This terrible cold/flu thing hit me like a truck over a week ago and I'm finally feeling well enough to get back on the computer. This week, I've been binge watching Sherlock on Netflix and sending my husband to the pharmacy for mass amounts of ginger ale and Puffs plus lotion.

I think the worst part about being sick is not feeling like yourself. Not wanting to do the things I love, letting the house turn into a huge mess and going days and days wearing pajamas. Being prepared with some essentials and a couple of luxuries makes the next sick day a little nicer. Here are some of my favorite things....

A pretty cup is my number one must-have for a sick day. No matter what ails you, its important to drink plenty of liquids and that's easier to do with a beautiful cup. I love this Jane Austen mug to go along with my binge-watching of historical dramas.

I like to keep a pot of tea or pitcher of something iced and sweet by my bedside. Kitty teapot from Modcloth

Curl up in luxurious fabrics- something silky to keep you cool with something soft to layer on top like the Delphine night gown and Sophie cashmere wrap from Maddy James. 

I always ask Pj to get Puffs plus lotion to keep my nose from getting rubbed red from scratchy tissues.  Little house tissue cozy from Modcloth

 Relax in a hot tub with some lovely handmade sea salt like this dead sea salt mix from Evy Jo and Co on etsy

Heels are the last thing on my mind when I'm sick but they sure are cute, aren't they?  Find them exclusively from Streetzies High Heel Bunny Slippers