wearing lady. We don't doll up all the time, and it's nice to see what you wear to chill and get work done.


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