My Favorite Free Vintage Knitting and Crochet Patterns


plus size vintage style paris parket dress  and crochet 1940s snood via va voom vintage

It's been pretty rainy in St Louis lately but I've enjoyed some wet afternoons at home with my yarn basket and Dr. Who on Netflix. Some days, I love to sit with the windows open and listen to the rain fall on my tin awnings and knit or crochet something.

straw knitting bag from wacky tuna on etsy via va voom vintage

I have a big collection of links to free vintage patterns for knitting, crochet, sewing and millinery here on the blog. If you need a project for rainy days too, pop over to my free patterns page and take a peek. Here are some of my favorites:

free  vintage 1940s knitting and crochet patterns
Noontide Jumper-Cardigan from one of my favorite knitting resources, Subversive Femme- Bex has an amazing collection of free vintage knitting patterns on her blog!

free  vintage 1940s knitting and crochet patterns

Lace Knit Blouse from Vintage Purls- this is a fabulous source for vintage knitting with lots of free patterns.

free  vintage 1940s knitting and crochet stripe turban  patterns

Crochet Stripe Turban- I made this turban for myself and it's very easy to do and looks awesome when its all tied

knit and puuuurl cats watercolor art print from wacky tuna on etsy via va voom vintage

This week, I'm adding some new snood colors and art prints to the shop including my Knit and Puuurrl print, which I have hanging in my office. I usually bring something to work on when we go to my mom's house for the weekend and her bad kitties always get into the yarn or fall asleep on me while I work.

dress- made by me
cardigan- thrifted
knitting tote- wacky tuna


  1. Eeep! The kitty knitting print is precious!

  2. Nothing better than free knitting patterns! Your dress is lovely too, reminds me of a skirt I have.

  3. Thank you, Brittany, for sharing all the lovelies. I am very tempted by all your snoods, since I have long hair, too long for pin curling, so it would be an easy way to adapt the vintage look. I just wonder if you could make a tutorial (I love your tutorials!) on how to set it in place? Wishing you a lovely weekend, dear. :)

    1. Absolutely! I had planned on doing on this week but Im recovering from the flu! As soon as I'm well I'll have some tutorials on how to wear them :)

    2. hello there,ciao...what a great photos! what a stunning look of Yours...You're such a great Artist of Style indeed...cheers!


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