how to make miniature dollhouse pyrex dishes

Lately, I've been rocking out on dollhouse furniture and accessories for a Christmas present for my kids. We found this junky dollhouse at a thrift store but it had good bones so it got a paint job, new handmade furniture and all of the little details that a vintage dollhouse needs.

how to make miniature dollhouse pyrex dishes

The entire dollhouse has only cost $12 so far. That's the wonderful thing about a handmade Christmas is that you can do it on a shoestring budget. I have never made miniatures before but it's not hard and it's really fun, especially with an outside the box thinker like Pj around and a bunch of power tools at your disposal.

Check out my Vintage Dollhouse Pinterest board for tutorials for some of these things and more vintage miniature inspiration.

The sofa is cardboard, upholstered in some fabric scraps with copper rivets from Pj's leather working stuff as legs. The coffee table is heat-bent acrylic that Pj made and I printed out some mini vintage magazines.

 The little glass tumbler is a pen that I sawed into little pieces and the chair is made from a coat hanger and a conditioner bottle. I sewed a rug from some scrap fabric.

The shelf is made of craft wood, along with the dining table. Pj picked up some free formica samples from the hardware store and we glued those to to the top. The chrome trim is silver Christmas ribbon. Pj bent some copper wire to make the chair legs and a coat hanger for the hairpin table legs.

I used some scraps of vintage vinyl from a 50s dinette chair that I need to reupholster. The table vase is a plastic bead with some strips of a faux flower that I cut up and hot glued in place. We still aren't sure how we want to attach the table legs so for now, they're taped in place. I think Pj is talking about using some epoxy. We'll see!

Yesterday, I made some tiny pyrex for the kitchen and I had a ton of requests for a tutorial so here it is! These are so easy to make and so fun, you could easily do a whole collection of your dream Pyrex pieces to set in your kitchen windowsill or a dollhouse of your own. Here's how:

For the dish, root around in your medicine cabinet and search for empty blister packs from over the counter pills and cough drops. For the long casserole dishes, I used blister packs from gum.


Cut out the pack, leaving some excess around the edges for the handles. Try to peel off all of the foil backing so its clear.


If your blister pack has been crushed from popping the pills or gum out, stick the end of a paint brush or something in there to push it back into its original shape. Use small scissors to trim around the outside edge and cut out the handles.

 My first set of dishes were hand painted but that's a lot of work and doesn't look exactly like Pyrex so I made a free printable with some vintage Pyrex designs for you which you can download in PDF from Dropbox here.  These designs are sized to fit little gum or cough drop blister packs but they'll need to be trimmed to fit a tiny pill pack.

how to make miniature dollhouse pyrex dishes

Print and cut out the designs that you want to use. Paint a little mod podge or glue to the inside of the dish and a very quick swipe of modpodge or glue onto the front of the paper design itself. Apply the design so it shows through to the outside.


If you lay the dish on its side, design facing down, you can use the end of your paint brush to roll across the design and smash out any air bubbles. Be careful to not put to much glue on it or the ink will bleed. If the ink does bleed, rinse it off in the sink and try again.

I probably should have let mine dry for much longer between glue and paint, which is why the patterns aren't as clear as they could be. But, I'm a very impatient crafter, if you can believe that.

Before painting the inside of the dish, seal the paper with mod podge or clear nail polish, otherwise the wetness of the paint will make the ink bleed out entirely and will ruin the design (like my first ones did!) Dry thoroughly.

how to make miniature dollhouse pyrex dishes 
Paint the inside of the dish and handles to match the background of the Pyrex design. Allow to dry completely, about 30 minutes. I used acrylic craft paint but you could also use nail polish for a high shine or glittery look.

how to make miniature dollhouse pyrex dishes 
If needed, apply a second coat and allow to dry. At this stage, they look pretty rough

Next, pour a few drops of white paint into the dish and roll it all around to coat the inside nicely. Paint the handles white as well. Allow to dry. Seal the inside with clear nail polish

If you want to make lids to match, look through the recycling bin for thin clear plastic from packages and cut a piece to fit the top of the dish, including the shape of the handles.

how to make miniature dollhouse pyrex dishes

IMPORTANT NOTE: Blister packs are made to protect medication from moisture or damage. If you remove the medication, they may become damaged or mixed in with other medication or worse- lost and eaten by pets or children.

Only use blister packs that have already been emptied or from things like cough drops or gum that you can pop out and put in a sealed container for use later. Make sure to label containers with cough drops or gum in them so you (and others in your house) know what they are!

I hope that you enjoyed this little craft project! If you make some of your own Pyrex dishes, I'd love to see them. Leave a link below or tag me on social media @vavoomvintage

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how to make miniature dollhouse pyrex dishes