Vintage on a Budget: New Year's Eve Style


Most of us have to tighten our purse strings around the holidays but with all of the wonderful sales and cocktail parties coming up, it's hard to not splurge on something pretty to wear. Here's some of my favorite budget pieces,  $50 or less that you can wear for the New Year and beyond!

1. Pin up surplice dress in sea shore green from Le Bomb Shop  2. Bettie Page heels in black and grey   3. Doll Face Makeup Bag    4.   Domestic Goddess Dress in Cherry Red

1. London Calling satin skirt from Oblong Box Shop   2. Olive Swing Skirt  3. Heartbreaker Dress in red   4. Peek-a-Boo Cobalt Sweater

1. Cross your Heart pin up top in black   2. Flamingo brooch by Sparklite    3. Peggy Sue Skirt in mint from Doll Me Up       4. Tootsie cropper cardigan in Lilac

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  1. That Peek-A-Boo sweater is such a cute and affordable alternative to the famous Wheels n Dollbaby sweater! xo Gwen

  2. Great list! It's fun to see mint green included here. It's always felt like a Christmas colour to me, even if it's not per se a mainstream one.

    ♥ Jessica


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