10 piece vintage capsule wardrobe for fall with Modcloth, Unique Vintage and Collectif

You don't have to have a bursting closet for a complete 1940s inspired look- which is something I wish I would have learned before I started buying vintage! These days, I'm trying to narrow my closet down to dependable favorites. Most of my closet is vintage but if you like practical, machine washable and easy-to-find pieces, here's a little guide to building a classic vintage style closet for fall.

I picked 10 of my favorite basics from Modcloth, Unique Vintage and Collectif including 2 knit tops, 2 button up blouses, one cardigan, 3 skirts, 1 pair of pants and one killer dress. Solids are easy to mix together when you stick to a favorite color palette that all looks good together. Accessorize with jewelry, purses, shoes and hair things that you already have and 10 pieces takes you a long way! I mixed these pieces to create 24 looks.

10 piece retro capsule wardrobe for fall- shop the look at vavoomvintage.net

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